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What is X ray?

X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light. An x-ray machine sends individual x-ray particles through the body. The images are recorded on a computer or film.Structures that are dense (such as bone) will block most of the x-ray particles, and will appear white. Metal and contrast media (special dye used to highlight areas of the body) will also appear white.

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I recieved comments from a chest x-ray,

There is mild linear density over the left diaphragm.
Subtle indistinctness of the medial left hemidiaphragm is present with mild linear density in the left lower lobe. This could be due to prior scarring of atelectasis.
(there is more comments but these were the only ones that seemed not normal, the point of this x-ray was to test for tuberculosis which I ended up not having). what does this mean?

It really doesn't mean anything. It could be scarring or maybe that portion of the lung wasn't completely expanded. I would just follow up on the Chest X-Ray in about 3 months.
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hi I just wanna ask about the result of my x-ray. The result is partial clearing of the densities at the right apex with minimal residual shadows. I take my medications 2 months ago and now the result of x-ray is out. My check up is schedule next week. I am just curious about the result of my x-ray..thanks
Thanks for writing to HCM

Your latest X-ray report suggests improvement in the status of infection.
This is indicated by partial clearing of the densities and minimal residual shadows.
You should consult your physician.Improvement in X-ray findings should be correlated with clinical...
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I have recently undergo medical and my findinds in chest x-ray is telling suggesting possible minimal Koch s infection . Last year 2010, I was diagnosed with PTB and complication of pneumonia . I was able to finish the 6 months prescription and the doctor told me that I m Ok already but the scar remains. I didn t continue taking med for fading the scar. My question is if I ll be consulting a pulmonogist, it is possible that the PTB remains, or it s just the scar that they ve found on my x-ray. If it s just the scar that remains, will they still be giving me an assessment of FIT TO WORK ?
Hi. It is likely that the shadow on your chest x-ray is just the residual scar, in that case, u will have no problem in getting a FIT TO WORK certificate. However, when you go to a pulmonologist, he will probably ask for further investigations to rule out active infection- for example, 3...
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my son (5 years-old) swallowed a coin accidently yesterday.We immediately took him to doctor who advised an X-ray .The X-ray shows the coin in his stomach .The doctor says it will be removed in the faeces by today.i have been inspecting his faeces today but no coin has come out till now?What should be the next course of action?
Once the coin reaches to the stomach most of the time it passes through the GI tract and comes in stool, unless there is some GI abnormality.
So watch the passage of coin by collecting the stool in container and running water over that.
Most of the time it comes in stool within 24 to 48...
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My son Is 15yrs 5 months and weighs 155lbs and his bone age is 15yrs old. the standard deviation is 14,2 months, his left hand x-ray growth plates are still wide open. I am 6'4 and his mother is 5'7. his 2 younger brother are in the 95% on the growth charts but this son has been around the 75%-80%. Our doctor said she cannot say with certain and did not want to go on the record ,but possibly believed he would be 6'1 to 6'3. She mentioned that he was a late bloomer category type kid. Both my wife and I were also late bloomers in growth as we grew an inch or 2 after 17 yrs old. Can you tell me how tall he will be. I would hope an endocrinologist can answer this. We just had his physical this week with x-ray.
Brief Answer:
I need height in cms.

Detailed Answer:
Dear Sir, Hi ! I understand your concern. I will tell you the predicted height for your son but please tell me his present height in cm. I would like to know your and your wife's height in cm and not in foot. The conversion from feet to cms are...
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Hello Doctor, I was 19 weeks pregnant when I accidently exposed to x-ray. I took my maid to the nursing home where they advised to take an x-ray of her elbow. I was in the x-ray room at the time while x-ray was being taken. Please let me know if my baby's health is at risk?
Hello ma'am and welcome.

It is concerned a risk factor to be exposed to x-rays dhring pregnancy, and I do not understand why the x-ray technicians did not practice more safe techniques.

