Sensory system

Sensory system

What is Sensory system?

It is the body system, primarily composed of nerves, that is responsible for input of sensory information, such as sight, hearing, vision, touch , smell.

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Hi I delivered a baby 3 months ago his posterior fontanelle is Stoll not closed has a very little dent when it'll get closed .My baby is not crying for small injury like scratching nails etc only he is crying for hungry sleeping and colic should I need to watch anything for this
Brief Answer:
Don't worry and observe the baby

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for the query

Posterior fontanelle usually closes by 2-3 months in most of the babies but it may take 4-5 months in few babies.Few conditions like hypothyroidism and severe Vit D deficiency,hydrocephalus(collection of...
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1) What kind of doctor (specialist) deals with muscles?
2) Not sure if this is a question for a podiatrist but are you familiar with vibrating insoles? They apparently are effective in helping people over 60 in maintaining there balance and gait. The Wyss Institute and XXXXXXX University have discover that random vibrations, too gentle to be felt, can improve sensory feedback system and may restore stability through “stochastic resonance”. Here is a link for your review if it helps:
Brief Answer:
Different specialists could deal with muscles...depends on the problems

Detailed Answer:
Good afternoon.

If for example, there is disease of the muscle as in wasting, deterioration from metabolic processes, or generalized weakness because of some sort of intrinsic functional or...
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My dad is at emergency room and had pain in left arm and chest. He has had bypass surgery 10 years ago, heart XXXXXXX in October showed bypasses were good (4 of them). He was ding okay with them giving him 5 something of nitro. They gave him morphine when pain increased some and he began having tremendous episodes of crushing pain in chest. They increased nitro to 20' they just stare at him when he is hurting. They say ekg's are good. He keeps having the severe episodes. They were going to do XXXXXXX and when they learned he had one in October, changed to cat scan....don't know what do do for him, his heart doctor in another town, take him there

Thanks for your query.

Medically speaking, your father is having an attack of angina or ischaemia- decreased blood flow to the heart which is causing him pain.
As per the treatment, his EKG is normal means his heart is functioning alright with the help of nitroglycerine. The pain is...
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I experience pain in my veins in my left hand below my elbow joint. The pain mainly happens in a couple of veins, one near the wrist that runs right up to the base of the middle finger, and the other that runs from my elbow joint towards the wrist (which pains mainly when I rest my hand on a table and it comes into contact with the surface).
I have had this pain for some years now and remember starting to get them when I was around 18 years old(now I am 35). I suspect it could be related to a XXXXXXX cut that I had suffered when I was a kid near my elbow joint and had lost a lot of blood possibly due to a cut vein. That wound had subsequently healed(I still have the wound mark), but I guess the vein that got cut did not re-join at all and probably my blood flow is a bit constrained due to a vein that doesn't carry the blood.

Due to the above issue, my left hand is in general weaker compared to my right hand and I feel somewhat constrained using it due to the pain. Also, many times in a day I feel like cracking my knuckles of my left hand as it seems to relieve me of some pain whenever it pops.

Dear Sampath,thanks for posting your query.

Thanks for the detailed history.Normally after any injury the blood vessel is partially cut means some part of it is always in connection to other, in case of minor injuries.This veins heals readily and without any problem in most of the cases.There by...
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I have pain in my right pinky knouckle when I press down on the knoockle. It does not hurt if I open and close my hand but it does hurt if I move my pinky toward my thumb. I fist hurt it playing glof while taking a HUGE divot. Howevder, day to day it does not bother me all that much.
I am male 44 215lbs.

Thanks for posting your query.

From the moderate intensity pain that you are having, this knuckle pain can be due to sprain or strain or tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons).

Chances of a fracture are less likely because there would have been tremendous pain, swelling and...
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Hi,I had open pyeloplasty 2 weeks urether was reconstructed.I was discharged after 2 days of surgery.I already had my follow up visit and given the go ahead by my urologist to resume normal activities.I was at work yesterday driving to and from work.Last night I experienced lots of pain at the operation site, a pressing down,throbbing pain,but im fine now.Is this because of the driving or do you think I needmore time to heal? Is this normal?

