Women's Day 2014

Women's Day 2014

You are a multitasking superwoman who stays abreast of the latest and the best in all spheres of her life, be it your home, your kids, your job, or your various hobbies. We are sure you also want to do the best to maintain your own health. After all, a fit body is your greatest asset. This guide is especially for you, to help you take charge of your health.
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Women working out
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Our Women's Day 2014 Series

What is your Women's Day Resolution?
While you keep yourself busy with remembering your child's school schedule, your husband's tour dates and many more demands posed by the family. It is important to take out time and please yourself too. After all, there is no harm in being a little selfish... Read full article »
An interview with Dr Chetna Jain, Gynecologist
Positive attitude and aptitude. Be inspired and inspire others. Never undervalue yourself. Use every opportunity to learn and then practice that in life. Women can multitask and manage work life and family well. Go ahead and use this unique gift given by God to the population... Read full article »
Women Empowerment and Protection
International woman's day is celebrated to acknowledge achievements by women despite all the struggles. This year's theme "Equality for women is progress for all" emphasizes how gender equality, empowerment of women, women’s full enjoyment of human rights.. Read full article »
Work life balance for a career Oriented Women
The phrase is heard routinely in today's world of career-oriented women. However, are women essentially aware of it and what steps do they follow to keep it in balance? It is simply prioritizing what is essential for you as a woman at any given point of time... Read full article »
Do all women need calcium supplements to prevent Osteoporosis
While calcium supplements have long been marketed as the "wonder drug" for all age groups, current evidence suggests that all women do not need calcium supplements to prevent Osteoporosis.... Read full article »

Questions On Women's Health

hello doctor I m an 17 year old female and i weigh 235lbs and i want to lose weight but don t know how I m actually athletic i played volleyball for the last four years and before that i played basketball but i seem to never lose weight and i need help to lose weight quick as possible because this summer i start playing for my college team and i want to lose some weight before i start training this summer
hello.... along with your sports and activity you need to eat right as well.. eat small meals every 2-3 hours..have a health breakfast like oats porridge/ muesli with milk..fruits, nuts, sprouts and egg whites as mid meals, salad with lunch and a light dinner like soups, salads veggies/ chicken/...
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2nd opinion requested for right breast cancer treatment for my mother

Thank you for the query. I have seen the attached report.

It is good that the breast cancer is detected early. The use of Femara (Letrozole) for 5 years and radiation for 5-6 weeks is appropriately recommended. Letrozole is approved treatment for the adjuvant (following surgery)...
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My Wife has a large painfull lump in her left breast , after a phyical exam by a Breast Surgeon, she suspects cancer , we scheduled a biopsy with ultra sound with contrast, during the biopsy the needle hit a vain and bleeding stopped the procedure. However the ultra sound spotted a smaller lump...
this is very simple problem, breast lump if on core needle biopsy came out to be malignant then only there is a chance of mastectomy. but as your lump is small. lumpectomy may be an option , based on pathology report further treatment can be planned. even it comes out to be malignant then...
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Hi Doctor, I have a chronic back pain and need some advice

Thanks for posting your query

Back pain can be due to various reasons as improper posture, diseases as pelvic infection or injury to the nerves, spine and muscles or other causes as due to abnormality in the abdomen, chest and kidney.

Treatment for back pain includes
•     Having a correct...
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Women's Day Painting
Women's Day Painting

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