Pancreatic duct

What is Pancreatic duct?

It is a excretory duct of the pancreas which carry bile from liver to gall bladder through pancreas to duodenum.

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I am certain based on my symptoms I am suffering from an early onset of Pancreatic Cancer.


1- I am wondering if I have pancreatic cancer? I am a nervous wreck and need some help. I am afraid that all of my tests have missed the cancer and I am doing these tests too early.

2- I had an Endoscopic Ultrasound done at XXXXXXX Asia Hospital XXXXXXX Is this a reputable place? 12 biopsies taken (Duodenum, Antrum, Jejunum) (See attached Report)

3- Can CT, MRCP, and Endoscopic ultrasound miss Pancreatic Cancer? How good is MRCP and Endoscopic ultrasound?

4- Can small tumours (< 2cm) cause many symptoms?

5- Should I get a PET for confirmation?

6- What does hyperechoic pancreatic duct wall but not dilated mean? Does this suggest pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer? Could you explain this in simple terms?

Had CT- Negative (John's Hopkins) -- See Discharge Report attached.
MRCP- Unremarkable
Endoscopic Ultrasound- Unremarkable (Columbia Asia Hospital Bangalore)

HEP A,B,C- Negative
Total Bilirubin- .82 AST-28 ALT- 40 ALP- 36 CA- 19.9- 9.1 T3- 1.1 T4- 7.88 TSH- 2.6

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Brief Answer:
Only findings is gastritis and you may need specific medicines for H.pylori

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to HCM ,
I've gone through your query as well as all the reports and understand your concern.

Investigations doesn't indicate pancreatic cancer. Combined...

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I went to the hospital today for pain in the rear back and side on the right. I did have diarrhea and my stomach felt queezy. The blood work showed an elevated lipase of 1123. The cat scan said there was a probable 7mm cyst on the liver. They discharged me with no medications and just to see my primary doctor. What should I do....

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
You might have chronic pancreatitis

Detailed Answer:

1) Serum Lipase of 1123 is a concern.

2) Symptom of pain in abdomen + back, high Lipase level indicate possibility of chronic pancreatitis.
It is a condition of pancreas in which structural changes happen into it in term of...

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Dr Grzegorz, in December we discussed my back pain and my cysts in the pancreas. Since that time I had a bad case of Ileus and abdominal pain that required two visits to the ER. Also since February 8th I had 2 CT scans and a lot of blood work. I lost my appetite and lost 14 pounds. My cysts in the pancreas have not changed since 2014 and are considered stable, but on the last CT scan, 16 days from the scan on Feb 8th, showed a stable soft tissue around the Celiac Artery. My GI has scheduled a EUS because he is not sure what the tissue represents but is very concerned. I also had a MRI this morning that my PCP ordered because he thinks I do not have cancer. I have had severe Diarhhea, high anxiety, and overall not feeling well since February. And, since I discussed with you my back pain, I have been taking one Vicodin or Percocet every night to help with sleep and pain. I also spoke to another Pancreatic specialist and she also seems very confused regarding the tissue that strands the Celiac Artery because she is convinced it was not on the CT scan on Feb 8th. The pancreas in the last two scans were unremarkable but for the stable 1cm and 7mm IPMN lesions. I still have some back pain and a very little abdominal pain, but it is the loss of weight and loss of appetite that is very concerning. Please respond, I am freaking out.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
PET can diagnose this leasion.

Detailed Answer:
Can you please mention the exact description of this mass around celiac artery?
Are there any stones in pancreatic ducts? Is the diarrhea a fatty one?
According to the symptoms you have mentioned, chronic pancreatitis, or IPMN ducts...

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What causes chest pain after ERCP? I had spinchtrotomy with stent placemement. Ercp was recommended due to persistent jp drain leakage 100-150 Mls flowing penetrating wound to abdomen. Had emergency surgery to treat stab wound. General anesthesia was utilized for ERCP. 54 yr female. Good health prior to accident. Chest pain is sharp and worsens when taking deep breath. Belching relieves some of pain.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Some tests should be done.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for the query.

Is the chest pain on one side or both sides? Do you have any nausea, pale stool, dark urine? Do you have cough or shortness of breath?

Chest pain can be a sign of stent placement. Please note that bile ducts...

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Hello doctor

I was diagnosed with developing chronic pancreatitis last year based on EUS symptoms like Hyperechoic foci, strands and lobulations, cyst , and dialated pancreatic duct of 3mm in body region. There was no pain or calcification or stone or strictures. i was also bit diabetic. Now after 1 year i started having having oily stools after oily food one day. this process continued for few days and i started getting oily stools on and off after some oily or heavy food. My doctor given me pancreatitic enzymes creon. I have also lost 2 kg weight in last 2 months. MY gall bladder was also removed last year.

I have gone through MRCP today and report of MRCP is as below :-


Patient Name


Procedure Date

: 12/09/2015


: JHN0000

Order From



: 35Y/M

Accession No.

: SC115MR0000

Requested By




Ordered Time

: 12/09/2015

Reported Time

: 12-9-2015 10:43:49



MRCP was performed on 3 Tesla scanner using heavily T2 weighted sequences in coronal and oblique coronal planes. T1 as well as T2 weighted images were also obtained through the liver and pancreas.

Clinical details- Status post Cholecystectomy on ATT for periportal lymph nodes. Previous history of acute pancreatitis.


Liver is normal in size and shows normal signal intensity. No focal lesion seen. The intrahepatic biliary radicals are not dilated. No SOL. Hepatic vein and portal vein seen normal.

Gall bladder is not visualised (operated).

Pancreas is atrophic with irregular dilated pancreatic duct with dilated ductules. There is a well defined cyst measuring 2.4 x 1.9 cm in pancreatic head – communicating with pancreatic duct.

