Waterborne diseases

Waterborne diseases

What is Waterborne diseases?

This is a disease that is spread in contaminated water.

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Hi Doctor, I am Salini. 28,F,Single.
Since childhood I always used to drink boiled water and never had any
waterborne disease. But around 2.5 years back the entire family met with an
accident in U.P and I was forced to drink non boiled bottled water. As a
result I got typhoid and jaundice within some month's time. I was treated
with monocef injections for both the infection and was cured.

Now after almost 2 years after the first typhoid infection I got fever and
widal was tested positive. I was hospitalised and was treated with monocef
2gm injections. The course of 10 injection got over on yesterday.

Unlike last time when I was completely cured after course of antibiotics, I
still feel very weak and is having cough and headache even now. The blood
culture, LFT,and sonography results are normal as on last Saturday.

Medical History

As a child I was treated for primary complex but is not aware of much
details as I was really young at that time. I think the
tablet name was R-Cin. And I also remember that doctors used to give me
septran so often (I used to fall sick so frequently..say 3 times a month
in childhood).

I was treated with Augmentin (amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium) couple of
times in the last 3 years.(as I often don’t get cured by mild antibiotics).I
have been given many antibiotics since childhood and have developed
resistance to ones like ciproflaxin gradually. Last year when I got sinus
infection I didn’t respond to medicines for long and finally responded to

I have undergone laproscopic Cholecystectomy due to multiple stones. Though
I dont remember the names strong antibiotics where used then also.
I am worried right now as I am still feel sick after the completion of
monocef injections. I wonder whether I have developed a resistance for the
same. I am not sure whether it is common to get headaches and cough even
after completion of medicines. Please let me know your comments on the

1. Am I getting resistant to antibiotics due to the increased use of the
same by doctors?

2. If so, Is there a way to get rid of the resistance.

3. My immunity seems to be very low. Since childhood I get infected very
soon. Even if someone in close contact (Dad, Mom or colleagues in office)
gets fever I gets infected. What can I do to increase immunity. (I am so
allergic to citric fruits. I get throat infection if I take them.)

4. How can I be completed cured from typhoid? How can I make sure that I
don’t come back again.

5. I do not take oily/spicy food and is a pure vegetarian. What can I add
to food habits so that I can be more healthy?

Antibiotic resistance occurs slowly and as per your history, you have responded to the medicine well. There are different groups of antibiotics and you have had antibiotics from different groups at different times so the likelyhood of you developing a resistance is less. Monocef is pretty...
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I am a 51 yr. old female and have been having chronic diarrhea/cramping for the past 2 months. Blood tests and stool samples came back normal. (Im not sure what exactly they tested for). I am 5'3" and 175#. Have been gaining weight rapidly. I have lost no weight with the diarrhea although everything I eat seems to go right through. I have not had any serious illnesses.

Thanks for your query.

Your gastroenterologist may have tested you for Stool (Routine & Micro) and Stool for occult blood. The blood test would be Complete Blood Count. Normally infection in intestine would lead to rise in White Blood Cells and Polymorphs (Neutrophils).

As you are gaining...
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I ate and drank a lot last night. In the morning I had some cramping and explosive diarrhea. I also drank coffee on an empty stomach after the diarrhea episode. A few hour latter I had blood and mucus in my stool. I am only getting a little light cramping once in a while in the lower part of my abdomen now . I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis. That was extremely painful when that happened, but obviously now I'm worried. What should I do?

Thanks for the query.

As you have already been diagnosed with diverticulitis I feel that this could be the same, because of your symptoms of initial diarrhea followed by blood and mucus in stool, associated with cramping abdominal pain which is typical of diverticulitis.

It has a...
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I have a problem every few weeks of yellow drainage from my anus. Sometimes it has no smell and other times it is 10x stronger than body odor. After this happens I will have a horrible burn like fire and it feels like i am sitting on a broom stick. I am aware immod causes a little tightening etc. I am aware of fissures and do get them sometimes. But there seems to be massive swelling that puts pressure on my prostate and makes it feel like I need to urinate during a 2 day attack. There has been a dullish red color blood lately, I feel buldging and extreme pain even with a 1/2 inch stool or teaspoon of diarrhea. The problem is concentrated to the first two inches inside my anus. I will have small flaky pieces of light colored yellow stool. I have tested this with litmus strips and its 7 or 6. Nothing shows on sigmoidoscopy though. I have been seeing a specialist GI and seen an anorectal surgeon in case it was an XXXXXXX hem. They say IBS but I was taking six immod per day and 4 belladonna and it would still happen. So it seems it may not be muscle movement but bile or acid or bacteria prob. Which of these is the most common? Would it be that this is the beginning stages of chrohns or UC? I Had a upper endoscopy, small bowel follow through, celiac screen, abdominal ultrasound, gallbladder test with kinevac all ok, I have tried XXXXXXX active and organic greek yogurt and florastor and sustenex, and align at different times. I am taking prilosec in the morning and ranitidine at night per specialist. Sometimes these probiotics seem to help and other times they seem to cause pain around the belly button like SIBO? 33 male 5'-8" 225lbs.

Thanks for your query.

Your symptoms suggest a functional bowel disease. Possibly with a super added bowel infection. It's unlikely to be Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's disease.

Proctalgia Fugax needs to be treated with medication and some meditation.

