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I have a cauliflower type lesion on the head of my penis. im 74 and have not been sexually active for 3 years.
Brief Answer:
This may be due to human papilloma virus.

Detailed Answer:
Hello and welcome,

A cauliflower type lesion on the penis can be from Human Papilloma Virus which can cause genital warts.

When HPV is left untreated, it can turn into a premalignant tumor called Giant Condyloma Acuminata,...
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Dear Dr.

- 35 years male

- Ex-Smokers & Drinker “From May 2009 to October 2015”

My story started in August 2015 when I felt “irritation and mild pain” in the base of the tongue. The pain and irritation was not continuous but I felt them from time to time. I have not looked in the base of my tongue until Mid-December 2015 where I found elevated lesion “Look-like papilla” and one of these papilla was cracked (I believe it was the source of irritation and mild pain” … Please check the attached picture.

I have tried several medication to treat these lesion, however, all of them have failed. The medications I have taken are as below:

1. Gengigel (Hyaluronic Acid)

2. Aloclair Plus Oral Rinse

3. Kenacort A Orabase

4. Miragel "Oral Gel"

5. 2 courses of anti-biotics “10 days each”

In the beginning of February 2016, I went to ENT consultant / Head and Neck Surgeon who suggested biopsy. The diagnosis was “Benign stratified squamous epithelium with viral cytopathic changes and lymphoid follicular hyperplasia” … what does this means?

As you can see in the attached report / microscopy, “stratified squamous epithelium exhibiting Koilocytosis” .. Does this means I am infected with HPV for sure? Does Koilocytosis indicate transformation to malignant lesion in anytime?

Now, 10 weeks post-biopsy, the biopsy wound have not been recovered totally. In fact, I am still feeling some irritation and mild pain in the biopsy site and under to tongue-right side. The wound looks like an ulcer “PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PICTURE”. I have tried several treatments to have it cured but with no improvement.

1. Betadine - Mouthwash / gargle

2. AVOHEX mouthwash

3. Miragel "Oral Gel"

4. Gengigel (Hyaluronic Acid)

5. ROTVEX Solution for Oral Ulceration

6. Sporanox "Oral Capsules"

DOES it look cancerous? DO I need another Biopsy? is there any other recommended treatement?
Brief Answer:
Seems like Viral Infection, no need of another bio, consult Oral Surgeon..

Detailed Answer:

I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns..

As per your complain the biopsy report is looking consistent of Viral infection like Human Papilloma Virus...
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are there any vaccinations that are available for any of the STIs?
Brief Answer:
Yes, for HPV infection

Detailed Answer:
Hi, thanks for using Healthcaremagic.

I went through your query and understood your concerns.

Yes for human papilloma virus infection vaccine is available in the market. Human papilloma virus(HPV) is one of the STI.

Hope I answered your query....
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Small itchy lumps outside both of my outer labia. It has been there since long time. But recently the itchiness increased on on right side lumps. It stops itching when I clean it with hot salted water. Please advise. I am 28 years old , 45 kg and married.
Brief Answer:
Genital Warts. No cure. Laser or Freezing therapy

Detailed Answer:
I have gone through your query and understand your concern.
These are Genital Warts.
They are contagious and caused by genital human papilloma virus (HPV).
They usually are not painful, although they may cause...
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I had genetical wart on my pennis from last 2-3 years .I recently got it removed by dermatologist. He follows freezing method to get it destroyed.Wart means HIV

Genetical Wart Means HIV its true. Should i get my test done for HIV.
Brief Answer:
Also test for other tests in STD panel i.e Hiv, Vdrl and Hsv ELISA

Detailed Answer:
Hello. Thank you for writing to us

I have read your question and I have noted your concern

Genital wart is caused by human papilloma virus(hpv) not Hiv. However you should also test for other STD's...
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I have been talking with Healthcare Magic over the last 4-5 weeks. I have been exposed to the sexually transmitted disease HPV, and as a male there is not any way to determine if I have actually contracted it. However, I have some questions about its transmission with future partners.
I have understood from my earlier communications with you that:
- HPV can be communicated through oral sex: an uninfected female can receive HPV through performing fellatio on an infected male
- HPV can be transmitted through open-mouth kissing
- The transmitters for genital HPV are not found in the mouth
My question is - if the transmitters for genital HPV are not found in the mouth, then how is it that genital HPV can be transmitted through fellatio or kissing? Or can it be transmitted that way?
Many thanks
Brief Answer:
HPV can infect the mouth too.

Detailed Answer:

The Human Papilloma Virus infects only the keratinocytes (skin cells) and the mucous membrane (the pinkish area inside the mouth or genitals). Therefore these pathogens can be found in the mouth as well. During fellatio, if...
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Kiss on cheek or touching sexual fluid be absorbed through pore or do you need a break in skin/cut for std/sti to become infected?
Brief Answer:
Infections like Herpes, Genital warts and Hepatitis B can be transmitted

Detailed Answer:
Hi Tonykoco,
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in details.
While most sexual infections like HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia require close sexual...
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Had unprotected sex 7 weeks ago. Tested negative after 1.5 weeks and 6 for stds. Have white reddish skin around penis shaft any idea what is could be. Fungal or std?

I have added photos of the reddish white irritation

Can you please address the brown spots or two toward the bottom of my foreskin

Also areas of white patches become red after sex or during arousal.
Brief Answer:
Dryness of skin and possibility of genital wart

Detailed Answer:
Hello. Thank you for writing to us

I have gone through your query and I have also reviewed the Image. I could find only one Image in attachments.

Though I could not clearly make out the redness and scaling around shaft...
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Hi my wife has recently seen increase in the frequency of passing urine - she has visited the doctor for a number of tests and has been told there is increase of white blood cells in urine. Dr has suggested as next step to do urine test for Chlamydia and cervical cancer amongst others. I am very concerned all around.
Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:
Welcome to HCM.
This is Dr. Swarnava Dattagupta answering your query.

I understand your query.
Primarily, increased white blood cells indicate infection. It might be an urinary tract infection and...
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I am having skin bumps small tumor like cysts,bullae in left hand palm and left hand index finger. And today i noticed a small pearly XXXXXXX papule what is the cause(weather its because of stagnet water bath of more than 6 month stagnet tank water or its some other reason)also i have taken bath with detol liquid mixed with water, and what is home remedy or any medicine reuired for that.
Brief Answer:
Two possibilities: either ringworm infection or dyshidrotic eczema

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for being at Healthcaremagic
According to your history their are two possibilities: either ringworm infection of the hand or dyshidrotic eczema.
Ringworm is a fungal infection which is...
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i have genital warts and i am a female. I have gone to the gynecologist but he burned off the warts but it keeps coming back. i have tied eating multivitamins tablets, took ketaconazole tablets once a day but no sign of improvements... please can you help me..

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