What is Urobilinogen?

it is a by-product of bilirubin metabolism. it can get reduced to stercobilin, which gives faeces its characteristec colour. increased urobilinogen maybe found in hemolytic anaemia. obstructive jaundice causes low levels of urobilinogen which causes incresed amounts of soluble bilirubin in urine giving it a high color and clay coloured stools.

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I thought I had a Uti since I did the test strip and got a trace of white blood cells on the result. The doctor called in Cipro for me and I rechecked after the three day course. Still a trace of WBC. Everything else seems normal but the urobilogen (sp?) comes out a brown color not even shown on test strip. I am kind of freaked out now. I so get Uti's often, but what is with the result of the specific test for bile in the urine?

i had just asked the question about a test strip for a Uti and a trace of White blood cells...when i looked at the rest of the test, it was normal except for the urobilnogen which turned a brown color on the strip which isn't even on the strip's range.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
you need to check liver markers

Detailed Answer:
Hi and welcome. First you don't need to be worried. Urobilinogen should not be detected by this test but in many cases results are false positive. If this is reliable result then it may indicate liver disorder or hemolytic anemia. I...

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2 months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes.
293 fasting
I was also on HCTZ then 50mg I was started on metformin gradually until at a 1000mg tablet twice a day, statin blocker changed to Lipitor. 10.4 A1C 4/17 now 6/30 6.1. last blood work normal hemocrit, enthrocytes slightly low but urobilinogen 4. Was normal two months ago

forgot to add 4/26 hospitalized for low mag & potassium and heart wave intervals. They felt like metformin might have been cause. Stopped for two days in hospital then restarted. stopped HCTZ replace with 12.5 losartan.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
lipitor might be the cause.

Detailed Answer:
Dear i can understand your concern
I am very happy to see that your hba1c reduction is very good and well controlled blood sugar is very important for avoiding complications in future.
remember Exercise and good diet pattern are very...

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I have one medical question.

Hello Dr.,
From my blood test done 3 weeks ago my liver function test
was normal including bilirubine level (see p1).

The urine test included negative bilirubine but a track of urobillonegen. (see p2: spoor means "track").

What does this test tell?
I have fatty liver.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Please follow explanations below..

Detailed Answer:
Hi and thank you for asking on HCM!
I read your query and understood your concerns.

You are reporting to have traces of urobilinogen in urine.

Urobilinogen is produced in the intestinal tract as a result of bacterial (intestinal...

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what do this results of complete urinalysis mean?
Specific Gravity-1.005
WBC Esterase-negative
Proteins - negative
Glucose - negative
Bilirubin - negative
Urobilinogen, Simi-Qn - 0.2
Nitrite - negative
pH - 7.5
Occult blood - negative
WBC - none seen
RBC - 0-2
Epithelial Cells ( non renal) - none seen
Bacteria - none seen
Mucus Threads - Present (not estab.)

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
almost normal

Detailed Answer:
Hello dear, welcome to HCM forum.

The reports are almost normal,except for a slightly elevated pH.
If you are not having symptoms like pain or burning sensation on urination, increased frequency of urination etc,this need not be worried at all.


