Nasogastric intubation

What is Nasogastric intubation?

This is pipe inserted from the nostril into the stomach for feeding purpose when patients unable to eat normally.

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My Father inlaw has a breathing tube in his throat, he has been diagnosed with esophagus cancer, he also has a feeding tube in his stomach-has taken about 10 bouts of radiations on the esophagus, he has looks like skin with blood in a ball, several of them, they have caused him to be unable to breath. He almost died this a.m.--what is causing these balls of skin with blood, is it the breathing tube. The Dr.'s just look at us like we are stupid because he has cancer, we are aware of that, we really think he is going to die from all of this and understand that part-Can you help us out- Thanks- Carla
hi thanks for posting your query. i feel extremely sorry for the state, your father in law is currently experiencing.cancer esophagus is associated with extremely poor outcomes irrespective of any treatment tend to present with certain complications most important o which is...
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MY father 65 years old underwent colon surgery after diagnosed with cancer. Operation went well and he was shifted from ICU to normal bed after 1 day. He was doing fine but after they removed the NG tube from his nose, he started vomitting a lot. SO, the NG tube had to be reinserted back. Now, we are getting worried. Please advise if this is a common symptom and how long will this take to be addressed. Also, he is on IV fluid for more than 2 days. How soon can he be given something orally?
Dear Ma'am,

Sorry to hear about your father's problem. Surgery for colonic cancer is quite extensive and because of the bowel handling during surgery, the bowel does not move for a few days afterwards and that is what leads to distention & vomiting. This is quite common after colonic surgery and...
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My mother(81) passed away in September 2011 due acquiring sepsis leading to respiratory failure due to her lungs being infected after surgery on her small intestine.
Leading up to her hospital stay in September 2011 she had been having intestinal issues, sudden nausea, sometimes diarrhea with many of these episodes causing her to have a rapid heart rate(atrial fibrillation)
Even after several visits to her primary care doctor, heart doctor and emergency room they were unable to diagnose the underlying issue. On her 3rd ER visit within a 2 week period they decided to do a scan of her abdomen and determined she had a partially blocked small intestine – possibly due to scar tissue from hysterectomy 25 or so years earlier.
She was admitted to the hospital on a Friday night and NG tube was placed to help relieved pressure on her stomach/digestive system. She was in terrible pain this entire time – her stomach remained flat the first full day(Saturday) on Sunday there was noticeable bloating in the abdomen. She still had the NG tube, but never passed any gas or stool. She did throw up one time even with NG tube in.
We did not realize the Surgeon and Gastroenterologist had discussed surgery on Sunday – however when we were told she would be scheduled for surgery Tuesday at Noon – the gastroenterologist told my brother he had felt the surgery should have been done on Sunday but he was out voted. By the way this is a medium size local hospital and it seems everything stops on the weekends even in a case like this a possible life or death situation.
The surgery was done on Tuesday – the surgeon came out in not much over one hour and told us things went well, there was some discoloration of the intestine and that small section was removed. We were later told my mother had to be placed on a vent and the intent was to remove it the next morning and it was. She was alert and talking not in pain as she had been and seemed to be on her way to recovery. They did keep her on oxygen via the nose.
Thursday 2 days after surgery she sat up in the bed and held her chest and told my father she could not breathe. She was then put on a full face oxygen and then eventually back on the vent. To make a long story short – my mother had sepsis, she eventually ended up with pneumonia and passed away 2 ½ days after having her moved to a larger more equipped hospital. 18 days total in both hospitals.
Several things concern me and my family after this ordeal and here 1 ½ years later we are still thinking something was just not right about all of this. Here are some of our major concerns and we would like a Doctors opinion to see if we should just let it go, or no you have some legitimate concerns about the quality of care your mother received.

Just the fact this was not diagnosed earlier until it really turned into an emergency and even then it was not treated as such.
Was this really a partial blockage or should the surgery have been done as soon as possible – not sure how it is considered partial when nothing was coming out of her with the exception of the NG tube. Also the fact she was in terrible pain up until the time of surgery. At half her age I don’t think I could have tolerated the pain she endured. Also the fact that part of her intestine had to be removed due to noticeable discoloration. Her heart doctor had given the okay for surgery early on if it was needed.
Another major concern is this hospital fought us every step of the way in having our mother moved to another facility – she was not moved until someone from the Medicare office called to tell them they had no choice. It was still another day and ½ before it happened – 2 ½ days before she passed away.
Other issues – NG tube – came in one day and this tube was lying on the floor(fluid on the floor) under my mother’s bed the other end still in my mother’s nose. One day my brother notice bubbles coming out of my mother’s nostril where NG tube was and the nurse checked and the tube was just inside her nose – we have no idea how long it had not been in her stomach. We assume it had been like this since the day we questioned how the tube had been in one nostril the entire time and then one morning we came in and it was in the other – the nurses nor doctors had any record of it being moved. There were several other NG tube issues, and if my mother’s life depended on proper operation of this tube she was doomed from the start.
All in all this was a nightmare – but of course my mother faired the worse – as she did not survive.
I would appreciate any input from any doctor and what their opinion or feelings would be if this were their mother.

