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Started symptoms about 12 - 14 hrs ago. PCP called

Started symptoms about 12 - 14 hrs ago. PCP called in levaquin (I have taken one dose and one mucinex -dm) as I have history of bronchitis. Fever started 5 hrs ago 101* severe headache has not subsided with Tylenol or excederin migraine. Should I go to after hours medical office or just wait it out?
Tue, 16 Oct 2018
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doctor1 MD

I had what I think was called pleurisy many years ago & just now remembered as I am having similar symptoms....hurts to take a deep breath ( on rt. side, under breast). I had bronchitis 2 weeks ago, went to my Dr., took 2 weeks of antibiotics & last weekend started coughing up yellow phlegm again! Are these related? I took 2 muscle relaxers & a mild pain pill... Got 2 1/2 hrs. sleep (oh, I cranked my bed into almost a sitting up position too) my husband took my blood pressure (120/67) I normally about that.always low and I am 68 yrs old. Should I go back to Dr. again in morning? Thank you, Evelyn Robinson

doctor1 MD

Hi Dr. and thank you for taking the time out to read my questions. 19 Days ago I was at a party at a strip club and cannot remember much of the night. I can remember a lap dance and according to my friends I was gone for about 20 minutes throughout the night. If I was exposed it would be unprotected vaginal intercourse. So let s just say for argument s sake it was unprotected vaginal... 5 Days after the event I had some flu like symptoms. A fever that hovered somewhere around 100 degrees, some diarrhea but nothing too substantial. I had a loss of appetite as well as some pretty serious fatigue. I would literally fall asleep with the remote control in my hand and would sleep for about 17hrs per night. This whole ordeal lasted roughly 3-4 days. About 9 days after the event I started to check my groin for swollen lymph nodes and decided it was time to go to a doctor. My groin began to hurt and slowly after so did my underarms. Right around the ten day mark I noticed my throat being slightly red. Not really painful just red. I have been keeping an eye on it and up to this day it is still red. At this point it has been 19 days. I also started to notice that my tonsils are more swollen than prior and that they seem to be white?? Still not so much pain, other then when I check it 15+ times per day. Around day 13-14 I began to notice that my skin was burning and semi itchy around my chest area as well as my legs. It would have small clusters of rashes that would come and go. I went to a dermatologist who told me the proper name, which I have now forgotten but he said it s usually a flare up from a virus. I went to an infectious disease doctor, he listened to my story and decided it was appropriate to do an RNA PCR test. (I know not recommended for diagnoses but I m on a short timeline here). The test was administered 10 days after possible exposure. The results came back negative, in which case the doctor told me that they were about 95% accurate at that time and to clear my mind of the terror and anxiety. 14 days after the event I went for yet another early test and found a place that did the 4th generation rapid test. This test scans for antigen and antibodies which shortens the window period. It was done with a finger prick, the results once again came back negative. Once again I was told that the test was accurate at this point. After each test I would question the results based on my symptoms. I would begin to research the test to find out if I could rely on the accuracy of each and at which point. I plan on getting the antibody test at day 25 which from my understanding is the median for accurate test results. I know that the golden rule is to get the anti body test at 12 weeks, as stated previously I don t have 12 weeks, for reasons I d rather not discuss. Also, I m aware that the symptoms cannot really determine anything. So here comes the hard part.... 1-Is it possible for the RNA PCR to completely miss the virus? Even though now it seems as if I have had 5-6 of the major symptoms? (From my understanding the test goes down to about 20 copies and is considered very sensitive?) 2-Is it possible for the 4th generation to miss it as well? (I did this as sort of a backup to the RNA) 3-Is my throat being red for 7+ days an indicator of HIV? 4-Does the rash that is generally associated with HIV burn as well as come and go? 5-Will taking the antibody rapid response test at 25 days give me accurate enough results? 6-And Last but not least I know the PCR is not used as a diagnostic but can I have some sort of piece of mind with the negative result? Please doctor at this point you are one of my only hopes, please help me