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These are the symptoms i had post sex. Rash, sore throat, Penis chancre, lasted for aproximately 2 Weeks immediately after these subsided i had Flu Like Illness. Stuffy Nose, swollen Lymph all over, night sweats for 2 months, White Tongue with Lessions On Side. White Line on inner Cheek. discloration Of Toenails immediately after these symptons subsides. Gastro Intestinal Problems Confusion And Continued Malaise since First Set Of Symptoms, Stiff Neck, Shortness of Breathe ear Ache blurry symptoms reocurring throat issues. The girl I had Sex With Recently Got Over Flu And She was Complaining About Stiff Neck. And Throat Issues. I had a 6 week 12 week 17 week hiv1/o/2 icma antibody test poat exposure negative. And then a 21 week hiv ag/ab negative. Then i had a 28 week hiv1/o/2 antibody test and finally an 11 month hiv1/o/2 antibody test all negative. Still to this day im suffering from tongue lesion on side of tongue, lymph node swelling behind left ear and under left jaw and blurry vision. The girl i slept with unprotected had told me she had just gotten over the flu when i met her and she continued being somewhat ill during the time we dated IF not hiv what other virus could cause this or should i continue to test for hiv. Are the test reliable? It seems to much of a coincidence that i would get sick approximately 2 weeks after having sex with this girl who i found out later was promiscuous.. All this started on february 14 2014 and my last test was january 14, 2015 hiv icma 1/o/2 which was negative. i still have tongue lesions, swollen lymph nodes behind ear and under jaw both on left side, gastrointestinal problems, loose stool, vision blurry, and itching skin until this day i have taken many exams cbc and others which i will enclose here. Can you point me in the right direction as to what is happening if anything is.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Some thoughts:

Detailed Answer:

I can understand why you would feel frightened with so many symptoms and the duration they have gone on. I think it is likely there are a number of things that may be possible, and also certain things that you don't need to worry about....

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i had a few sexual encounter which was unprotected vaginal sex with a girl i was in a relationship with for about 2 months. 2 weeks after our last encounter i had all symptoms which seemed to be ars.. ALL OF THEM.. I took about 6 hiv test and 2 full std panels all negative even 1 hiv duo test 21 weeks after encounter and my last hiv test was 11 months after encounter which was an hiv icma 1/o/2 test by labcorp which was negative.. I took a a lot of blood test which i have enclosed for to viewed. 1 test showed i had high urobilinogen which was 4.0. Could all my hiv tests be wrong i read that a high urobilinogen was a sign of hidden infection.. i still have swollen lymph behind ear and under jaw both on left side, recently starting sweating at night again since the exposure 2 years ago, tongue lesions, gastrointestinal problems and stomach pain.. i was taking animal pak vitamins and working out at this time which has liver enzymes in them could this be the reason why i have good liver enzyme test but very elevated urobilinogen. I also losing weight significantly in my arms and legs. Please view attachments and give me your best opinion..

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
HIV can be clearly ruled out; oral supplements or tablets can cause that

Detailed Answer:
Hello sir and welcome.

Thank you for writing to us.

I have gone through your query with diligence and would like you to know that I am here to help. I have gone through all your attached test...

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My urine analysis test came back showing "small" presence of billirubin, (UUBG was 1.0 EU/dL) My liver function blood tests came back with normal billirubin counts (.7 mg/dL total, .2 direct ) My ALT ensyme is 38 U/L and my AST is 21U/L.

Why does billirubin appear in urine if blood levels are normal? Worried.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Its normal value and process. Nothing to worry

Detailed Answer:
Hello! Thanks for putting your query in HCM. I am a Gastroenterologist (DM).
Urobilinogen is a colourless by-product of bilirubin metabolism or degradation. It is formed in the intestines by action of bacteria present...

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Apparently my pus cells and epith cells are 2/1 on both. SHOULD I BE WORRIED. I have no pain urinating and no odour
According to the lab report the appearance is clear and colour straw.
The PH 6.5
everything else like urobilinogen normal and nothing seen on the T.vaginalis.
my RBS/FBS reads 5.6 mmil/l

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Your Urine Analysis report is normal

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query,based on the facts and report of your urine analysis that you have posted I would like to state that your urine report is absolutely normal.

Presence of 1-2 pus cells and epithelial cells is normal...

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PH- 6.5


doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Your findings may suggests excess blood cells in urine(hematuria).

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to HealthcareMagic,
I've gone through your query and understand your concern,

Your findings may suggests excess blood cells in urine(hematuria).
It may be due to many...

