Glucose tolerance test

What is Glucose tolerance test?

The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) measures the body's ability to use a type of sugar, called glucose, that is the body's main source of energy. An OGTT can be used to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes.

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does a low sugar or "sugar free" diet cause clay colored stool (or diarhhea) i have a glucose intolerance or "carbohydrate synsitvity" as they have both been described to me and wanted to know if my new diet is the cause of my different colored stool?
Hi thank you for querry,
as you mentioned your sypmtoms,
Clay coloured stool along with dark coloured urine mostly occur in obstuctive jaundice.
proper work up required to rule out underlying pathology.
Ultrasound abdomen
Direct and indirect bilirubin
Because the bile which give the colour...
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Yes, thank you. Is glucose intolerance the same as an allergy to glucose? And what are the symptoms of that intolerance? thank you, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
Brief Answer:
explaining diabetes

Detailed Answer:
Hello Geoju
This is Dr Saumya Mittal.
And I am a diabetician.

To answer your query. Glucose intolerance and glucose allergy are two different things. They are not the same.

Glucose intolerance is what you could probably call as pre-diabetes. The...
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I am a male about 55 years old. For the last 20 years I have become nauseated about one day after sex. It leads to dry heaves. I am ok within a day or two after that. My only other health conditions are crohns disease and glucose intolerance. Please help me if you can.
Hi and thank you so much for this query.

I am so sorry to hear about this feeling after sex. This resembles an allergy and may be related to products like condoms, lubricants, etc that you use during intercourse. i will suggest that you make an inventory of what you have been using all this while...
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I have been prescribed glyconet500SR on present reading of 150/216 FSB/PPBS. Diognosed with glucose intolerance in 2006.Was controlling sugar levels by diet .During these 6 years periodic check ups sugar levels sometimes showed beyond the normal range. Recent upsurge may be because of liberty with diet. Whether the drug is to be taken before or after food. And can the drug be withdrawn after normalcy ?
Hello, Mr Mehta.

With this sugar reading one is called to have overt diabetes. You were having glucose intolerance till now but now you have type 2 diabetes for sure.
The tablet Metformin (Glycomet) is a wonderful drug for your kind of patient and does not have any serious side effects. It brings...
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Hi ,
My wife is 28 weeks pregnant. She is suffering from high blood sugar levels.

History of the Patient:

Her age is 32, We got married in Aug 2008. She could not concieve because she was Suffering from PCOD. We have used injections and other tablets to increase the egg size. Finally in Mar 2013 she concieved. Doctor scanned in 2nd month and she asked my wife to take bed rest.

we went for scanning and RBS in her 5th month. And we observed her sugar levels are too high. Then doctor asked us to go for test next day to make sure the results are correct.

1st suagr test done on 24/07/2013.
Result is : Random Blood Suagr 249.0

2nd suagr test done on 25/07/2013.
FBS: 106.0
PPBS: 197.0

We went to doctor and shown reports to doctor. She suggested us to XXXXXXX a diabetic doctor.
Then diabetic doctor asked us to go for test again.


Fasting: 88
ppbs: 134
HBA1c: 6.6%

After seeing this report, She asked to go for test again.
we went for test again on 16/08/2013.

Results are:
Post Lunch: 190 which is higher. Then she suggested us to go for INsulin, My wife is taking injection everyday now.

Here are my questions:

1. Does she really need to take insulin?
2. How does is effect baby?
3. How to keep sugar levels low by eating protien food?
4. What food she should eat and what not?
Brief Answer:
I wouldn't start insulin yet...

