Amniotic fluid index

What is Amniotic fluid index?

AFI is the score given to the amount of amniotic fluid seen on ultrasonography of a pregnant uterus. To determine the AFI, doctors may use a four-quadrant technique,when the deepest, unobstructed, vertical length of each pocket of fluid is measured in each quadrant and then added up to the others,or the so-called "Single Deepest Pocket" technique.

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Hello Doc, I am 37 weeks pregnant. My EDD is 7/12/2016. My resent scan (done on 14/11/16) shows AFI as 8.8, My Doc has advised me to take Betnesol injection (12mg) shot and repeat in 24 hrs because of low level of AFI. As per doc, at this AFI level my EDD will be 7-10 days earlier though after 36 weeks its not a preterm. As a caution she has suggested for this Betnesol dose but not mandatory. Pl suggest if this is really required at this stage and what will be its side effect on baby and myself. Thanks

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Brief Answer:
Baby is mature enough : Betnesol may be skipped.

Detailed Answer:

Your EDD is 7th December; today is 17th November. So you are already 37 weeks pregnant.

Steroid injections like Betnesol are given to the expectant mother if she is in premature labour; it helps the...

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hello doctor my wife is pregnanet and she is 37 weeks and 6 days and all other report is fine.but the amniotic fluid index is 6-7cm .and there is single loop of cord around the neck of the baby.
our gynac has suggested us c-section to avoid further complications.just want to know whether there is any chances of normal delievery or any risk related to it.or as our doctor suggested we should go for c section .baby weight is 2.90 kg and color doppler examination of the foetus is normal .

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
don't worry

Detailed Answer:

I read your query and I understand your concerns.

Following is my reply

1. Amniotic fluid is little on lower side but not to worry as it decreases around this time of pregnancy.

2. One loop of cord around neck is normal. It is not an indication for C...

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34 weeks of pregnant.ultra sound scan report:right renal pelvis 11mm. left renal pelvis measuring 5mm. pelvic calyceal dilation seen in the right side.

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Brief Answer:
If condition persist,it can be managed after birth

Detailed Answer:
Hello Pghoinu
Thanks for writing to HCM

I have gone through your findings in detail.

Main finding is mild dilatation of renal pelvis in right kidney.This condition is called as pyelectasis in which there is mild...

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I am 28 Years old, I am in my 38 weeks 5 days of pregnancy. In my ultra sound scan results says as below,
Presentation - Head in Lower pole
Placenta - Posterior/fundal
Grade 3
Liquor - Normal
Amniotic fluid index = 13
Umbilical cord - 3 vessels
Cardiac activity, Body movement, and Breathing Movements - Normal
fetal heart rate - 138 bpm
Estimated fetal weight according to BPD,HC,AC,FL: 3543 +/- 354.3 gms
My doctor said I have more water and have a big baby, and wanted me to get admitted tomorrow, She said that she will try to induce the pain by injection to try for normal delivery if not possible I have to go cesarean, even though my initial estimated date of delivery is by another 20 days left!!! I am scared now please help.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
No need of inducing labour at 38 weeks 5 days

Detailed Answer:
Hi XXXXXXX I have gone through your question and understand your concerns.
I have reviewed your ultrasound report and it is completely normal. The fluid around the baby is completely normal (Amniotic fluid index normal...

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hi my wife is37w3d pregnant. we had color Doppler today and afi is 4cm.we did another sonography for second opinion and afi is 6cm on same day. what is the conclusion. as per first report we are advised urgent csection.

thanks XXXXXXX

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Evaluation of baby is more important before deciding about delivery.

Detailed Answer:
Amniotic Fluid Index less that 5 cms is not a good sign. It indicates that there is foetal growth restriction. However, the second USG has shown AFI 6 cms.
As it is there is no added advantage of...

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I've just had my 20 week Anomaly scan and been advised my baby has a prominent stomach bubble,What does this mean?I had an ultrasound at 16 weeks and everything was fine!

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Brief Answer:
Please furnish some information

Detailed Answer:
Hi dear,
I have gone through your question and understand your concerns.
Prominent stomach bubble is present in fetus with duodenal atresia or intestinal atresia.
It poses a risk of Downs syndrome in the baby.
What is the AFI (amniotic fluid index...

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my BPD is 7.8cms , HC is 28.5cms with 34.6 weeks scan . What doesit mean ? any worrires? rest all thefactoes are fine.. AC 31.0cm, FL 7.0cm
weight is 2449gms. im with gestational diabetes.
plz help me.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
The measurements are acceptable, request you to upload complete report

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in detail.
Please find my observations below.

1. BPD is biparietal diameter 7.8 cms corresponds to gestation age of 31.6 weeks


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What does this mean? It was on my ultrasound report FINDINGS: The heart is diffusely abnormal. There is an apparent mass involving the left ventricle in normal interventricular septum is not seen mass in the left ventricle measures 5.9 x 6.3 mm patient may have a monoventricle. In addition no normal intra-atrial septum is seen.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Please upload the report.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for asking on HealthcareMagic.

I have gone carefully through your query and understand your concerns. The mentioned details need to be corroborated. Could you please upload the entire report? I would also need to know the complaints...

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Hi, my wife went in for her 36 week ultrasound....she has gone every few weeks since 32 because the ac was measuring at 3 percent, today they did the doppler, attached are the results, how do they look?

