Relaxation techniques

What is Relaxation techniques?

Relaxation has been described as ‘a state of consciousness characterised by feelings of peace and release from tension, anxiety and fear’. The term is usually taken to mean either lack of muscle tension or lack of inner ‘mental tension’. Relaxation techniques often involve progressive muscle relaxation with attention to breathing.Now there are many techniques to suit different personalities. Its a process which help to attain the state of increased calmness.It is helpful in anxiety stress and anger.

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hi, last year i suffered from dengue, since then i am having problem with my stomach, whenever i eat something my stomach gets inflamed unusually and it feels very heavy and uncomfortable. i don't have a good appetite and i feel fatigue as well. i have done ultrasonography , liver function test and stool test which are all normal but still i am facing this problem.8 years ago i had suffered from colitis. doctors say that i am having IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. can you help me out. should i take some probiotic pills. if yes can you suggest me so me.
hi, there is nothing to do with the past history of dengue and irritable bowels now. if it is psychogenic in nature, see psychiatrist. antianxiety drugs will help. before that try out with probiotics as you said, take multivitamins and zinc. and take appetizers cyproheptadine. and relaxation...
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HI My name is XXXXX, I have serious insomnia, and anxiety since I was 10 years old. I have gotten help for ptsd as well, and I have ferocious nightmares. I am barley able to go to the store without having a panic attack. I am also on Efexor, and many heart meds, after having 2 heart attacks, and five way bi-pass, and since I have anxiety, and depression, and fear of dying. I have realized that Valium 10mg has worked way better than Zanax or Lorazapam, it controlls my nerves so much better. I meditate, but I can't get to where I relax. Please help me,,,,I need some sleep. and peace.
Brief Answer:
Relaxation exercises.

Detailed Answer:

Welcome to Healthcare Magic!

You have lived a hard life with so much of stress and you have been right in trying methods like meditation for helping you. However, meditation is not easy for people who have anxiety and even for others...
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Hi, I am 33 years old, 158cm and about 73kg. For several years I have been seeing stars every two or so days. Recently, I have been getting bad migranes every few months, chest pains (a pressing in the centre of my chest) and many other things that I don't know if they are related such as bloating and gradual eye sight issues (script getting worse over the last two years). I went to the doctor last week about something else and they took my blood pressure, it was 132/106 and the doctor checked again. I am now going in every week for four weeks to see what it is doing. I went again today to see a nurse and it was 125/105. I realise that this is high but I am asking you if I am in immediate danger of heart attack etc. or is it ok to wait another week before seeing the doctor again. What can I do in the immediate future to attempt to lower my blood pressure to prevent problems?

Thanks for the Query.

I Would like to know a few more things which would help me in suggesting you better:

1.) Since how long are you experiencing these symptoms?
2.) Do you have Irritability or Neck Stiffness?

Your History and symptoms could be associated with the following...
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Hi - My sister is 36years of age . She was feeling uneasy , headache and all . We got it checked so her B.P was 130/90 . Is it high or normal ?What medicne should she take ? What precaution shud she take ? any advice ? Her weight is 66 and height is 5.2 .
Brief Answer:
Re-check / Tests / Follow up

Detailed Answer:
Dear friend,
Welcome to Health Care Magic

The range for the upper figure (Systolic) is 90 to 140 mm Hg.
The range for the lower figure (Diastolic) is 60 to 90 mm Hg.

Check it again… on a few more occasions. Because, treatment is to...
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I have recently started using the 21 day contraceptive pill to relieve painful periods. I was advised not to take a break between packets because I don't want any withdrawal bleed or pain again. I have just started my second packet and have intense pain and a brown discharge typical of the end of a period. Is this normal ?
hi,thanks for query.The 21 tablets that you are taking are hormonal pills and normally after that you will have withdrawal bleeding.This could be beginning of periods and normal cycle.Normally there is break of 7 days in between packets at that time you have your periods.Pills will definitely...
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I am 35 n on bp medicines since last 4 yrs now. Lately I am facing high mood fluctuations and these mood swings are high towards the late hrs. What should I do?
Thanks for writing in to us.

I suppose you have been diagnosed as hypertensive at a young age and are taking anti hypertensive medicines for the same. The name of medicine and dosage is important to be known.