Thank you very much -

Thank you for the query.

Accelerated heart rate were most likely caused by bowels obstruction, nausea and diarrhea. Heart accelerates with every inflammatory process and with every dehydration. So your mother during this visits before hospital admittance has probably developed kidneys...
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My husband had malig neoplasm supraglottic which now shows no sign of tumor after successful erbitux and radiation treatment. It was necessary to insert a trach because in was blocking the windpipe. A peg tube was suggested but not given due to our decision. He still has the trach which should be removed as soon as swelling allows. Now it is suggested that a peg tube be placed because he has a impaired epiglottis and damage to base of the tonge according to a barium swelling test.
Hello and thanks for the query.

Your question is a good one and I will work on providing you with some guidance.

Frequently in the setting of cancer of the head and neck we use chemotherapy and radiation. Particularly in cancers involving the mouth and throat this can cause a significant degree...
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I am considering having my Pancreas removed to avoid cancer. I have Chronic Pancreatitis, and the scare tissue is very bad, so nothing could be found if it were there. I will be having an EUS tomorrow, my second. My Dr. discovered a mass of scare tissue in my Pancreatic duct. I am already Diabetic, and 2 years ago, had a TOTAL SPENECTOMY, AND A BILLARY BYPASS. wHAT WOUD THE RECOVERY BE FOR THE PANCREAS BEING REMOVED?
Brief Answer:
recovery may take upto 2 weeks

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for sharing your concern here.

Surgery done for removal of pancreas is whipples operation or modification of it. Recovery may take up to 2 weeks. Mortality rate after surgery is less than 2% and morbidity rate is up to...
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my son has cp and a feeding tube. he is 11 yrs old. when i opened his tube to feed him, coffee brown mucas came out. atleast 60 cc. what might it be
Thanks for posting your query.
A coffee brown mucus coming out from the feeding tube is indicative of a bleeding in the upper GI tract. It can be due to injury caused by the feeding tube itself or due to gastric ulcers.
You need to bring this finding to the attention of his treating...
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My 90 year old mum is in hospital with a very low heart rate. Her blood pressure is still quite good however. So I presume her organs are still getting enough blood to maintain operation. She sleeps a lot. She is frail and cannot eat. She is only having tiny amounts of water. I feel as though she is fading away and unable to stay awake because she is not eating. Should she be on a drip to feed her and get her strength back up. Otherwise of course she will die.

Thanks for posting your query.

Low heart rate is also called bradycardia in which the resting heart rate is under 60 beats per minute. Apart from cardiac causes, imbalance of electrolytes, mineral-related substances necessary for conducting electrical impulses can also cause bradycardia....
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My dad has a feeding tube that is leaking - they won't use it . scan show it is in correct place. awaiting Gi consultant visit. Only having iv fluids - very concerened ! has parkinsons. Had MRSA infection in tube site - now clear.
Has a swallow and taking about 6 spoonfuls of food a day !!!! i was a nurse and
asked for NG feeding but told due to curvature of spine- tricky to pass (mmm)
We want him home to look after him in his last days but need tube for medication and fluids.
I am unhappy with the lack of speed re fixing of tube as looks about six possibly less stone now. I am not looking for a cure we just want him home for a month.
how can i get them to pass NG !!!!!!!
Thanks for posting your query.
I can understand your concern. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to pass an NG tube due to spine curvatures. In such cases you can ask his gastroenterologist to do an endoscopic guided NG tube insertion.
This can help him take some oral feed and...
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I had gall bladder surgery July 10th. During the procedure there was a breathing tube and gastric tube used down my throat. When they were taken out there was blood and blood clots that were looked after. However, I still feel like there is something in my throat. Even jello gets stuck on it and I feel like I am gagging/choking. Can you tell me what might be in my throat i.e. some skin and how best can I get it out without choking to death?
Thanks for the query,

Given your symptoms, its extremely unlikely that there is something external which is blocking your food pipe. It seems to be a condition called Globus Pharyngeous. Actually, during general anesthesia, endotracheal tube is passed through the larynx into the trachea for...
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Hi, I have a question regarding m father. He has colon cancer with peritoneal carcinomatosis. He has undergo right hemicolectomy and recovered well in one week. But soon after problems startes, firts heartburn, and then persistent hiccups. Now those are resolved but we have bigger problems. His stomach is constantly accumulating black (coffe ground) fluid. He is currenly in hospital, most of the time with NG tube draining black fluid from stomach. After couple of days of NG tube and medications treatment they pulled out NG tube and after 24 hours black vomitting happens again. This is now 3rd week in hospital and we still don't know what is causing so much black fluid accumulation and why it can't be treated?

Normally this should not happen what you are explaining. I think we need to give it some time more to see the quantity of coffee ground fluid gets reduced day by day.

Your father needs to be on conservative management at the hands of the doctor who performed the surgery and if it does not...
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