Polyethylene glycol

What is Polyethylene glycol?

It is a polyether compound used for manufacturing medicine. It is polyethylene oxide.

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My son having chronic constipation since his childhood and now he is 4 ½ yrs old. Last month doctor prescribed Laxopeg (Polyethylene glycol 3350) and asked to continue at least for 3 months regularly. He doesn’t have any other problems right now. Is there any side effect on Laxopeg (Polyethylene glycol 3350).

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Hi! Welcome to Healthcaremagic.
I read your query. Usually this medicine is taken for 2-4 weeks but since doctor prescribed it for son, surely he must have weighed its uses for him.Generally prolonged use doesnot cause any severe symptoms. Occasionally it might cause nausea, abdominal cramps,...

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My 11 year old has fecal incontinence for the last 4 or more years and it is getting very embarrising for him. I have taken him to the doctor and they had us give him enemas twice a day and they have also had us try Polyethylene Glycol. I dont know what else to do. I feel so bad for him. He has to change his clothes at least 6 or more times a day.

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Most common cause of stool incontinence in children is constipation. You are already giving treatment for constipation for last 4 years with no improvement in his condition. In that case I will advise you to meet psychiatrist for counselling and psychotherapy, a pediatric surgeon to assess...

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Does Robitussin DM have opiates, if yes..how long it stays in human body
i had a hard time suffering through cold, cough and throat infection. I purchased a cough syrup named Robitussin DM from a walmart store in Westminster, Colorado. it is an OTC medicine. Below is the link and drug facts of medicine.

Link of medicine

Drug Facts
Active Ingredient
Dextromethorphan hbr, USP 10 mgCough suppressant
Inactive Ingredients
Anhydrous citric acid, artificial & natural flavors, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, d&c red no. 33, FD&C red no. 40, glycerin, high fructose corn syrup, menthol, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, povidone, propylene glycol, purified water, saccharin sodium, sodium benzoate, sorbitol solution, xanthan gum.

I took this medicine for the period starting from April 8 to April 16 2013 then I came back to India. In India, I had to undergo a drug test in my office as a compliance requirement for the new client associated with my company it was conducted on on may 6 2013 where I was found to be positive for opiates.

my questions ?
1) does this cough syrup or any of the ingredients used in this cough syrup has opiates in it ?
2)if answer is yes to above how long it stays in body ?
3) what is the probability of having found opiates in my case .
Your urgent help is highly appreciated in this regard


doctor1 MD

Thanks for writing your query to us.

Robitussin DM contains guaifenesin , Dextromethorphan combination. It does not contain opioid . There is a possibility of test being false positive or you might have taken something else that might has opioid. Some painkillers also contain opioid .Opiate...

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Hello, my Dad is getting close to 88 years old. He has swelling on his neck back of his right ear. Its not hurting, but is a little sensitive if you rub it. Its about the size of an old silver dollar. He is diabetic but has it under control and he is taking this polyethylene glycol 3350 powder for a laxative. He read on the product information from this laxative that it could cause swelling . Do you think this could be the cause of his swelling or is he probably just hoping it is?

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Laxative may cause swelling of the limbs(Pedal edema) and not this kind of swelling.

This swelling may not be associated with laxative.

Your father needs surgical consultation for the swelling.

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My Dad has been diagnosed with HCC. He is also in advanced cirrhosis stage. He is having severe constipation and the dosage prescribed for removing constipation is not working. We have given him Dufolac/Biolac. He cannot be given enema as he has undergone banding for secondary piles. He went into encephalopathy and was treated with Pegmove (Polyethylene Glycol), but that has also not yielded much results. They also gave HepaMerz (L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate) Granules for removing ammonia. This is being given in 8 hourly intervals. He was discharged and brought home, but he is still getting constipation. He is slipping into encephalopathy. Wanted to know if Dulcolax Suppositories can be given as an alternative as enema cannot be given? What are the other things that can be done to remove constipation / induce bowel movement, and remove ammonia? Thanks in advance

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Hello, Sorry to hear about your dad,
Lactulose( Duphalac) is the best first line drug for treatiing constipation in cirrhosis. I would suggest to increase the dose of duphalac . If he is in encephalopathy the dose of duphalac can be increase and given 2 hrly till he passes stools and then reduced...

