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The frontal lobe is one of the four major lobes of the cerebral cortex in the brain of mammals. The frontal lobe is located at the front of each cerebral hemisphere and positioned anterior to (in front of) the parietal lobe and superior and anterior to the temporal lobes.

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Every once in a while a feel this popping/crackling feeling in my nose or in my frontal lobe. I dont think I have any allergies but its possible that I am sensitive to certain things that cause me to be stuffed up regularly.

How do I get rid of the crackling feeling? It does not feel good at all, its like little crystals are snapping in my nose/head.
may be sinusitis frontal is involved in thewse cases
get xray pns waters view to get confirmation and treat accordingly
till then can use fexofenadine i tab once a day
tab flunarazine 5 mg before sleep
apply neomycin h ointment in nose bd
sea water 2 drops at night each nose
continue till your...
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my boyfriends mom has an anerisum in the left frontal lobe area, and has been having very frequent seizers. she is on seizer meds but they are not working. she has had 4 seizers since sunday. after her episodes she reverts to a childlike state for about a ful day. she is 47yrs old. she sometimes gets a headache before the episode but other than that i dont know what else there is. please help me, she goes to her doctor every week and hey still have not been able to pinpont or help her. please help me, im so scared.

Thank you for posting your query.

The definite treatment for brain aneurysm is surgery. This is a complex surgery and you should discuss it with her neurosurgeon.

Regarding control of seizures, medications are required to control them.

Multiple medications may be required at higher doses....
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Hello! After going to the beach I started having a discomfort on my left side of my frontal lobe when I moved my head suddendly that discomfort dissappeared after a couple of days but after that I have been experiencing an almost continous pain on my left temple for about a week, then my left ear started ringing. I am on nasal spray and antibiotics now although the pain has not subsided. what should I do?
It could be a type of migraine or vascular headache you are having.Ear RINGING is not usual here.However you may try 10 mg of Sibelum for 5 days at night.If no improvement it may be better to get an MRI scan of your brain done and evaluated by a Neurologist or ENT surgeon.
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I have been suffering from sleeping too much like today all day until like 6 my legs and hands mostly my legs tremble uncontrollably and I had a post concussion ,last year my mri of my brain said a small faint area of increased signal intensity was present involving the deep white matter of the left frontal lobe afraid i may have ms
Given the history of head injury and the subsequent onset of symptoms of fatigue, you are suffering from possible consequences of head injury itself rather than multiple sclerosis (MS).
You are having frontal lobe lesion on MRI which can explain the extreme fatigue, excessive sleep and sometimes...
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9x6mm calcified focus in left frontal lobe ,likely to be inflammatory granuloma.patient has to be either treated surgically or by oral medications?
Some times calcified granulomas are also seen in post tubercular resolved state of the past in which the TB may or may not have been diagnosed or you never had any specific symptoms of TB and it got resolved on its own. Get a TB immunological test done by Serum(blood sample extract) TB IgG and IgM.
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my boyfriends son fell 15ft back in 2007. he hit his head , he has started havind nose bleeds that take awhile to get stopped. he also seems bippolar at times, could these be from his injury. I work as a cna on a nuero/stroke floor and u see what frontal lobe injuries result in, usually we get the sh*t beat out of us.the boy is 10 it happen in 07, now he has a knot on side of his neck below his ear . He will not listen to his father, could any of this be related to the fall or is it typical 10 yr old
As he fell in 2007 and this neck swelling appeared in 2011, I think there will be no relation between this swelling and a past injury. So, don't think about this. You should consult to an ENT specialist for this neck swelling. It can be due to infection in the parotid gland ( a salivary...
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i have this strange pain in the back of my head, like pressure, and it isn t a migraine , it hurts even more when i press against it and i ve searched online and from what i ve seen i should get it checked. I saw that the pain i feel is in the frontal lobe , and the symptoms described all match to what i feel. Changes in personality Swearing or behaving in a way that you normally wouldn t (loss of inhibitions) Losing interest in life (apathy) Difficulty with planning and organising Being irritable or aggressive Weakness in part of the face, or on one side of the body Difficulty walking Loss of sense of smell Problems with your sight or speech they all apply to me but i have been in therapy for a while and diagnosed with depression , anxiety, bipolar and they even checked me for schizophrenia as i hallucinate and hear voices. Could this be linked and should i be worried?
Hi there, Thanks for asking. You have a careful observation. Change in personality (and also aggressiveness as you mentioned), as well as change in smell, may be induced by tumors (benign or malignant) in front part of the brain. Weakness in one part of the face and on one side of your body are...
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Well, I am a 17 year old male, and yesterday, i was just sitting down relaxing looking at my laptop. And out of no where i just felt a jolt type shock. in my head. say either you got shocked by a plug or along the lines of that. and although it didn t hurt, or anything, I did feel a little dizzy so i layed down fully and let it pass. I would just like to know if any symptoms involving this is serious or maybe it was just a weird thing with my frontal lobe , to central cortex. (that is where it sort of happened) Thank you for any information given, thank you in advanced.
Abrupt symptom shouldn't repeat again if does , go for check up with a medical practitioner who will check your BP, pulse, pupils. Syncopy has many reasons and often may require little treatment as well. Good thing that you lay down immediately. Watch for headache and visual disturbances if any....
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I am a patient of BPPV & I was given Betavert 16mg. In an MRI of brain, a patch was seen in the right Frontal Lobe ( white matter ). What is Zefretol 800mg perscribed for? Per medical advice I had been using both drugs (Betavert 2 per day & Zefretol 800mg 1 per day in addition to Atorfit 1 per day & Ginkocer 1 per day) for last 5 months & should use for another 2 months. Is this correct?
Dear Ram... I have gone through your post in which you have mentioned that you are undergoing treatment for BPPV.
The medications suggested by your Doctor are correct.
Betavert is Betahistine which is an anti-vertigo preparation.
Zefretol is an anti convulsant & it has been prescribed to take...
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In january 2013, I was hit from beihiund by a car. A CT was done in Feb. and "mild decreased density was seem in f the white mater of the supereioor frontal lobes. Findings suggest microvascular ischemia changes. Thickening o right posterior ethmoid air cells noted. / / thening of the right posterior ehtmoid air cells noted."

What does this mean?
I have had constant headac hes, nausea and vomiting since car crash.. . some burning in brain. I have college degreed but cannot remember past 7-8 grade infromation. thanks.
Thanks for writing in.
As told by you, after the accident in January 2013, you got a CT scan done in February 2013.
In the CT scan, microvascular white matter ischemic changes means that there was little injury to small blood vessels in your frontal lobe white matter.
Coming to the...
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