Renal pelvis

What is Renal pelvis?

Renal pelvis is a funnel shaped structure in each kidney that is formed at one end by the expanded upper portion of ureter lying in the renal sinus and at the other end by the union of the calyxes of the kidney.

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My mother aged 79 years undergone a USG whole abdomen. The report says "Pelvic fullness seen on left. Possibly extra renal pelvis" Does this mean anything to be worried about?

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Brief answer....there is nothing to worry.
Detailed answer....
Thanks for the query.
I have seen your query and understand your concern.
I have seen the report and would like to re assure you that there is nothing to worry.
You see our kidneys make urine. Deep in the core of kidney,there...

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34 weeks of pregnant.ultra sound scan report:right renal pelvis 11mm. left renal pelvis measuring 5mm. pelvic calyceal dilation seen in the right side.

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Brief Answer:
If condition persist,it can be managed after birth

Detailed Answer:
Hello Pghoinu
Thanks for writing to HCM

I have gone through your findings in detail.

Main finding is mild dilatation of renal pelvis in right kidney.This condition is called as pyelectasis in which there is mild...

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I recently had a CT scan due to right flank pain and recurrent uti. I wondered if the portion under the contracts referencing a suspicious unidentified mass could be explained. Does this mean the kidney stone could not be identified on that portion of the test but it was identified without contrast or is this two separate items. A kidney stone and a suspicious mass.

Also do you see any other concerns. I am a 52 year old woman.

- Result Type: CT Urogram
- Date of Service: 03/14/2016
- Result Status: F
- Result Title: CT Urogram
- - Encounter Info: XRY PH, REFERRED PRIVATE, 03/14/2016 - 03/14/2016
- .
See Below For Report
- Clinical history: Low back pain. Urinary tract infection. R31.2.
- CT urogram was performed with pre and post contrast axial images through the
- abdomen and pelvis supplemented by coronal and sagittal reformatted images. In
- addition, volume rendered and 3-dimensional MIPS images were reformatted at an
- independent workstation.
- DLP: 2849.84 mGy-cm. Automatic Exposure Control and weight based dose
- reduction software were used.
- Direct correlation is made with ultrasound of the kidneys dated 2/8/2016.
- FINDINGS: Patchy atelectasis are noted in the imaged lung bases. No pleural or
- pericardial effusion.
- NONCONTRAST ENHANCED STUDY: Within the right renal pelvis, there is a 1.2 x
- 1.0 cm partially obstructing calculus associated with mild to moderate
- pelvicalyceal dilation. No other abnormal calcification is seen on either
- side, normal-sized bilateral ureters or in the urinary bladder.
- There is no biliary or pancreatic ductal dilation, calcified gallstone or
- discrete adrenal nodule. Bilateral adrenal glands are thickened. The spleen is
- normal in size. No dilated bowel loops. The uterus is present. Bilateral
- adnexa a appear unremarkable. There is no free or loculated fluid collection.
- CONTRAST ENHANCED STUDY: There is symmetric renal enhancement and contrast
- excretion around the above-described calculus. Mild urothelial thickening is
- present in the right renal pelvis. A suspicious renal mass is not identified.
- There is no filling defect in the calyces, left renal pelvis or the ureters.
- The urinary bladder appears normal.
- There is no abnormal enhancement in the liver, spleen or the pancreas. No
- enlarged lymph nodes. The abdominal aorta is normal in caliber and
- demonstrates mild calcified plaque in its infrarenal segment extending into
- the common iliac arteries. Mild caudal descent of the urinary bladder is
- present.
- IMPRESSION: There is a 1.2 cm partially obstructing calculus in the right
- renal pelvis resulting in moderate pelvicalyceal dilation.
- Workstation:MIDETPHBA221325
- Dictated By:
- And Verified By: Negussie, Edsa Mehary MD
- Electronically Signed Date: 03/15/16 12:38

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Brief Answer:
You have partially obstrcting stone of size of 1.2 cms in Rt Renal Pelvis.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query,based on the facts and report of your C.T Scan that you have posted it appears that you have partially obstructing stone of a size of 1.2 cms in Rt renal pelvis ....

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Hi my wife undergoing tiffa scan at 19 weeks ultrasound scan in the reports all are normal except both fetal renal pelvis 6mm is it a major problem or not please help us

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Brief Answer:
fairly normal.

