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If you have a cold, could that show up as trace leukocytes in your urine with a UTI test or do trace leukocytes only show up if you have a UTI or Vagina infection?

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Welcome to HealthcareMagic .

If you have cold that is unlikely to cause leucocytes in urine.

The cause of leucocytes in urine may be
-vaginal infection
-contamination of urine
-contamination of kit

For vaginal infection you may have vaginal discharge...

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hi doc..i am 26year old and 33week pregnant.I have severe pelvic pressure and pain and my doc suggested urine test.i have attached my results.are the results normal..will my baby be ok.

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Brief Answer:
It is indicative of a urinary tract infection.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to us with your health concern.
The results are not normal.
The reports are suggestive of a bad urinary tract infection.
There is evidence of pus cells in the urine.
Please get a urine culture...

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Hi my six month old daughter has been having frequent, small motions which are lose. We got a stool test done and everything seems fine other than the leucocytes which are 10-15. Please advise.

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Brief Answer:
Viral diarrhoea

Detailed Answer:

It seems like viral infection. Pus cells are high ( mostly viral infection )

Antibiotics are unnecessary. I usually give ORS, zinc and probiotics like bifilac. Discuss with your treating doctor.

Wishing your child speedy recovery

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hi , I m XXXXXXX , Male(HT . 188cm WT 80 KG) , 28 yrs , suffered with heptamegaly 1 year before , doctor was unable to detect the cause , but i was eating lot of fatty food with no exercise for 3 months and also drinking every 15 day heavily , so as there were no other findings so doctor told me that fatty food with alocohol was the cause .Then i recovered completly 7 months before ..........shown by my ultrasound and blood reports as i had quit drinking and started to exercise......although i sometimes still feel low grade pain in my right abdomen area . NOT having any other ailment or problem.
now from last two weeks i m again drinking 12oo ml of beer every 2 nd day.........such that i got fever 3 days before ........i was suspious of liver infection again so i went for my blood test i.e
1. CBC
2. LFT
3.ULTRASOUND abdomen
i am attaching these reports .............
LFT came out to be normal
CBC have some abnormalities i.e (Hb 17.4 , RBC 5.89 , WBC 10500 , LYMO(40.3%) 4231.5 /CMM , MONOCYTES(11.5%) 1207.5/CMM)
Ultrasound shows incresed parenchymal echogenecity ....otherwise normal everything
is it due to liver or any other fever ?
wbc is increased to this level , why?
why Hb n RBC is incresed .....as i m NON SMOKER ........n fit.....no extra weight ??????
what care is need to be taken for liver ?????
do u suggest any more test because till now i havent consulted any doctor ?????
ur subscription ???
wat is meaning of IMMATURE leucocytes ???? what causes it increased and immaturity

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Brief Answer:
Hello dear. Your reports are almost normal.

Detailed Answer:
Hello dear. Welcome to HCM. I have seen the reports. The increased echogenicity of the liver parenchyma suggest fatty liver , that is increased fat deposition in the liver cells. It is due to the alcohol intake. I am happy...

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my urine test has wbc, bacteria, leucocytes, but no nitrite. do I have uti

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Brief Answer:
Probably yes, but urinoculture required

Detailed Answer:
Hi and welcome.
For UTI diagnosis you must have pathologic urine finding and symptoms such as burning pain during urination, fever or frequent urination. Bacterias and leukocytes in urine are in most cases sign of infection...

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My child 5 years of age is suffering from fever since last 10 days. Fever is intermittent, sometime in day for about 4 to 5 hrs or at night.
CBC/CRP --> Showing ESR as 44 mm/hr and Leucocytes 61%
CRP --> Positive

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Brief Answer:
Child seems to have bacterial infection requiring treatment with antibiotic

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for asking on HealthcareMagic.

CRP or C-Reactive protein and ESR or Erythrocyte sedimentation rate are two parameters which indicate that there is some infective or inflammatory...

