What is Punctoplasty?

Punctoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the proper drainage of tears when the Lacrimal punctum (puncta lacrimalia) gets blocked in one or both the eyes.

Tears are produced by the lacrimal gland, situated just outside the eyes. As we blink the eyelids spreads them over to keep the eyes moist, clean and lubricated. Excess tears are drained via the plug hole (punctum) through the tiny channels called canaliculi located on the inner side of the eyes into the tear sac, from there to the tear duct, the nose and finally down the throat.

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Infant has runny eyes with thick mucus . He has a cold as well. His eyes have been stuck shut when he wakes up in the morning. Could he have a...

doctor1 MD

Dear Friend,

Your description suggests that your child is having blocked naso lacrimal ducts. If the discharge is since birth then it is a...

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My eyes are beginning to water excessively. It's probably age-related, I am 82.
Is it posssible to have my tear ducts cauterized ?
Email YYYY@YYYY...

doctor1 MD

Thanks for choosing health care magic for posting your query.
The duct openings that are visible near the medial portion of your each eye...

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im a 20 y/o male, 140 lbs. i can blow air out of my tear duct when i "pop" my ears. ive seen a couple eye doctors, and they told me it cant be...

doctor1 MD

First the point of obstruction is to be located. Punctum dilatation and syringing is to be done. Repeat it for several time. if no success then...

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