Detailed Answer:
its fairly normal if the pelvis diameter remains less than 10mm. This would need to be followed up with 3 weekly scans to check for any increase or evidence of obstruction in future , but considering the sizes are bilateral , it is not likely...

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kidney ultrasound shows post void bilateral prominent renal pelvis (also 2 cysts)
what can/does this mean?

Reason for US was to follow up on incidentals from spine MRI
reason for spine MRI, and still undiagnosed, is constant dull pain though pelvis and down both legs. Also leg weakness and stabbing pains with movement in both sides of groin with R>L
Difficulty walking especially up and down stairs. Limp

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Brief Answer:
Please see the detailed answer.

Detailed Answer:
Good day and thank you for being with HealthcareMagic!!!

A prominent renal pelvis could be a normal variant wherein the opening of the kidneys to the ureter is located just outside the kidney thereby making look a little larger than...

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Hi, 42 yr old woman, recently had an ultrasound, findings were: mild pelviectasis in the right kidney. I have had severe LRQ abdominal pain for over two years. Could the pelviectasis cause the pain? What exactly is pelviectasis? Do I need to see a kidney specialist?

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Brief Answer:
Please provide the reports of echo&other tests....

Detailed Answer:

Before running into final conclusions, could you please upload the reports of abdominal ultrasound and other tests you did? That can help me assist you further?

Pelviectaisis is the enlargement of the renal pelvis...

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hidoctoriam 31 weeks pregnantnow during the scaning that i came to knowthat there is afeotal right renal pelvis 7mms is this is a problem for baby

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Brief Answer:
Follow up with sequential scanning

Detailed Answer:
Welcome to Healthcare-Magic
Greetings of the day

Dear Ms Sheeba

Renal pelvis dilatation is one of the common renal anamoly detected of antenatal ultrasound scan. Renal pelvis AP diameter of 7mm is unlikely to be cause for...

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Dr. XXXXXXX 1/16/2014

I am scheduled for a cysto on February 13, 2015.
I had this done XXXXXXX of last year with a scope and biopsy of the kidneys and bladder.
I did not really understand the pathology report of the kidneys.
I have included the report. It does not seem to be definitive for a problem with the kidneys.
The final determination was carcinoma in siti of the bladder.
No stints were put in the ureters.

I had another cysto in october 2014 of just the bladder and a cytology of the fluids from the ureters.
The pathology determined carcinoma in siti of the bladder still present and atypical cells from the
My question is about the cysto scheduled February 13th.
Will you be scoping the bladder and kidneys or just the bladder.

I am hoping that a biopsy of the bladder and a cytology of the fluids from the
ureters is all that is necessary to determine everything we need to know at this time.

I really do not want to have any stints put in.
That is my concern.

Thank you


CASE: S14-15440
Med. Rec. #: E0000
Birth Date: 05/28/1944
Gender: M
Location: ASC
Billing #: 0000
SSN: 0000
Date of Service: 06/23/2014
Received Date: 06/23/2014

Final Diagnosis:
A- Right renal pelvis upper pole biopsy:
-Tissue did not survive processing. See comment.

B- Left renal pelvis biopsy:
-Fragments of clotted blood and minute portion of superficial urothelial
cells. See comment.

C- Bladder biopsy:
-Fragments of bladder mucosa with foci of urothelial carcinoma in situ
with underlying acute and chronic inflammation, hemorrhage, and
granulation tissue formation.

Specimens A and B: Multiple deeper levels of the right and left renal
pelvis biopsies were obtained with similar histology.

Dr. M. Farolan has reviewed specimen C and concurs.

Ancillary Studies:


Gross Description:

A- Labeled with the patient's name, medical record number, right renal
pelvis upper pole upper biopsy, received in formalin: Specimen consists
of one tiny piece of white-tan tissue measuring less than 0.1 cm in
greatest dimension. The specimen is submitted in toto in cassette A.

B- Labeled with the patient's name, medical record number, left renal
pelvis biopsy, received in formalin: Specimen consists of tiny
fragments of light XXXXXXX tissue each measuring less than 0.1 cm in
greatest dimension. The specimen is filtered through ta bag and no
tissue is grossly identified. It is submitted in toto in cassette B.

C- Labeled with the patient's name, medical record number, bladder
biopsy, received in formalin: Specimen consists of multiple pieces of
pink to yellow-tan tissue ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 cm in greatest
dimension and measures in aggregate 1.0 x 0.4 x0.2 cm. The specimen is
submitted in toto in cassette C.