doctor1 MD

I am a 30 y.o. female, history of menorrhagia (B.C. since first cycle@ age 14), migraines, seasonal allergies/sinus infections. Overall health well, I have always been very athletic/active. No history of alcohol/smoking/recreational drugs. I ve had about 4 surgeries in all my life, 3 under g.a., the last under local-anesthesiologist spoke to me prior to surgery, let me know fainting after GA wasn t normal. Keloid scarring. These surgeries have been on my femur/patella over 15 years ago, extraction of all four impacted wisdom teeth 10 years ago, a lap chole 9 years ago, and a cervical biopsy after the birth of my second child 7 years ago. They suspected I had cervical cancer; all cleared post-op. Married at 19, first child@ 20, second@ 23. Have always been underweight, I m 5 1. Was placed on disability with both pregnancies due to hyperemises throughout entire pregnancies. Often hospitalized. No drugs used for deliveries, episiotomy on first delivery. Both natural births, no complications. Uterus retroverted. In summer 2008, my menses was often confused as a miscarriage due to the signs/symptoms. No D&C ever performed. I had to go to urgent care one day due to the horrible pain. Referred to follow up with GYN for IUD consultation. GYN suggested Mirena IUD was my only choice because of history (menorrhagia/migraines). IUD was inserted without complication, except when I was asked to cough, the room spun, she sat me up and I was dazed, the GYN and MA appeared worried, and said I was pale..they frantically insisted I lay down and drink O.J. I was dismissed after 15 minutes of observation. Drove home hunched over with lower back pain and pelvic cramping. Lasted weeks, but didn t miss a day of work. Bleeding stopped immediately, as did cramping and menstruation all together. Migraines lessened. I slowly realized my metabolism disappeared and weight gain of 20-30 lb within the time the IUD was present. No depression, just irritability increased, realized now pulse & BP also slowly climbed. Whenever I would bring it up to the Dr s, NP s or GYN, it was dismissed. Had physicals and immunizations every year, as I work/ed in many health facilities. OR tech for various laminectomy surgeries, etc. Always used proper shields, or stepped out during xrays. 3 months ago, I started feeling hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, hand tremours, persistent eyelid twitching, dry mouth, shortness of breath, labored breathing, heart palpitations, rapid pulse/heart rate at rest, EXTREME fatigue, etc. I made an appointment with my NP to have my TSH and T levels tested. At my appointment she insisted I did not have hyperthyroidism as I suspected (after palpation) & work/home overview. She recommended I drop one of my child s activities, or one of my jobs/activities or start anti-depressants. I assured her I was NOT depressed. She humored me & requested the labs. The next day, my T3 result was normal, my TSH was 0.01! She scheduled a follow up, palpation was done again, she ordered my T4 (she didn t the 1st time), & referred me to an Endocrinologist. I suggested that the Mirena caused this, she said there was no such case. I disagreed and said I had made an appointment to have it removed. She suggested I cancel until I get an OK from the Endocrinologist. I met with the Endocrinologist the next week, who rushed through the exam. I informed her of my suspicions, & she said there was no possible way the Mirena would cause Hyperthyroidism. I informed her there was no history of thyroid problems in my family, and inquired about how my TSH was almost non-existant, and T levels were normal. I questioned how the low dose levonorgestrel IUD could not cause these side effects. She assured me that was not the cause and brushed me off, recommended we discuss meds, I declined, she then suggested a thyroid scan. I felt it would be misleading at this point, and asked if I could schedule my IUD removal for the following day. She OK d, and I asked how long it takes for something like tha to clear from your system. She said 6 weeks, and I said fine, I ll retake my labs in 6 weeks, follow up with you, if at that point I m still not back to normal, I ll do the scan and discuss my treatment options then. She seemed irritated with me and ordered the labs for 07/11. I again mentioned that TSH was in the 2 point range before the Mirena and it slowly crashed since insertion. She seemed tired of hearing it from me, and wrapped up the exam after checking my hands for tremors. The day after removal, the hot flashes, night sweats, eye twitching, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness ceased. I lost two inches off my Mirena belly in two days, 5 lb in 4 days. Heart palpitations, rapid pulse, exhaustion after work-out, fatigue, weakness, SLOWLY decreasing. Tried to stay away from Thyroid stimulating foods as advised by Endocrinologist. Gained back 2 lb, then yesterday a work, 5 people pointed out my pale appearance, I couldn t concentrate, hands were shaking on keyboard, pulse (carotid) @ 10 sec was 16! I took a 15 minute break to relax, took my carotid, counted 30 in 15 sec. Waited and took my radial- 55 in 30 sec. Went to the bathroom& back to work, vision blurred when looking around, slow/difficult speech. I walked out at the end of the workday, about an hour later, and again a coworker mentioned I appeared very pale, I sat in my car and felt as if I was to faint. I passed by my parents (mom has DM), and asked to check my blood sugar. It read 48. My mom tried to get me to take one of her tablets, I declined and drank OJ instead, she gave a piece of chocolate for the 1 hr drive home since I refused to stay (had to pick up my kids), she called my sister and my sister called me on my drive home (she s an EMT), and insisted I drive-thru somewhere for protein. I did, I ate a sourdough grilled chicken sandwich and had an oreo cookie ice cream shake. I haven t had fast food in months, so I felt nauseated and got a headache. I took my kids to nearby in laws, and I waited to feel better to go home (5 mins away), & my in law suggested I leave the kids there. I went home and my sister suggested I go to the ER to check my sugar again. I said I was better now, & that I would call my insurance after hours RN advice line. The RN suggested I have somebody take me to the ER or call an ambulance. My sister took me to the ER, but to the hospital I prefer, not my insurance hospital. They checked my sugar, I thought I overheard the nurse say 127, then waited for 3 hours after triage (there was lots of crying babies/people in serious pain). I was fine with the wait, just tired. The Dr. Requested blood work, urinalysis, chest xray, & an EKG. Waited another 4 hours and all the results were normal, but the Dr. Thought I confused my TSH for Hyper when it was Hypo. I assured him it was low when tested 2-3 weeks ago, and all my symptoms were Hyper. He said my current results were Hypothyroidism, with a TSH displayed as 97.02 & Free T4 of 0.6. There s also an H& L on some results (I m guessing Hi/Low?). TSH H, T4 L, & MPV H (10.9). This ER Dr is the best I ve seen so far: very professional/receptive/efficient. He recommended I follow up with my PCP/Endocrinologist next week, but I don t see a point. I feel as if my body/hormones are trying to adjust/compensate (whether over/under) due to the damage of the Mirena, and I added stress to my diet/sugar intake when trying to remove Thyroid stimulating foods (to try and not aggravate my condition). Which led to the hypoglycemic incident even though I had just eaten, and ate shortly after (chicken breast cesar salad with croutons/salad dressing, ziplok bagful of strawberries, 16 oz of water, 3 ritz crackers-lunch). Sorry for the too much detail, I just want another professional/educated opinion. What s your take?

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