What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapy for the preservation, enhancement or restoration of body movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disability, injury, or disease.

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dear Dr i have complain from last six month about both side shoulders pain when moved back side as road accident now i feel more pain ,my Dr said due to your shoulders are frozen and please go for physiotherapy same in process last nine days still no progress.i have no sugar no hyper patient my age about 48.please be any good advise for me. thanks Hameedullah.

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hello and welcome to the forum,
thank you for your consultation.

from your description i have understood that you are suffering from frozen shoulder.
i can understand the pain you are suffering and the disabling effect it is having on you,.
the best treatment for this is physiotherapy with some...

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hello sir, is it true that G.B.Syndrome can come back after recovery? if yes,what precaution patient shoud take in future ? my 25yrs old sis is undergoing ivig treatment. her treatment finished yesterday. By looking to her progress, doctor told us not need for physical theraphy. but we r in confuse whether to go for physiotheraphy or not? kindly suggest

doctor1 MD

Hi well come to HCM.
If there is total physical recovery and no disability left behind there is no need to
do follow up physiotherapy, physiotherapy is to help the pt if there is any disability
left out after the recovery from particular disease. If your doctor refuses for physiotherapy it means...

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I?m 16 now. When I was 12 I broke my right leg in two places (tibia and fibula or something like that). Anyway, after the cast came off and after all the physiotherapy etc...I?ve come to notice that my leg is twisted so that the foot is pointing out to the right. I.e. when I just stand on my left leg, my knee goes perfectly down over the foot so I can?t see it. When I stand on my right leg, the knee goes down but doesn?t cover my foot because the foot is twisted round to the right slightly. In other words, left foot is 0 degrees off of the left knee but right foot is maybe 30 degrees clockwise off of the right knee. I hope that is clear. Anyway, I was wondering whether there is any PHYSIOTHERAPY I could do to get my foot twisted back?

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Dear Sir,
my mother had ischemic stroke for that the doctor did operation in her head and taken out the blood clot totally from the brain and now we are treating her by physiotherapy for her left side hand and leg and now she could move her leg a little but i just want to know how many days will it take for my mother to walk well like before .

Kindly reply me doctors because i am scaring for that where is she unable to walk.

Thank you

doctor1 MD

Welcome to HCM

As you know there is block of the blood supply to the part of the brain in ischemic stroke. For left sided stroke there is loss of blood supply to right hemisphere of brain. The neurons are the only cells in the body which once destroyed never regenerates. The affected part gets...

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My mother (age 70) has been operated for subdural haematoma (Marginal diabetes Can I have medicinal suggestions to speed up her recovery ; We are already performing physiotherapy activities.

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ur mother is already is opereted for thet so now u have to con physiotherapy
ur mother is aged so recovery will be slowly so dnt take tnsion she will able to do her own daily activity and also recover fast

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What is the permanent cure for Tennis Elbow? I am having pain due to this and had two opinions from medicos. One of them asked me to go for local fomentation with icepack and a regular physiotherapy which includes IFT & U.S.therapy. He also advised Phlogam TDS and Eterik MR twice daily. Another doc advised for hot fomentation and stretching exercise. He advised for Movon OD and a neurovitamin tab. I am perplexed, what to do?

doctor1 MD

Hi, thanks for writing to HCM.

I personally think that no treating doctor can assure you a complete cure for tennis elbow.

If conventional modes of treatment with medicines, physiotherapy have failed to provide pain relief, then a local steroid injection into the point of maximum tenderness will...

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I what is the best physical therapy for Parkinson’s

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Get physiotherapy under guidance as advised

Detailed Answer:
I have gone through your question and understand your concern.
The physiotherapy for Parkinson disease changes with stage of disease and present status.
In early stages walking with mild aerobic exercises can be...

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I am having shoulder and right side neck pain , Dr says it is due to degeneration as I am 59, had some physiotherapy session but relief has been temporary , I play golf as well and it aggravates further after session , pls advise

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Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:
it may be that you have cervical spondylitis due to degenerative proces. Physiotherapy is the only options, but one can try intraarticular injections also, which effect are temporary.
while playing golf, you need to do practice under supervision of...