All antihypertensive treatments, are associated with cognitive side effects....
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i have a a low thyroid i take 100 mg synthriod after my blood test of tsh 3rd generation of 0.31 and free thyroxine 1.23 i dont feel good everyday what can i do to get me to feel better?
Hello and thanks for the query.
There can be many reasons for not feeling good or feeling weak.
These reasons could be physical or psychological.
Physical reasons may include either some ailment like diabetes,hypertension,hypercholesteremia etc or some deficiencies like VIT D,VIT B 12,magnesium...
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I am taking sleeping aids like zolpidem for quite some time and occasionally Larpose-2mg and Alprax-0-.5mg.I ahve not got back to normal sleeping habits and EVEN with these tablets I am not able to sleep well.Can Ayurveda be combined in some way or ntaural healing.How any such addiction to sleep aids can be removed.I sthere any hope.I have also tried Hypnotherapy and Reiki but no effect.Do these medicines have any antidote.Please help me.
hi, thanks for using healthcare magic

Sleeping difficulties are very common. They are classified as primary or secondary.Secondary sleep disorders are caused by another condition such as depression or anxiety.
In primary disorders there is no other condition causing the sleep problem. There are...
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Hi there I'm a doctor who just completed my medicine and have been preparing for post graduate examinations for some time now. My problem is that I think I am a hypochondriac.. Two months back I had a throat infection for which I had taken erythromycin.. during the same time I had experienced sever hypnic jerks for one night which made me very anxious... I also had a little difficulty breathing the following morning I'm not sure if it was physical or psychological.. I thought of the throat infection to be haemophilus induced epiglottitis and got more scared and nervous in order to over come the breathing difficulty I used salbutamol inhaler like 5 to 6 times within a span of 20 minutes and that is what triggered the sever panic attack in me... I was hospitalized in some time and was under observation for about 5 hours... My blood pressure when I checked in was about 140/95 and my heart beat was around 150 with normal rhythm ...other vitals like oxygen saturation and everything else were normal.. I was given clonazepam tablet which got my pulse rate to 120.. Later I had a consultation with a physician who checked my heart and Lungs and told me that everything was fine and referred me to a psychiatric evaluation... Later the attending psychiatrist went through my detailed history which included a sedentary lifestyle since about a year and late hours of rigorous studying for examinations,over thinking about the out come of examinations and irregular sleeping patterns and told me that I'm suffering from clear case of anxiety and prescribed me a combination of clonazepam 0.25 mg and propranolol 10mg and asked me to take half tablet in the morning and one before bedtime... Initially I did not take those medicines because of the fear that they would cause dependency but after a week or so I started taking them because I was all time having unpleasant feeling like another panick attack might set it any minute and more over I was not able to concentrate on my studies either I also at times used to feel numb in my extremities and I used to hyper ventilate whenever I got anxious and to top it off I also developed globus hystericus which was very unpleasant and aggravated my anxiety considering all these symptoms I started taking the medication.. Which really did help me to over come those unpleasant symptoms and as of now I have tapered the dose and I'm only taking one pill during night b4 bed time and I'm doing considerably well... But at times if I stay awake late at night or do a night out I feel pain localized near my lower sternum it sometimes subsides almost immediately after I take pantoprazole and sometimes takes a little while like about an hour or two... Two days back I felt like I had an episode of arrhythmia for about 3 or 4 seconds which subsided almost immediately but since then I've become more anxious and started having palpitations I can also feel my abdomen move slightly with every pulse.. I know I'm being over reactive.. My height is 5'10 and I weight around 70kgs.. Presently I'm taking one clonazepam and propranolol combo during night and a centrum multivitamin... I would like to know as to how long should I continue taking clonazepam and should I get checked with a cardiologist for the palpitations and one arnica? And few tips on relaxing and being positive would be of great help... Thanks a lot
Brief Answer:
Please find detailed answer below

Detailed Answer:
Hi Jahanzebqur,
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in detail.

You might be knowing the human physiology and pathological disease conditions being a doctor yourself. You have taken medical advise on earlier...
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I had about 3-4 (maybe 5) cups of regular roast coffee...I ve been informed by a doctor that I need serious surgery on a leg following an injury in December and I have OCD ...I m feeling anxious, uptight, my heart is beating faster than usual and I can t seem to get calmed down...I worry I may have a caffeine overdose...what should I do?
Hello solsticeboy
Welcome to HCM
Due to proposed surgery anyone can become anxious and in OCD anxiousness increases. There is no chances of caffeine overdose. But to avoid anxiety try-
-Thought stopping technique immediately in mind say stop whenever obsessive thought comes in mind, this will...
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