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Hi Doctor,

Before 3 months i got married.Still my wife not get pregnancy.Kindly check my Sperm Test Report .If any problem means give me suggestion and treatment

Investigation Result Units Biological Reference Range

Physical Examination

Post ejaculation : 03 Days 3-5 Days

Sample collected at : Lab

Time of collection : 08:55 AM

Sample received at lab : 08:55 AM

Time of examination : 09:55 AM

Examined Sample : Complete Complete

Volume : 1.5 ml >=1.5 ml

Colour : Greyish white Greyish white

Viscosity : Increased Normal

Liquefaction time : > 60 Minutes <60 minutes

Ph : 8.0 7.2 to 7.8

Microscopic examination:

Sperm concentration : 45.0 Millions per ml >=15

Sperm total count : 67.5 Millions per ejaculate >=39

Motility Grade :

A (Progressive motility) : 34.0 % Grade A ≥ 32%

B (Non-progressive motility) : 19.0 %     Grade A & B ≥ 40%

C (Immotile) : 47.0 %

Investigation Result Units Biological Reference Range


Normal forms (%) : 12.0 % >= 4.0%

Abnormal heads (%) : 55.0 %

Abnormal midpieces (%) : 14.0 %

Abnormal principal pieces (%) : 11.0 %

Excess residual cytoplasm (%) : 8.0 %

Vitality : 76.0 % >=58%

Agglutination : Nil Nil

Leucocytes : 0.2 Millions per ml <1.0

Other findings : Nil Nil

Chemical Examination:

Fructose : Positive Positive

Impression: Normozoospermia with prolonged liquefaction

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:

I read your query and I understand your concerns.

Following is my reply:

1) Your semen analysis is good except for increased liquefaction and increased leucocytes.

2) Increased liquefaction and increased leucocytes are due to some infection which...

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hai doctor i have attached my blood test reports please have a check and tell me what to do

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Brief Answer:
Mostly normal report

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query.

I have seen both the reports. The following parameters are out of range.

High leucocytes and lymphocytes suggestive of recent viral infection

Some anemia may be there. Cause of anemia cannot be figured from this report....

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Hello doctor,

I'm married for one year now and we've been trying for a child but, no luck yet.

I went ahead and got my Semen analysis done recently and it revealed the results as below.

Liquefication Time = More than 1 hour
volume = 1.8 ml
PH = 8

total sperm concentration = 89 million / ml

total Motility = 58%

normal sperms = 69%
abnormal head = 11%
abnormal neck = 2%
abnormal tail = 18%

agglutination = present
Leucocytes = 4-5/hpf
RBC = nil

Can you please tell if I'm fertile and will I be able to become a father?

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Brief Answer:
Semen culture and sensitivity required

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

I have read you query and I understand your concerns about semen analysis.

Following is my reply:

1) Your semen analysis is excellent and you can become father.

2) Your semen has some minor...

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Brief Answer:
Urinary tract infection with Vit D deficiency

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for asking.

I am Dr. Jyothi BL and I will be answering your query.

Based on your query, my opinion is as follows:

1. It appears to be urinary tract infection. (Pus cells and leucocytes esterase positive)


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Recent questions on  Leucocytes

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had problem in urination i had burning feeling.had Urined complete examination which shows Leucocyte ++ Blood ++ WBC 10-20 RBC 0-5 before this report, 2 weeks ago i had the same report with Leucocyte + Blood Trace WBC 0-5 RBC Occasional Epithelial Cells - Occasional Is it UTI or what, should i go for some other tests

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Had a urinalysis done Friday. WBC present, mucus present, bacteria none, leucocytes 6-10. Culture was then done and came back 10,000-50,000 cfu/ml e coli . I haven t heard back from the Dr but rather saw this in my patient portal. Does this...

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I had an uncomfortable bladder, so I tested first void. It tested positive for nitrite and trace leucocyte. I used a second strip to be sure and again nitrite appeared positive. I had a cystoscopy scheduled for the morning anyway but when I gave...

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A few weeks ago I had to go more than usual but never felt relief after going. I never experienced pain or fever , but an ungodly itch in the urethra . It felt like something was stuck up there and sitting was uncomfortable. Suddenly on 10-4 I...

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helo doc
i was diadnosed as suspected Crohn's disease last year..i was on budez-cr 3mg and azoran 100 mg with folvite since thn..nw my steroid has been stopped.my leucocyte count has dropped to 2.75thou/mm3

is azoran continuous intake lowering my immunity

my e-mail id is YYYY@YYYY

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hi my self ravi from india, my mom hostpitalised and found cepticemia in day 1, i want to know that which is the best test which can tell that which antibiotics will be suited for her as she is diabatic petient. on 24th her leucocytic is 22600 and on 25th total leucocyte count is 7200 with platelate count 2,88,000 and on 28th again her total leucocyte count is 22700and platelate count is adequate.

need your help

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I am 42 and have had my first blood test done with my new doctor to check on how things are. My leucocyte level was 3120 mm3, Neutrophil count 1654 mm3 and platlets 136000mm3. All on the low side. I feel fine and have not been ill in the past few months. What could I interprete from this test?

Many thanks,


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