What is Sulphonamide?

In chemistry, the sulfonamide functional group (also spelt sulphonamide) is -S(=O)2-NH2, a sulfonyl group connected to an amine group. Relatively speaking this group is unreactive. The amine center is no longer basic. The S-N bond is cleaved only with difficulty. Because of the rigidity of the functional group, sulfonamides are typically crystalline. For this reason, the formation of a sulfonamide is a classic method to convert an amine into a crystalline derivative which can be identified by its melting point. Many important drugs contain the sulfonamide group.

A sulfonamide (compound) is a compound that contains this group. The general formula is RSO2NH2, where R is some organic group. For example, "methanesulfonamide" is CH3SO2NH2. Any sulfonamide can be considered as derived from a sulfonic acid by replacing a hydroxyl group with an amine group.

In medicine, the term "sulfonamide" is sometimes used as a synonym for sulfa drug, a derivative or variation of sulfanilamide.

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Within 2 hours of taking a Bactrim pill, I began feeling some minor itching with my penis. A few more hours the tip became very sensative, itching...

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Sulfa drug allergy - Strict avoidance required

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hi my name is XXXX and i am from XXXXXXX my mother is 68years old, we went for checkup but doctor suspect that she is suffering from glucoma , so...

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Acute congestive Glaucoma most likely

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I noticed a Black spot on my inner arm about 10 days ago (it was suddenly) I watched for changes, and about 5 days later, there was a red ring...

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Thanks for asking on HCM,
It looks fixed drug eruption.
The lesions usually develop within 30 minutes to 8 hours of taking the drug. They are...

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