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Brief Answer:
Normal Doppler study report.

Detailed Answer:
Hello Dear,

Thanks for writing to us. I have reviewed attached image.

Followings are my comments:

1) If weight of the baby is quite good and FL (femur length) is normal, then AC (abdominal circumference) 3rd percentile is NOT a big deal...

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Hello doctor, I had asked you few questions last month regarding fetal measurements, Blood report (B12, ESR) etc. I now have some concerns I want to clarify.

Brief history about me: I am 34 years old, two previous early miscarriages and one ectopic. Currently I am 31 weeks 5 days pregnant after IVF process. I have hypothyroidism (under control at the moment) and currently on Levothyroxine and iron supplements.

Between 25 and 27 weeks: Good movements of baby. It was kind of regular and almost all day.
In 28th week I felt less movement for two days and I called my hospital and they put me on CTG monitoring the same day. They found nothing abnormal. Then they repeated CTG another three times with gap of every three days and every time they found normal report.

In 29th weeks they did ultrasound scan and the baby growth was in line with normal range. Blood flow, heart rate etc was normal.

Between 29 weeks and 31 weeks my baby was moving very very well. Almost all day everyday with good intensity. My whole belly was moving.

Again three days ago (at 31weeks 1 day) my baby went very quiet. It hardly moved and there was no intensity. I mean I felt very few movements only but no big kicks. I would say about 4-5 time each hour. And for some hours no movements. I would say about 40-50 movements in TOTAL in a day. During 29-31 weeks baby was moving like 20-30 time each HOUR.

In UK, the advise is that if you feel LESS movement then normal you should go to the hospital for check up. I went hospital two days ago. They checked heartbeat. It was 145 bpm. They then did ultrasound scan and baby growth was in line with gestation. Scan's doppler readings (i think umbilical and blood flow) was normal. They said all are fine. nothing to worry. But they say if you notice reduction in movement I should go to hospital again.

Hospital here does not advise to count number of movements. They advise that you should know your baby's normal movement pattern as all babies are different. If it is reduced I should go for the check up.

I am confused and WORRIED. Compared to two weeks ago my baby's movement is definitely reduced but scan says all is fine.

I did ask other online doctor and he said as long as there is some movement, it is ok.

1> What is your opinion on this?

2> What is considered normal movements and when I should be concerned?
I have no previous experience of being mother so do not know what is called normal movement. I am very anxious.

4> I am very worried at the moment. Do you think because scan is normal, I should not worry another few days?

Last week my blood and urine was checked and found no infections, only little low on haemoglobin hence iron tablets.

5> I went for private scan today. They also said all looks normal but AFI (amniotic fluid index) is lower side of normal range. They said it not abnormal but just the lower side of normal range (I think it is around 10th Percentile).
WHAT IS NORMAL AMNIOTIC FLUID and should I be worried at the moment?

6>How often I should go for checking of Amniotic Fluid?

7> Is there anything I can do to make Fluid rise again?

Please note: in all scan the baby's growth is in line with normal ranges.

Please Advise. I am worried because of bad history and first time pregnancy.

Awaiting your quick response. Sorry for the lengthy message.


doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
At least 10 movements per day considered normal.

Detailed Answer:
Hello dear,
Thanks for trusting hcm about your health care.
I have gone through your history in detail and understand your concerns.
You can count 10 movements per day ,it indicate your baby is fine.
As your usg is...

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Hi DOC, Please find attached growth scan report attached. Also find the prescription made by our doc for baby weight(item 1 &2) and Amino fluids item 3 highlighted in red. Can you please let us know your opinion on the prescription and the scan...

doctor1 MD

I'm 38w 2d pregnant... today I did my nst test.... doc left early so I couldn't show reports... I have attached my nst report here .... please can you check and tell me what the report says... is there anything to worry

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Hello doctor, I had asked you few questions last month regarding fetal measurements, Blood report (B12, ESR) etc. I now have some concerns I want to clarify. Brief history about me: I am 34 years old, two previous early miscarriages and one...

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Hi, I am 21 weeks pregnant and today during my 5th month anomaly scan, the radiologist detected that my amniotic fluid is low, my amniotic fluid index is 10. My gynac said there is nothing of concern right now and has prescribed ARG 9 twice a day for a month. Is there anything to worry about. What are the chances of my Amniotic fluid to come to normal. Pls answer, I am v.worried. Thanks

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Good morning doctor, My Wife is 26 wks pregnant,We went through a routine usg for pregnancy and found that the amniotic fluid index is 22cm.The radiologist says its a border line finding for hydramnios. Can u please tell me is it beyond the normal range or any special precautions to be taken to control the excess amniotic fluid?

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My wife is asked to continue duphaston since 7th month of pregnancy uptil now when she is in her 9th month. She has a history of low lying placenta(discovered in 7th month) and low amniotic fluid index (7.3) in 33rd week of her pregnancy. Kindly advise if duphaston needs to be continued

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Can you please explaine my scan miduterine if its normal.Obstetric profile-A singleton active fetus in utero unstable lie(now)posterior miduterine placenta. Non-streess test-reactive 2;breating -normal 2; fetal body activity-normal 2;fetal tone-normal 2; amniotic fluid index-normal 2;placental grading- 1 (2): composite bps/E .score =12; 14 weeks+1day; est.fw=140g.cervix is closed;

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