What is FibroTest?

FibroTest, known as FibroSure in the US, is a patented biomarker test that uses the results of six blood serum tests to generate a score that is correlated with the degree of liver damage in people with a variety of liver diseases. FibroTest has the same prognostic value as a liver biopsy.

FibroTest has been evaluated in relation to liver biopsy (the current reference standard in liver disease assessment) in a large number of patients with hepatitis C, hepatitis B, alcoholic liver disease, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and in the general population. By 2008 it had been used in over 350,000 patients. FibroTest has been validated for the initial diagnosis of fibrosis, but also for the monitoring of patients. In 2006, the French National Authority for Health recommended the use of FibroTest as a first-line assessment tool for fibrosis with untreated chronic hepatitis C.

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