Do not panic, as it also depends on how much of the rays you absorbed. Discuss this with your doctor, who will...
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had vomiting 2-13-2014 could keep nothing down, went to local family doctor, he gave me a shot of ondansetron. Then developed extremely bad cough, earth shattering, seems like that flu with cough was really effecing nw ohio. So then doctor gave me Z-pack (zithromycin), and predisone for cough 10 pills to take 2x a day for 5 days. I felt terrible, grumpy, could not sleep, words can not describe how bad I felt. I only took 7.5 of the predisone. I had a vacation of which was scheduled in January and never thought this flu would last this long, I back in oct 2013 had flu shot. So 3-21-2014 I went to local emergency room, thinking I could get codine cough syrup...but doctor told me an x-ray was in place, it showed a couple blood spots. Upon entering er if was immediately put on wrist bands with allergy alert and of course identification, the allergy was sulfa and pennecillin. er doctor on call, not one of our regular ones, ask if I was allergic to anything I informed her as stated above affirmative. Well she insisted on amoxicillin, and I had informed her 40 years ago I broke out form amoxicillin. I should have walked out of er, but she said that before I leave I was going to take l amoxicillin. I had a terrible reaction in am aprox 8 hrs later, hands 4X size and red, I called er they told me to either come in or they would call family doctor. Doctor called me asap, told me to proceed with vacation, and take 12.5 childrens benedryl. 2 days later, ankles swelled up, rapid heart beat, short of breath, and both legs knees down beet red. Got thru 5 days, only to see my former family doctor with family boarding airplane, for I was short of breath and so thankful he was there. Two days later, I broke out on chest and back, mind u 10 calendar days after amoxicillin. So went to former doctor and got another x-ray, and cortisone shot . the rash went away. however went to get chest x-ray today and findings ....The mediastinum is unremarkable. The cardiac silhouette is enlarged. Perihilar vascular congestion is seenbilaterally. Small bilateral pleural effusions are noted. Impression: Congestive heart failure. Could you advise me of your opinion ....I have appointment scheduled on tues. of next week with doctor who ordered last x-ray. thank you
Having gone through all the information you have provided, I would have advised, to my own patients, to get support of anti allergic herbals which will not only enhance your immunity but would also correct the problem. These herbal medicine do not have interaction with any other drug, are non...
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Dear doctor., i have extra bone in my right knee...which is increasing day by day.., it is giving much pain also., not able to walk much time..way of walking is different from normal..can i get any opportunity to get out of this.,i am in planning to under go for for surgery., pls advise me ., thanks in advance..
Brief Answer:
kindly upload your x-ray knee

Detailed Answer:
Hi Sasikala,

From your description it seems you might having exostosis ( benign bony outgrowth) in knee.
Before proceeding further, I need x-ray of right knee.
If already done kindly upload your x-ray, so that I can help you in better...
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I hit a wall a couple of days ago.. And now my right wrist is hurting really bad... I can barely move it.. When I pick stuff up that is heavy it hurts even worse... The pain is radiating up my arm on the inside (forearm) My middle, ring and pinky I can barely move... Is this a compression fracture or did I really do some damage

Thanks for posting your query.

It might be a soft tissue injury, ligament injury or a fracture. Without X-ray, it is difficult to differentiate a fracture from others.

Pinched nerve can be the second possibility which can produce symptoms such as yours.

I suggest you to consult an...
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Good day to you. The result of my x-ray last week says that i have a PTB - minimal with undetermined activity. Also says that I have fibrotic infiltration in my upper left lobe. I remember about 24 years ago, that I had the same x-ray result, PTB minimal but it was ruled out after I underwent medications. My question is, do I have to be bothered about my recent x-ray result? was my recent x-ray result has any connection with my previous x-ray result findings? pls advice. Thanks a lot.
Hello and welcome to HCM,
Paucibacillary and multibacillary tuberculosis are two types of tuberculosis based on the bacterial load.
Paucibacillary implies low bacterial load and multibacillary implies very high bacterial load.
Te causative agent for tuberculosis is bacteria called mycobacterium...
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