Tetanus toxoid

What is Tetanus toxoid?

Tetanus toxin is an extremely potent neurotoxin produced by the vegetative cell of Clostridium tetani in anaerobic conditions, causing tetanus. It has no known function for clostridia in the soil environment where they are normally encountered. It is also called spasmogenic toxin, or TeNT. The LD50 of this toxin has been measured to be approximately 1 ng/kg, making it second only to Botulinum toxin as the deadliest toxin in the world. However, these tests are conducted solely on mice which may react to the toxin differently from humans and other animals.

C. tetani also produces the exotoxin tetanolysin, a hemolysin, that causes destruction of tissues.

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today a mice bitten me and bleeding done by 3 minutes.what should i do next

doctor1 MD


I am sorry about the incident.

You must wash it thoroughly under flowing tap water with a hard soap like Wheel or Nirma. Wash for 5...

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A an absessed tooth was extracted several days ago. The tooth was absessed for several years. I am feeling stiffness in my legs and feet when I...

doctor1 MD

As per your question, I do not think that the problem in leg and bowel is related to the extraction. If extraction has to be the reason then...

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im 41yrs old. i was bitten by my puppy in the afternoon, i was not able to get an anti rabies vaccine due to it s non-availabilty, however, the...

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Hi there,
Welcome to HCM,
Rabies is not sexually transmitted. The doctors are right to tell you to take anti rabies vaccine as soon as it is...

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