Thanks for your query.

The pain you are experiencing at the incision site is probably due to the fact that you had surgery recently.

Pyeloplasty incision usually heals in 4-6 weeks and restricted activity should be done for first 3 months. However, you can certainly start your work....
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Firstly for the past several weeks I have been having some serious ringing in my ears. Sometimes I think I can hear music or the tv on a low volume. Then on Wednesday I was awoken by this feeling of being dizzy or my head spinning. When I woke up and sat up my head was still spinning and feeling dizzy. I tried to walk and became unbalance with my walking. Today now, I am feel all this tingling crawling sensation in my legs. I have been suffering with chronic pains in the back of my left knee, and lower back. My right inner ankel I have had chronic pain for almost three years. X-rays showed there was nothing wrong. I did have a cortisone shot back in March which helped get rid of the pain in my ankle and back (my knee wasn't an issue then) But after walking down some escalators the pain is back in my ankle and my lower back on the left side. So now I am suffering with pain in the back of my knee, right ankle, and left side of back. Ringing ears, vertigo, and now crawling sensations along both legs. Can someone have so many complaints?

Thanks for writing to us.

The multiple problems that you are having seem to be due to two causes-

1. Ringing in ears, vertigo are indicative of middle ear disease- can be diagnosed on examination by an ENT specialist only. Anti vertigo drugs will help, but excessive ear wax and infection...
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I have intermittent stabbing pain bilaterally in lamboid suture area of my head. It usually last about 5-10 minutes, and at times seems completely unbearable. It is usually worse on the right side, but is always bilateral pain. What could be going on? Does this sound like something I should be worried about? I'm a 34 yr old female.
Hi, It looks like tension headache. Is it more towards end of the day? Is it aggravated by exposure to sunlight, loud noise or during stress. Advise to practice meditation for 15 minutes every day. Eat balanced diet. Ensure your diet has adequate fruit servings -minimum 3 servings. Deep breathing...
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I am a male, age 34, height 5'6", and weight 152 lbs. I have not had any major medical issues in the past, and I excersize regularly and try to take good care of myself.

A few days ago, I woke up with a mild pain in my back. I thought I must have just slept on it wrong and it would go away. The next day, I awoke with a mild pain in my back and a mild pain in my stomach (kind of just below the ribs maybe on the right side a little bit more than the left).

That night, I went to bed, and had sharp pains in my back that came in waves. It seemed to help things if I rolled over and slept on my stomach.

The next night, I continued to have sharp pain in waves in my back if I slept on my back, but if I rolled onto my stomach, I would immediately start having sharp pains in my stomach which would come and go.

The next night, I had sharp pains in my back and stomach (somewhat alternatingly though it seemed like most of the pain was in my stomach), and it didn't matter what position I slept in.

I have no pain during the day even while standing or lifting things, though I do feel sore and a little weak probably due to the fact that I am not getting good sleep because of the pain. I think I also might be starting to get a fever.

I tried taking ibuprofen, using a hot pad, and getting a massage, but nothing has worked. What's going on? Thanks.

Thanks for writing to us.

Having sharp pains in stomach and back both not affected by posture are more likely to be due to abdominal causes which are causing a referred pain to the back rather than a primary problem in back itself.

Such pains can be due to plenty of reasons and it is...
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Hello, I hit my head over 24 hours ago, when I slipped and fell and hit it on a hard floor. It started to get a bump but I iced it and the bump went away. It still hurts in the area of the head that hit (Above my left ear, in the upper back part of my head). I have a slight headache on the side of my head that hit and I just do not feel well. How long untill I know that I am fine and should I go have my head checked out?

thanks for query.After any injury to the any part of body including head there is increase blood flow to the site of injury and some chemicals accumulate there which leads to swelling and pain.

When ever you take some apply something like ice this swelling subsides.Still after...
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