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hi, I am a 27 /F and recently married ( 9 months ago). I am experiencing a severe pain in my chest under right shoulder and which extends to my arm . It comes by itself and goes away also. It started 4 days back. Earlier I had mild cervical and I took some physiotherapy sessions also. My doctor has suggested 25hydrovitD3 test. What is this test all about? He is expecting thyroid also. He also told that due to change in weather, sometimes the body produces some fluids which causes body stiffness . Can it be a muscular pain only, which may go away by itself by taking rest and some exercise. I am confused. Please help.

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Thanks for writing to Healthcare magic,

I have studied your case,
cervical spine problem will lead to similar problem .you need to continue physiotherapy, take muscle relaxant and neurotropics.

vit d3 test is for knowing level of vit D important for absorption of calcium.
Hope I have...

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Hi ..... please help !!!! I am 23 old female I have been suffering from knee injury as in my knee would kind of shift and then come back to its position. Over a period of 6-7 years I have had three such major episodes .i underwent physiotherapy after each of them. However the last and the most I recent one I neglected and didn’t take much care the pain aggravated now after 6 months I am undergoing physiotherapy its been around three weeks . I went to several doctors most of them advised a surgery which includes the process of introducing a ligament ACLT . i am not sure as to what to do??? Also for the past four days I have been suffering from severe back pain in my lower back. It is becoming difficult to sleep also. I want to if this could be because of the physiotherapy I am undergoing for my back ??? When I had gone to the doctor regarding this I was just given some pain killers and advised strict bed rest. I also want to add for the past 3 weeks I had also been undergoing treatment for uti and vaginal infection however the treatment of antibiotics ended last week. I AM SICK OF MEDICATION AND TAKING ANTIBIOTICS ALL THE TIME. I FEEL DROWSY AND UNWELL ALL THE TIME.PLEASE SUGGEST ANY HOME REMIDIES OR ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT LIKE MASSAGES EXCERCISES WHICH DOESNT INVOLVE ME TAKING MEDICATION.WHAT TO DO I AM VERY TROUBLED !!!!

doctor1 MD

Thanks for query,
I think you have got laxed knee joint giving rise to locking of joint often.
There is only one option and that is surgery.
in this case physiotherapy wont give much help.
Consult orthopedics and seek his advice.
Meanwhile you do Patellar exercise daily.
ok and...

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Recent questions on  Physiotherapy

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hello Dr. I am 23yr old i have slip disc 2 and half month before i went to orthopedic doc annd advice me some medicine for 2week and after that he advice me for surgery but when i do some physiotherapy exercise along with NSAID medicine my pain goes atleast 50%.i want ask you that will it be cure through the medicine and physiotherapy or any thing else i should do because my pain is shooting down to my leg from hip,thigh and feet and previously the numbness also.but numbness is not there but little stiffness is there my muscle and when bend it fell like some nerve is stretching what should i do becuase i heard that surgery is not good because after 4-5 years the pain would occur. what should i do.if surgery then what type of sugery is required my slip disc occur between L5-S1

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My brother is suffering from physical disorder. His left side was paralysed after severe heart attack, He can t walk properly. Recently he started physiotherapy but no significant improvement is observed. The heart attack happened six years back. Is there any solutions so that he may be normal. ?

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Hi, & hello me showkat ahmad physio. I have a patient she had done back surgery now a days she is coming for physiotherapy . She had operated few mnts. Before , now she have stiches marks she needs any ointment which clear those marks , can u precribe any ointment plz. Thank you

doctor1 MD

hello sir,

this is Hina ,from Punjab...Actually my father had brain injury due to accident,i want to seek your suggestions regarding this case..hope it would be fine with you.....

