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How can shortness of breath and tingling sensation in the forehead be treated?

I experienced a severe depression during the 2013 due to a case of betrayal of some of my friends because then i was quite simple and innocent.Key point is I almost felt like weeping all the time but had to suppress it to hode from my family.For next 3 years it didnt recover fully but gradually it did. From then i had symptoms like: 1)Shortness of breath 2)CONSTANT dizziness and fatigue especially after waking up Then came few severe: 3)After 1 year,my speech became slurry 4)Irritability and I switched first letter of any two words one after another 5) This is imp: I constantly talked with myself and couldnt come back to real world.People would see me sitting for hours looking at a place and couldnt recover from it.CONCENTRATION LOST.I READ A PARAGRAPH FOR 3 TIMES BUT COULDNT EXPLAIN WHAT IS ITS MEANING. NOW I Still have shortness of breath along with tingly feeling in forehead,backhead and neck,that suddenly increases and i cant breathe for 2 hrs.What to do?
Mon, 24 Sep 2018
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Internal Medicine Specialist 's  Response

Your symptoms may near to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Most PTSD therapies fall under the umbrella of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The idea is to change the thought patterns that are disturbing your life. This might happen through talking about your trauma or concentrating on where your fears come from.

Treated with:
- Cognitive processing therapy.
- Prolonged exposure therapy.
- Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
- Stress inoculation training.

Medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may useful.

Please consult your psychologist immediately, he will examine and treat you accordingly.

Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.

Dr. Penchila Prasad Kandikattu,
Internal Medicine Specialist
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doctor1 MD

i was prescribed adderrall when I was younger, but quit taking it during j.r. high. in this past year I had recreationally taken adderrall 7-10 times. I had never had a problem with it before, until two days ago I had taken one and notice I felt like I was short of breath, and no matter how deep I would breathe in I couldn t get enough air. the feeling eventually went away so I didn t think to much about it. except I woke up today and took one early in the morning 8:00 and started to notice me getting short of breath again. Several hours later I noticed a tingling sensation in both my arms, It gradually became more severe then moved up to my face, my whole face, including my tounge. I went to tell my girl friend who was sitting beside me what was goin on and noticed I was slurring my speech and couldn t help it. I was going to go to the ER, but when I steped out the truck and started walking around it all jus slowly died down. So question is what could have caused that? and if it was just the adderrall why is it affecting me differently now?