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for sharing your concerns here. I went through the details and reports attached with diligence. It would have been better to know whether or not she had diabetes in the past. I presume your answer to be no - she did not...
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My daughter is 16. She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, sinus tachachardia, chronic costas chondritis, glucose intolerance, and low vitamin D. She takes levothryoxine, sulindac and metformin daily. She has struggled with chest pain for 4 years. She has seen cardiologists and general physicians. Is a rheumatologist the next step? She needs to get off these drugs and be able to be a normal teen that is not in pain all the time. Have you ever heard of a kid with this costas chondritis that cannot be cured?
Thanks for your question on Healthcare Magic.
I can understand your concern.
In my opinion, she should take calcium and vitamin d 3 supplements as she is having deficiency of these.
Deficiency if calcium and vitamin d 3 is common cause for chronic costochondritis.
So first start calcium and...
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hello, doc. M having PCOS frm last 1yr.age 24 weight 55kg. height -5 5.should i go for allopathic treatment.hope there wont be any side effects of that.after removal of cycts will my periods get regular without any medicines permanently? in allopathic treatment what s the duration for treating PCOS?m single and wanted to know that later pregnancy would not be suffered due to PCOS?
PCOS is an endocrine problem affecting almost 10% females and one of the leading cause of female subfertility, obesity, hirsuitism and glucose intolerance. its etiology has been linked to insulin resistance,
The best treatment consist of healthy diet, regular exercises, metformin(insulin...
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I recently had a glucose intolerance test at my neurologist , who claims to know little about hyopkelemic perodic paralysis . After the 3 hour test, I went into a full episode of paralysis lasting 5 hours in his office. I did have a low potassium level the last time they cheched my blood (4), although he says it is not low enought to diagnose me. I am now 53, and have with years of frustration thinking I was not able to walk because I had fibromyalgia for 25 year. My family can trace back episode from when I was a young child. My brother has symptoms and also my son. I simple do not know where to look for help in the Memphis, TN area. I have been working to find answers for 4 years as I get shuffled around so that the Drs may make their 20 patient a day goal. I have had some results with a caring ENT that will not perform sinus surgery on me until I am under a Dr s care. He said surgery for me could be life threading at this point. Any guidance in the mid south or mid west for an appropriate Dr would be appreciated

Based on details you have hypokalemic periodic paralysis with positive family history .This indicates primary hypokalemic periodic paralysis ( gene defect for channels located at skeltal muscle) rather than secondary causes .

Still you need detail evaluation like calcium, magnesium levels in...
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My friend had PCOS a long time ago, and SLIGHTLY high blood sugar... after testing, the doctor said, 'we can knock out both with metformin, and she went on it in '06). PCOS disappeared and little changed medically... and then she became pregnant very soon after that. With that pregnancy she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and went on insulin. After that(Mid '07) she went back to metformin... in late 2009, she was still on metformin but doing great. She went off metformin in (Sept. '09) and her blood sugars were great... never over 115, usually 100 or lower, which she had previously been told she could never do again because 'once you have glucose intolerance your always diabetic'. ( I should clarify this by stating she has NEVER been diagnosed type 2, she was found to have impaired glucose tolerance)
Well everything was peachy until this august, early September... after a year of good health her blood sugar started rising... avg of like 140 to 150 and she was getting lethargic, so she had to go to the clinic...(no insurance) Once she revealed she had been on metformin(a year ago) the doctor prescribed her more and said he was sure it was just early diabetes... then gave an A1C on which she got 5.7... She has NEVER had an A1C over 7... either way the doctor didn’t care to figure more out... well now we're in the spot where she feels awful and her blood sugar is even HIGHER after taking metformin for a few months again. (160 to 190) So this leads me to ponder a few things...

1. If she is diabetic, how was she super healthy for a year, scored an A1C of 5.7 and didn’t even feel to sick, mainly just lethargic when her blood sugar began to rise..?
2. If she isn’tt diabetic, is taking the medicine causing unnecessary problems like that lactic acidosis (lf I'm not mistaken, metformin is known to cause).
3. Is there a chance its thyroid related?.
4. What vitamins do you recommend for this sort of issue?

Food intake: Shes make a lot of our own food, some even from what we got out of our garden.
Water intake: She doesn’t usually drink as much as she should, she says she just never feels thirsty, and hasn't since child hood. Although she is working on drinking anyways...
Exercise: She is not overly active, but not a total bum.. so moderatish( we have 3 kids to take care of)
Oddities: as I stated, Sarah has never really felt thirsty, also strangely, on metformin she is now craving MORE food, especially sweets, even though metformin is used as an appetite suppressant... this side effect was not present when she was on metformin in the past.

Any advice on this issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Dear friend .. I appreciate your concern .. I think she need yo to investigated thoroughly may require a consultation with an endocrinologist .. First get her HbA1c , fasting and post prondial glucose , lipid profile, urine for microalbuminuria and thyoroid profile too .. fT3, fT4, and TSH .. .....
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pls tell me about diabetics problem as how we can get rid of it.
Brief Answer:
Diabetes - Three simple things to do

Detailed Answer:
Dear sir

Welcome to healthcare magic

Let me put your question like this, what is diabetes, how to control it??

Diabetes is a condition in which a person exerts various degrees of glucose intolerance. There will be increased...
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