Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging

What is Magnetic resonance imaging?

It is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. In many cases MRI gives different information about structures in the body than can be seen with an X-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT) scan. The area of the body being studied is placed inside a special machine that contains a strong magnet.

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My mri of my thoracic stated mildly heterogenous marrow signal,may be due to yellow conversion. Should I be worried
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Your MRI is rightly reported & it is normalfinding

Detailed Answer:
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The bone marrow in humans is predominantly red in infancy,which is mostly made of red cells and with age it gets replaced by fat components and is transformed to yellow...
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hi. recently had a brain mri while having serious vertigo symptoms. The doctor called to tell me I had an abnormal mri showing a small dark spot on the front right. He told me it is a common occurrence and does not feel anything is wrong. Ordered a repeat mri in 6 months just to double check. Opinion?
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An abnormal small area in the brain that you are referring to is probably a lacunar infarct or small vascular ischemic changes. Further information is needed to know the exact MRI finding, but if your doctor has told you to review in six months then there is no need to...
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I have a cervical fusion from c5-c7. MRI shows c4-c5 has a posterior diffuse disc bulge. C6 has a small posterior odtephyte at the superior C6 endplate mildly effaces the ventral CSF space. I have had chronic pain post surgery for over 2 yrs. I recently had this MRI done and was told everything was normal and the fusion is healed. I asked for a copy of the results and I am trying to understand the terminology from the results. i can not afford to pay for an evaluation of this small part of the mri
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According to reports your have degenerative disc prolapse of spine

1.There is posterior diffuse bulging of disc at C4-5 level.
2.Also there is small posterior osteophyte at C6 level at superior level and it is mildly effacing ventral CSF space.
It is good that...
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cervical&dorsal spondilisis cervical disc degegenerative changes and poterior disc herniation from C3-C4 to C6-C7 level with anteriror subarachniod CSF space impingement,e/o ligamentum flavum thickening at D10-D11 level ....mri findings--my complaints r pain in west both knees ,ankles , shoulder wrist with swellings near muscles craps in calf muscles(severe) weak balance cannot stand properly for more than 15 mints.
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I have gone through your MRI reports and your complaints.

The MRI findings are not severe, and may cause neck pain and pain in the arms.

You need to get examined by a neurologist, as well as a rheumatologist. A few blood tests such as rheumatoid factor, ESR,...
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I'm 26 pregnant, they found in a MRI that my baby has a left posterior interhemispheric cyst, the cyst appear to communicate with the third ventricle, there may be some fine septations, the corpus callosum is present however given the present of a interhemispheric cyst is likely a least partially absent or dysplastic, both eyes appear to be normal, my question is how this will affect my baby development after birth?
brain development still there up to two years chance of increaes crainl pressure child will have convulsion difficult to control it may effect its growth
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l have had severe tremors at night and sometimes during the cold sweats and numbness of extremities,lower back pain this has been happening over the past year and is getting worse, have had various tests,bloods, mri and all testa are coming back negative am a 70 year old man who has always been very active and fit have had prostrate cheched and this is ok, any suggestions to help relieve or nail down the cause lack of sleep is begining to tell. many thanks
I would be able to assist you if you can tell me whether the numbness is increasing with time and whether currently you are on any drug?
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hi i ve had problems with my left ear the last year now, it feels like something driping in my ear im waiting for a mri scan from the ENT but in the last two weeks im gettin stabbing pain in my ear and left side of ear and my neck is stiff and also feeling dizzy everday that i cant go out of the house,i feel im getting worse eveyday now please can you help me with advice
Hello, thank you for communicating with us for your problem. As per the brief history I can suggest you that You may be suffering with acute infection of ear. ignoring which you may have damage to the ear drum. I would suggest you to consult the E.N.T surgeon as early as possible to avoid any...
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my mum who is 56, did MRI, the result says small amount of opacification of the left mastoid air cells in keeping with mild left mastoiditis, the comment made was left mastoiditis, otherwise normal. she is having constant pain and sometimes untolerable pain at the back of her ear. what is the best cure, she has already taken 7 weeks of antibiotics not regularly but in a weeks gap but the problem still persists. what is the best thing to do IV is not done yet.
Hi, She can have a course of antibiotics with oral decongestants, nasal decongestants. If not responding, then she needs to undergo mastoid exploration and removal diseases mastoid air cells along with their lining. Most of such cases respond to cortical mastoidectomy. Regards
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Recently my myms hearing stopped in her left ear doctor sent her to hospital did an hearing test and she no sound at all so the doc made her an appointment to have an mri she had it today and they said theres something there and she will get results in nxt 10 days could anybody advise on wat it cud be i am worrying for mum but trying to keep a brave face on help please really worried x
As your doctor has said that there is something in MRI which can be reason for total loss of hearing, the cause can be mass in the cerebello-pontine angle or internal acoustic meatus region which is usually visible on MRI. There can be many other reasons for complete loss of hearing but most of...
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