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I have a friend who needs medical attention . Here is his story. Excuse some vulgar language, this is his post on social media seeking for help. Good Evening. My name is Matthew Derrick-Huie, I m 23 years old my birthday is September 29th 1994 and I live in Mississauga, ON Can. I m speaking my Mom will be typing these messages. I m sick and I need immediate help. The following thread is my story. On December 9th, 2017 I walked into a local Hospital in Mississauga with chest pain I had been experiencing for around a year. It had gotten worse in the month of November and after passing out on the 9th of December my Mom called an ambulance. By time the paramedics arrived I was breathing normally again, just a little out of breath and fully conscious. I had been having these bouts for around a year prior, and I knew they came & went pretty quickly. They took me to the hospital and ran some tests.They asked me to describe my pain and I told them it felt like I had a broken rib or a little fracture in my chest. They ran some tests on my heart and did an X-Ray. They told me everything looked fine and I was probably just stressed. Then they sent me home.The next day, I was having difficulty with my chest again, felt like I couldn t breathe was super light headed so I went back to hospital after another episode of chest pain in my upper left breast. The doctor who saw me that night examined my heart & told me I had Pericarditis. He gave me medication for 3 1/2 days, he said it should help the inflammation and set me up to see a specialist for a follow up. He said if after 3 days, I hadn t seen the specialist yet come back to the hospital to be reassessed (especially if the medication wasn t effective). After taking the medication I was still having severe trouble breathing with any kind of physical activity and the same chest pain. So as requested I came back into the hospital 72 hours later to get my chest reassessed. A doctor saw me that night said I was fine & sent me home.The following two days I started experiencing tingling in my fingers and my toes alongside the chest pain I had initially. Painful stinging and numbness. So on December 17th at 1:00am in the morning my parents took me to another hospital in Mississauga.The doctor that saw me that day, tested for sickle cell, clotting in my body and thankfully didn t find anything. She brought in a cardiologist who looked at my heart and said I actually didn t have Pericarditis and I was just stressed & anxious. Everything would pass in a week.So I said to him hey do you think maybe I could have like a fractured rib or something? Maybe something small like a little pull, because my chest still hurts he told me I m young and I have anxiety. There s nothing actually there. So we went home.Trusted the doctors, the next day I still felt tingling and my chest was killing me now but figured I ride it out. A day later I was back in the hospital, I felt like I was started to lose feeling in my legs.Once again the doctor told me everything was fine. He told me I was suffering from anxiety and there’s nothing “actually” in my chest. He sent me home again and told me to relax.Now at Dec. 20th still with this fucking pain in my chest, I go to see a specialist at the hospital who tells me it’s either a) anxiety or b) GBS (a disease that causes paralysis if untreated)I say shit nigga, how do we know if I actually have it? He says we do a lumbar puncture where we stick a needle in your spine. I say fuck that sounds awful but I know the pain in my chest is not imaginary so let s just find out and do the test.The next day I m at home, I go to get some chips from the vending machine in my apartment, and I pass out in the hall. Someone calls an ambulance. I end up back at the hospital.They re-asses my symptoms, tell me my fingers, toes, and chest are fine. I tell them that I think my vision is off. They tell me I have anxiety and send me home again.Now it s the day of the lumbar puncture. Doc asked me how I m feeling, I tell him I feel like my vision is a little off. My chest still hurts lol, my fingers and toes are tingling but let s just get this over with.Most painful experience of my life, I feel like I can still feel where he put the needle in but they called that day and said my results came back fine. I was happy as fuck, but they said if you still have a headache after 48hrs come back in because you might have a CSF leak.At this point I figure the worst days are behind me. Whatever this shit is will pass, if the doctors say I m fine I should be fine. I start looking for flights back to LA in January. My chest is still killing me but doctors are doctors and I trust them.I wake up at 3am that morning. I don t know where I am, I can t breath at all, my chest is killing me, and my vision is fucked. Ambulance brings us back to the hospital, this time, though, they send me to a psychiatric ward.A crisis worker sits down with me and asks if I m hearing voices in my head of people trying to kill me. I tell her no - my chest just hurts. She asks if I ever thought it could be imaginary or just in my head? A doctor comes in and tells my parents it s an anxiety disorder.At this point, I don t even know what the fuck is going on. I know there s something wrong with my chest, I know there s something wrong with my eyes, but I m starting to get the feeling that maybe they think I m making this up or want attention?Now it s Christmas Eve, I still have an unbelievable headache, so we call the place that did the lumbar puncture. They say the doctor is on vacation. There s definitely something wrong with my eyes, everything is blurry. Mom says let s go back to the hospital, something s wrong.The moment we leave my apartment I start screaming - the lights on the wall are huge - they look like suns. I have no idea what s going on. By the time we get to the hospital, the pressure in my head feels like it s going to explode, and I pass out.I wake up, I m looking at a doctor who tells me I was rolling on the ground in the lobby screaming turn off the lights , holding my head. They