Examination of stool for parasites...
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I am a 39yr old male. For the past 3+ weeks I have been experiencing nausea, upset stomach, XXXXXXX hued bowel movements (no diarrhea), and some weight loss, which has somewhat stabalized now that i am eating more. I've had bloodcounts done, ultrasound of every organ in the abdomen and stool cultures done. Everything was ok except the doc just called and said they found citrobacter bacteria in the stool culture. Could this be the cause of my symptoms? I have just finished taking an antibiotic (ciphro). However, my symptoms are still there..Shouldn't the antibiotic have worked if my probelm were bacterial? Can bacterial intestinal issues last this long? im worried this is something serious, but all docs seem to think its bacterial.

Thanks for your query.

Citrobacter bacteria is a gram negative coliform organism generally found in the soil, water, sewage & waste water & sometimes in human intestine also.

Generally it does not produce any symptoms, it produces symptoms only in person with weak immune system. Upset...
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Hi...I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. Before I was pregnant I was having IBS type symptoms. I did have a colonoscopy 3 years ago and it came back clear. I was given Lexapro for anxiety which I am not taking anymore because of my pregnancy. I am 28 years old. The last 2 days I have had bowel movements 2-3 times a day, but they are hard and have lots of globs of white and yellowish mucus. I also have a lot of gas/bloating and have been really uncomfortable most of the day. Is this normal for pregnancy and/or IBS?
Thanks for posting your query. Pregnancy definitely has an effect on the IBS but precisely what the effect will be is a little difficult to predict.

Some women have a worsened contipation whereas others may have diarrhea. Constipation (passing stools of hard consistency) are much...
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My baby is nearly 7 1/2 months old. He has had runny bowel movements for 2 weeks. I've been to the doctors twice. They've checked his temperature, stomach, ears, glands and chest and it's all normal. It was said that it's either a tummy bug or related to teething. I'm getting anxious about it now as it's been 2 weeks. Is it normal for a tummy buy to last that long? He's going every 3-4 hours, but it does vary abit. Sometimes it's more like paste, other times very watery and the colour varies from brown, yellow and XXXXXXX Please can you give me some advice?

Thanks for the query.

The most common cause of diarrhea in infants are infections which can be either bacterial or viral in nature, milk intolerance and an allergy to some of the food items. Since it has been two weeks it requires a careful evaluation to look out for the cause of loose...
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I am 29 years old, 153 lbs and I have no history of bowel problems. I started on Paxil about a month ago, and developed diarrhea in the mornings, but not any other times. Then, 2 weeks ago, I got diarrhea constantly, with a persistent off and on low-grade fever that hovers between 99 degrees and 100.2 degrees. It comes and goes. I got tested for parasites and other things from a stool sample. I also had a blood test done and everything was negative, meaning no clear cut answer was found. I'm wondering if I might have Crohn's disease/IBS/Celiac disease/Colitis? Or could it just be the side-effect from the Paxil? One of the side-effects says it can cause diarrhea, but I wouldn't think that I would have a fever with it though if it was just a side-effect? My doctor told me I need a colonoscopy, so I'm getting one of those soon. I'm taking Potassium and Imodium to control symptoms and keep me stronger. Any thoughts? I don't have blood in my stools. And they are loose mostly, not completely watery... although they were watery at first.

Paroxitine (Paxil) indeed can induce diarrhea in some people. I agree with you that your initial episodes of diarrhea may have been due paxil induced.

You reported that the later episodes were accompanied by fever. Drug induced diarrhea is doubtful here. Perhaps an infective causes need to...
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statin side effects or other possible causes for nausea and constipation. I started taking a statin called livalo (pitavastatin) about 5 months ago. For about the last 12 days I have had constipation, one day of diarrhea, and nausea that comes and goes. I do not have any kind of history of constipation. I am a 57 male. My diet does not include much meat but some. I have been eating prunes and taking something to hydrate my colon (prescribed by my doctor) and when I do have a bowel movement it is smaller than normal in size and shape. The color is brown not very dark. I do not notice any bright red color in the toilet like blood. The shape was kind of rectangular one day about 8 days ago before I took the hydration preparation. I am in Japan but I am from the US.

Thank you for your query.

Statins may not be responsible for your symptoms like nausea, constipation, diarrhea etc.

As you are 53 years now and your symptoms of alternating bowel habits could be due to an underlying disease condition which may require an immediate attention...
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I have been sick for over 25 years, severe swelling all over my body, the only thing that seems to work is when I don't eat during the day and eat a little in the evening, I've tried Candida diets, gluten free diets and have been diagnosed with several food intolerances, including Candida and Gluten intolerance. No one seems to be able to help me, both my Mother and Grandmother had diverticulitis and all seems to stem from eating in general...stomach pains, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, yeast infections, ringing in the ears, the swelling is the worst, it feels awful, my stomach can look like I'm pregnant. I am scheduled to see a gastroentologist and was wondering if you had any idea of what this might be....I have done everything and feel that I am only existing...not living.....please help if you can......thank you.

Thanks for posting your query. From the symptoms that you have mentioned a few possibilities are coming to my mind which need to be ruled out. These include:

1)     The possibility of irritable bowel syndrome is important to be ruled out. It is characterized by mild to severe abdominal pain,...
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