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Click for general information about POCT URINE DIPSTICKAbout This Test

Component Results
Component     Your Value     Standard Range     Units
Blood, POC     Negative     Negative     
Urobilinogen, POC     4.0 or 4.0/6.0 mg/dL     Normal (0.0-0.2 mg/dL)     
Bilirubin, POC     Positive (Moderate or 2+ or 3 mg/dL)     Negative     
Protein, POC     30 mg/dL (1+)     Negative     
Nitrite, POC     Negative     Negative     
Ketones, POC     Negative     Negative     
Glucose, POC     Negative     Negative     
pH, POC     5.0     4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5     
Specific Gravity, POC     1.030     1.005, 1.010, 1.015, 1.020, 1.025, 1.030     
Leukocytes, POC     Small (1+ or 100/uL)     Negative     
Color, POC     Yellow     Yellow, XXXXXXX
Clarity, POC     Slightly Cloudy     Clear     
Urine Type, POC     Random

Can you give me any insight to what the above numbers may mean?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
It is Ok

Detailed Answer:
I don't see a big abnormality.
Cloudy urine doesn't necessarily mean a problem, but can be just a test abnormality.

Are you having any urinary symptoms?

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Recent questions on  Urobilinogen

doctor1 MD

Hi doctor, my age is 45 female and i got reports from the doctor earlier today and m not sure what s it .. Test Urine: ph=6.0 protein=nil glucose : nil ketone bodies : nil bile pigment : nil urobilinogen : normal blood/haemoglobin : nil leucocytes : nil nitrites : negative Tests : Microscopy: WBC s : 4/HPF RBC s : Nil Epithelial : 2-3 Tests Bun : patients value : 21.5 mg/dl reference value : 5.4-20 mg/dl ESR(westergen) : 12mm fall by the end of 1st hour upto 12mm

doctor1 MD

hi got my urine result just now and it says that

wbc >100
rbc (10-12)
bacteria ++++
epithelial cells few

visual appearance : turbid
colour: yellow
SG: 1.020
pH: 5.000
Leu : +
Nitrite : positive
Glu: nil
Protein: +
Ketones: negative
Bilirubin: Negative
Erythrocytes : +++

Please tell me the exact diagnosis for it for I am in an arab country which I cannot understand what really the doctors findings.


doctor1 MD

Sir in my Urine examination report (Routine) Colour - Clear, Transparency Clear, Reaction - Neutral, Ph- 7.0, Special gravity - 1.015, Protein - nil, Sugar- nil, Bilirubin - negative, Ketones- Absent, Urobilinogen - Normal, Blood- nil, Epithelial cells 0-1/hpf, R.B.C. show 1-2/hpf, Pus Cells 3-4/hpf, casts - nil, crystals- nil others - nil. Is the presence of pus cells and R.B.C. in the above mentioned is a sign of any disease? Sometimes I feel pain at the place of urine bladder. Thereafter Dr. Prescribed me the urine examination Test? Please suggest me. I am 34 years old.


doctor1 MD

please intepret my 8 months old baby s urine full report. colour;pale yellow, appearance- slightly turbid, S.G.(Refractometer)=1028, ph-6, protein-nil, glucose-nil, ketone bodies-nil,bilirubin-nil,urobilinogen-normal amounts, pus cells-occasional/H.P.F,red cells NIl/H.P.F,Epithrlial cells +, casts- nil,crystals+uric acid

doctor1 MD

is this stool color normal

doctor1 MD

Hi I have been having dehydration issues for three years and suspect a kidney problem. Recently all of my urinalyses indicate red blood cells 0-2, white blood cells 0-5, have had mucus threads many in urine, epitheal cells which on the lab sheet...

doctor1 MD

I am concerned about Trace U blood and Turbid clarity below. Please advise. I did not collect midstream, but from the start of the stream--my mistake. Bacteria, 16 mcL, 0 - 358 Hyaline Cast., 0.1 mcL, 0.0 - 1.0 Squamous Epithelial., 2 mcL, 0 - 31...

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