Clinical History:

Unspecified disorder of the kidney and ureter

Intraoperative Diagnosis:


Final Diagnosis by
Electronically signed 6/24/2014
Component Results
There is no component information for this result.
General Information
06/23/2014 12:00 AM
06/24/2014 5:00 PM
Ordered By:
Result Status:
Final result

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Nature of Histo pathology about renal pelvis biopsy is not given .

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query .I have gone through previous thread of our discussion on your problem .
The pathologist was unable to give definite opinion about the nature of the pathology on the...

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can u plss explain my ultrasound scan report taken on 30 weeks?

Single live intra uterine pregnancy corresponding to 29.5 weeks of gestation in cephalic presentation. Right renal pelvis measures 4.9mm and left renal pelvis measures 8.0mm. BPD and HC<15th%. Suggested follow up. Normal doppler parameter.

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Brief Answer:
You are rightly advised for follow up scan.

Detailed Answer:
Hello Jananiviswin
Thanks for writing to HCM

I have gone through your findings in detail.

Main finding is mild dilatation of renal pelvis in left kidney.This condition is called as pyelectasis in which there is mild...

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My son is 1 year and 3 month old...while scanning, it was observed to be that, minimal to mild right pelvicalyceal system seperation. no significant hydronephrosis or ballooning of renal pelvis and ureter collapsed was noted. need your help to understand on the same and will be there any issues for the same in future?
will it be alright during the age?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Dear Rajalagar2000

Detailed Answer:
Mild dilatation of the renal pelvis is a relatively common finding during prenatal (i.e. during pregnancy) Usually this is insignificant and will disappear on follow up ultrasounds as the child grows.

It is usually with moderate and severe...

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Recent questions on  Renal pelvis

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I have been having brown colour urine and did an ultrasound. The impression reads as " right kidney shows mild fulness of pelvicalyceal system and dilated upper ureter echogenic calculus measuring 5.2mm is noted in the upper ureter 3cm distal to renal pelvis. Diffuse faty liver is noted"

Is it a tumour

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Had a bladder infection - after 30 years. Infection went away, but still some discomfort. Had CT Abd/Pelvis w/contrast. There is prominence of the renal pelvis bilaterally, consistent with developmental extrarenal pelves, greater on the left. No ureteral dilation or stones. A component of mild chronic UPJ obstruction cannot be excluded. What does this mean ? I am scared !

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I am a 44 year old female. Abdominal Ultrasound found mild prominence of the pole calyx in right kidney. No hydronephrosis . Recommend clinical correlation and CT urogram for further evaluation. My father and uncle (fathers sibling) both passed...

doctor1 MD


doctor1 MD

I have an employee who works for me who is chronically plagued with kidney stones in one kidney. She passes stones every week. She has a doctor who seems to be doing nothing much for her. The employee, XXXXXXX does everything sodas,...

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I am a 62 year old male, i have had an ongoing UTI with a brief period of gross hematuria. A recent MRI shows an abnormal enhancement of the right collecting system especially involving the upper and lower pole addition there is an abnormal thickening of the right renal pelvis and proximal ureter. The suspicion is for either infiltrating transitional carcinoma or an inflammatory etiology. Other than frequent urination, no pain, no fever, no weight loss, just stress while i am waiting to clear the e-coli infection so that internal testing can proceed and diagnose the problem. I have a history of frequent stones and presently have 2 in my right kidney What is the likelyhood of a positive outcome

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INDINGS: The right kidney measures 12.7 cm in length. There is moderate hydronephrosis, with moderate pelviectasis and mild caliectasis. This does not change after the patient voided. No nephric calculi. The left kidney measures 12.1 cm in length. There is mild pelvi-caliectasis and hydronephrosis. This does not change following patient voiding. No nephric calculi. Both ureteral jets were identified. Prevoid bladder volume: 441.7ml. Postvoid bladder volume: 69.7ml. Impression IMPRESSION: Moderate hydronephrosis on the right and mild hydronephrosis on the left that does not change with voiding consideration may be given to dedicated CT scan of the kidneys with contrast to determine if a portion of the hydronephrosis/pelviectasis is secondary to an extrarenal pelvis or true mild/moderate hydronephrosis. Component Results There is no component information for this result. General Information Collected: 2/6/2014 7:30 AM Resulted: 2/6/2014 5:43 PM Ordered By: Ashok Kumar, MD Result Status: Final result Back to the Test Results List What does this mean

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