My father met from an accident on 22nd aug,2007..he had brain injury..bone from right side of brain was taken it was fully was very serious as per doctors..according to doctors he

had no chances of survival...he was in icu for 5 months.brain was operated..the bone taken out was central portion of controls intelligence,memory etc as doctors said..he spoke by end of november..

memory was nt fine that time..but now it is fully fine..he remebers almost everything...during first year of accident he was not able to eat himself,but now it is fine..also had urine and stool problem..he

couldnt know ...physiotherapy is almost continuous from then...his right leg is affected,which doesnt hold body weight...he cannot stand on his own,cannot sit without back support..using two persons

support,we make him to sit on a chair having side and back support...for 1 year he had memory problem,irritation from family,short tempered..used to say many things to us ,if we do for pap's benefit..

but til two years stool and urine problem remained...but by some manual efforts(not exactly physiotherapy) he was able to sit without back support holding sides of bed..we used to make him walk,in which right feet was moved by us..means some activity was seen. he had some fit (not exactly fit,doctors said that brain injured patients have it because of weak nerves) in dec -ve impact was seen as such..because of no +ve results for another 1 year we consulted doctors.

doctors told that their is fluid in brain,for that shunt(dnt knw exactly:shunt,but some pipe to drain the fluid) was put in brain ,so another operation in may 2009..after that some positive results were seen

like,he came to know before passing stool..but not urine..irritation was reduced(one medicine was given by doctor)..but the activity shown in two years that i have mentioned was no more...but we found brain more irritation.. sometimes he used to say 'i will die nd al,u r not caring for me etc'..from then we have seen no much +ve results.physiotherapy is continuous..but he is still not on his own.cannot stand,sit without back support,walk etc..voice is also not much clear..

I think he prefers sleeping..he has become so efforts from his side.physiotherapy is not working...we say all day to try to get up,try to move ur right feet..but he thinks that we are doing wrong to him.

and doctors have said :in this case u can only wait..there is no other option,had checkup in pgi.said the solution to this case..such patients can be well all of a sudden,u never this really happens??

can we hope for this magic??sir,we couldnot understand what to do..3 years have passed..and we have no positive results...

now the status is like this:he can only eat himself,memory is fine..but sometimes he talk strange as'where are we sitting'(becoz he hasnt gone anywhere from three years,this question shouldnot arise,and in his own home he asks where are we?i want to go home etc..but he talks so intelligently,that listening to it u can not say that he has brain injury...

but he cannot sit without back support,cannot sit on bed cross leg..cannot stand on his own (2 persons to support) which he used to before 2nd operation atleast for 5 mins..can speak..but sometimes not properly..

physiotherapy is continuous...but no improvements as i said u before..sometimes when we ask 'why havnt u gone to office?'he says 'i will go tomorrow'..he shouldnot say this as he must know that he had accident..

i think his will has died..he never make efforts to get up..want to lay on the bed whole time...we say him everytime to get up,try to do something..but he never listens...there is no cooperation from his side during is done physiotherapist said'if u gather all world doctors then also he cannot improve,until and unless he has will to get up'....he asks for our help for even a small work which he can do himself...

sir,wat to do???is there any option??till now we have heard,just to wait in these this really??can nothing be done??how can we make him try,make efforts as his brain is not fine..everyone has tried to make him understand that he has to do proper exercise for standing,walking..but he prefers sleeping...

i really need help,need has been 3 years..and we want papa to get well soon..atleast to be on his own...what are the chances in such cases??sir,be frank to reply,eventhough it is negative ..but please do reply on this mail( YYYY@YYYY this is only till 20th july) and( hina.watts@ WWW.WWWW.WW also.i really want help..please reply whenever u get time


hina watts


doctor1 MD

I had a discectomy and I woke up in excruciating pain. A week later a laminectomy to stop the pain. Epidural injection,Morhine, Dilaudid , nothing helps. Something does not seem right. My Dr. has released me and says it will take a year to get...

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My entire right arm keeps falling asleep whenever I sleep, regardless of my position. This has been happening for over a week. I have a history of both stroke and neuropathy. I am a 54 yr old woman.

doctor1 MD

Since yesterday, I have a sharp pain in my right leg at the knee, and above, and the right buttock. It s sharp, stabbing pain in the knee and buttock. Nothing seems to help it (e.g. Ibuprofen , changing position (standing, sitting, laying,...

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