Two other cysts measuring 2.6 x 1.8 & 1.5 x 1.1 cm are seen anterosuperior to pancreatic body partially within the pancreatic parenchyma. The cysts are not communicating with the pancreatic duct.

Portal & splenic veins are normal. Flow void of splenic artery is normal.

There are multiple periportal & Peripancreatic lymph nodes, largest measuring 2.3 x 1.8 cm.


Intrahepatic biliary radicals are normal.

CBD is normal in course and calibre ( 6.3 mm ). No intraluminal signal void/calculus in CBD.

IMPRESSION: 1. Chronic pancreatitis with pseudocysts

2. Multiple periportal & Peripancreatic lymph nodes.



Sr. Consultant - Radiology

Note: (1) This report is NOT valid for medico-legal purposes.

(2) In case of any discrepancy due to machine error or typing error, please get it rectified immediately.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Steatorrhoea is known with Pancreatitis and GB Removal

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for writing in

Having gone through your reports I find there are pseudocysts which is secondary to chronic pancreatitis, but they are small enough and can be left alone for without surgery at this...

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If I would get a hole into my pancreas from falling off my bicycle and the steering wheel stabbing my pancreas,, what would happen and how long time would it take to happen ?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Pancreatitis and Pancreatic duct leak

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for posting your query.
I am Dr.R.K and I am pleased to assist you.

Blunt injury to abdomen can damage the pancreas and can cause pancreatitis and pancreatic duct leak leading to pancreatic ascites.

This occurs as as...

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Why My lipase and amylase is high. No pain, not any discomfort whatsoever. I'm reasonably active (senior lady), healthy diet, no medication, only some supplements.

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Brief Answer:
Need follow up tests

Detailed Answer:
I can understand your concern for abnormal lab results.
1) elevated amylase and lipase levels are suggestive of inflammation in pancreas and/or areas surrounding pancreas.
2) But your USG abdomen did not reaveal any abnormality in...

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in the absense of cancer, what other conditions can cause dilated pancreatic duct (2mm)? pancreatitis? other digestive disorders? XXXX

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Several conditions

Detailed Answer:
Hi and welcome.
First,2mm isn't considered to be dilated duct unless in tail of pancreas. In head and neck it is normal for main pancreatic duct to be up to 3.5mm.
In general,beside cancer,some other conditions may case obstruction and dilatation...

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Is a pancreatic duct dialated to 6MM a concern

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Dilated pancreatic duct

Detailed Answer:
Thank you for contacting HCM with your health care concerns

You recently had a CT scan, ultrasound and most recently endoscopic ultrasound to look at dilated pancreatic ducts. Usually these ducts will become dilated due to a stone or other...

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I have a mildly prominent pancreatic duct measuring 0.3 cm. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver two years ago. My Dr. wanted me to get my liver checked again. During this checkup no signs of a fatty liver were found any longer, however this pancreatic issue was discovered. The Dr. reading the exray stated "The pancreas is partially obscured by overlying bowel gas, but appears otherwise unremarkable where visualized." I need to now have a MRCP done. My concern is cancer. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
See next please

Detailed Answer:
Hi and welcome.

I understand you concerns but cancer is not the first thing to think of.

There is just slight dilatation of pancreatic duct and probably doesn't mean anything serious and if there was a tumor, it would have been seen as a hypodense...

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I need an opinion... I just had a Cat Scan where they found 3 small hernias in my upper stomach + several small gall stones in my gall bladder .. I have no discomfort, pain or symptons whatsoever from any of these two issues, but the surgeon...

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EUS results. What do they mean? Pancreatic parenchymal abnormalities consisting of diffuse echogenicity, hyperechoic strands and hypoechoic foci were noted in the entire pancreas . Is this chronic pancreatitis?

doctor1 MD

I am a patient with a Pseudocyst at the points of Santorini and Wirsung in the Pancreatic Duct thus I suffer from Pancreatic Pain etc. Unfortunately I have to take MS-Contin and now I have Chronic Constipation-I know I need to see a G.I. but in...

doctor1 MD

I have moderate dilatation of intra and extrahepatic bile ducts and the main pancreatic duct. Family doctor suggested I go to an Gastroenterologist, and have him insert a tube to see if they can find any clue as to why the ducts are inlarged. I have been reading a MRCP with MR is a better test. The only symptom I have currently is bloating in the upper stomach What do type of tests do you suggest What is your suggestion

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Is there such a thing as having a small pancreatic duct ? The reason I ask is Ive been suffering from abdominal pain , nausea , weight loss , and lack of appetite for 4 yrs now and was originally diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Ive had every test you can imagine to no avail. I met with my 3rd GI today and he mentioned that he didn t agree with the CP diagnosis , said I had a small pancreatic duct, but doesn t believe that s the issue . Did I just maybe misunderstand him ?

doctor1 MD

First I am in stage 3 Pkd with cycts on my liver too. But What does it mean when my report says, grossly unchanged borderline enlargement of the commom bile duct and pancreatic duct without intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation or gallbladder distention.

doctor1 MD

I have pancreatic insufficiency and was told it was from chronic pancreatitis . I had a EUS and am confused about what the results mean. Could someone please explain it to me. This is what the report says: Pancreatic parenchymal abnormalities were noted in the entire pancreas . These consisted of hyperechoic strands, hyperechoic foci and lobularity particularly in the head and uncinate. The body and tail had hyperechoic strands. The pancreatic duct had a beaded endosonographic appearance and was irregularly contoured in the pancratic head. The pancreatic duct measured up to 1.3 mm in diameter. Impression: Pancreatic parenchymal and ductal abnormalities indeterminant for chronic pancreatitis. Is it chronic pancreatitis?

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