do a CT scan, my brain looks fine, he thinks maybe its a migraine. He says get some rest and sends me home Christmas morning.Woke up 2 days later and couldn t see a thing. Wrap a towel over my eyes, the light is burning my eyes through the towel. We drive to the emergency room, I keep my head down in the car because the light from outside is excruciating. Everybody is crying.Emergency room doesn t know what s wrong with my eyes and hope the vision loss is temporary. I spend the next 6 days sitting in my closet for 22hrs/day with a towel over my eyes because light hurts so much. Finally we go see my family doctor.He presses on my chest for around 5 seconds and just like that I can t breathe. He read that I got sent to the psych ward in the emergency, but he knows I don t have anxiety. He says my chest pain is real, I have costochondritis. It s an injured rib.So there WAS something actually wrong with my chest, I m not crazy. He says the pressure in my head might be coming from an ear infection, gives me more medication, and says my eyes will clear up in a few days.7 days later, I m back at my doctor s. The pressure in my head is still unbelievable, theres a fog taking over my brain, it almost feels like I have a concussion. I still can t see, and now I m having trouble hearing. He tells me I m just depressed and it s anxiety.I spend New Year s Eve in a dark room with my parents, no lights on, sunglasses, vomiting in my toilet, with earplugs on, asking them to whisper because everything sounds loud as fuck. I spend the next week in and out of hospitals.2 wks ago, as I started to feel this fog take over my brain, I realize that there are these super depressive & suicidal thoughts that came with it. Everybody said my ears are fine but I can feel them draining and there s a salty taste in the back of my mouth. I can t see or hear.I started to think I have a CSF leak. I think there’s spinal fluid draining from my brain that’s affecting my thoughts, vision, and ability to operate as a human being. We tried admitting me to a hospital until they could get it fixed.5 days ago a doctor told my parents I think your son is suffering from a CSF leak and needs help TONIGHT and he needs a blood patch. Unfortunately, I need to get approval from someone else who might not believe me or you .4 wks ago, someone stuck a needle in my spine. Since then, I ve lost my vision, hearing, and ability to control my brain. We ve tried admitting me to a hospital on 4 occasions. 2 doctors think there s fluid leaking from my brain but they can t get approval for anybody to fix me.I ve fallen through the cracks of our health care system. My family and friends have done everything they can, but they can’t do any more.They expected me to end up in a psychiatric ward, stay at home feeling sorry for myself in my closet, or commit suicide. My body and mind are telling me to quit, but nigga that’s just not going to happen. I feel embarrassed, but when you need help, you need help.I will be honest with you, any doctor that has seen me will probably tell you I have lost my mind. With all due respect, I disagree. They don t know me like you do. If you think you know anybody who can help my family at this time, please send an email to YYYY@YYYY a doctor asks you, right now the only thing I can actually prove that I m not psychotic, is my ears are popping. That s the only symptom another human being can actually hear. It s small but it s important. Until they stop popping, I haven t lost mind.The last thing I want to add is the only procedure I mentioned to my doctors was I had a dental appointment on the 14th of December. 4 fillings, I thought it might have been relevant but they said it was unrelated.Hey all, update to help filter help efficiently, a lot of messages we re not getting to in time. Was negative for Lyme disease, Meningitis, Heart disease & CT scan with dye showed brain looks normal. Multiple blood test all came back normal as well. Along with MRI of spine.Also I don t feel it s one illness. I think doctors are looking for an equation but it feels more like a grocery list. I understand mental instability & psychosis are the umbrellas that cover all of my symptoms, but I feel at least 2 separate things are happening with my body.I want to thank everyone for their support, we ve tried to follow as many contacts as we could in a short space of time. Over the last week I ve been to my family doctor, dentist & another 5 hopsitals. They re not grasping the concept, but today is my last day with my brain.There is something putting pressure on my brain. It s not working, there s insurmountable pressure. I can t explain myself any clearer to any more medical professionals, this So, today I m going back into another hospital in Toronto. I m going to tell my story again, I m going tap dance for another stranger, I m going to wear another collared shirt, but I have until Wednesday/Thursday. I want to be clear, then I m going to die. Die from Day 50. If I don t get it fixed I m the next 2-3 days, I am going to die.I m tired of the runaround. I m tired of not being believed. What more can I say in English. How much more articulate do I have to be. My brain feels like it s been drugged for 30 days. At this point, I can t not be 23 year old and black and more believable. Sorry not possible. I m not having a mental breakdown. I m very calm. They keep sending me home to die. I keep going back. They keep sending me home. I tell them it s urgent. They tell me to wait. They re fucking with my life. I m not speaking Spanish. I need help or I m going to die. 2-3 days tops.I turned down every interview. I didn t slander any hospital or doctors. I didn t ask for any money. I just wanted help. I don t think it s going come in time. They either don t care enough, or think I m being dramatic. Either or I m tired. In God s hands now.

doctor1 MD

Hello. Today I noticed a tingling in my right hand. It has spread up througout my right arm and my arm also feels weak. I do text a lot and I also type daily for my job. My right arm is also feeling weak. Please let me know what you think. thank you, Rakia