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my 8 year old son has been vomiting for 4 days with no fever or diarrhea. we went to urgent care and his urine was cloudy and had ph 8.5 and ketones of 15, which they contributed to dehydration and on x-ray they said he showed bowel slightly backed up. We were sent home with Zofran and polyethylene glycol which I didn't then know was miralax. I do not feel like this is the best to be giving him if he is dehydrated.... do I give it or will it make things worse for my son?

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Thank you for your query.

Though Zofran was prescribed to control vomiting, I wonder why polyethylene glycol was prescribed. This medicine is given in constipation.

I suggest that you ensure that your son gets enough of fluids to correct the dehydration first which shall take care of ketosis...

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Dear Dr. I've been taking polyethylene glycol 3350, 17 grams twice a day in the AM/PM time of day per my doctors advice for my GI issues/bleeding hemirriods, because I strain rectally. I've been on this dose for about 10 to 12 days now. I did get my internal hemrriods treated and my rectal bleeding has greatly been reduced. However, I still strain going but not as much. My question is, with respect to my dosage of polyethylene glycol 3350 17 grams x 2 a day, I have gained about 10 lbs. during this period of time. Can polyethylene glycol 3350 cause this unwanted body fluid weight gain? I watch my weight very closely, and I beleive it has a lot to do with this side effect, it seems so timely during this particular time. Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Yes,might be polyethylen glycol side effect..

Detailed Answer:

You are reporting to be using polyethylene glycol 3350 for about 12 days now and have gained weight.

Now, please bare in mind that water retention and edema in the extremities (swollen feet) is one of the rare...

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How quickly should Dulcolax and Miralax show results? My wife has been told to take both before a colonoscopy.

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Brief Answer:
Purgative action .

Detailed Answer:
Hello, Reeder XXXXXXX
Dulcolax ( bisacodyl) is a purgative , it alone take usually 6-8 hours for its action.
When combine with miralax (polyethylene glycol) , it will take 4-6 hours . As glycol helps in evacuation & increase the intestine...

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I took 2 capfuls of Miralax as a prep for lab tests this a.m.. I was told to drink lots of water when I got home. What would be the reason and would there be a problem if I didn t ? This was recommended by the laboratory. Could you tell me if 2 capfuls would cause any side effects or cause any discomfort or what I may expect PLEASE?

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Miralax ( polyethylene glycol) is a laxative. there is no harm if you have taken two capsules of the same. They should have advised you to take the capsule at bed time as it would be convenient for you to pass stools in the morning without any discomfort. You have already taken 2 capsules there...

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Recent questions on  Polyethylene glycol

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Hello -

Wife is 65 years old and suffers from extreme constipation. She receives excellent medical care, UNC & Duke graduates, but neither her primary physician or her plethora of specialists seem to be able to offer practical suggestions.

Situation resulted from surgery in 2001 four “flat back” syndrome secondary to scoliosis. Nerve damage occurred during surgery with many negative outcomes, such as, chronic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, some paralysis in right leg.

She manages well, in spite of, these difficulties and prior to surgery was high functioning in very responsible position.

She takes heavy narcotics for pain which, of course, contributes to her problem. Also, she takes Miralax and copious fluids.

Bowel movements are unpredictable and can take hours to complete. This part of her disability severely constricts her quality of life.

Are there any suggestions, short of a colostomy, which might alleviate her symptoms of constipation, as well as, relieving the constipation itself.

I understand this is a complicated medical situation, but I am interested only in the bowel management issues.

Any suggestions? Any recommendations? Any solutions?

Thanks very much for your time and attention to this problem.


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my daughter has had issues with constipation for the last 10 years on and off and has just recently finished about a year long on miralax. Now after several months off she is constipated and feeling yucky. Low grade fever, tailbone pain and lower back pain. We tried miralax again for about 10 days with no luck any ideas

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Having some trouble with my BM s. I have IBS with constipation and recently saw a dr that put me on a regimine of Miralax and fiber gummies. It worked at first but then stopped. We upped the miralax to a full dose every night and now my stools are very soft and not coming out all at once, just a little at a time. It is very bothersome and I hope to get my consistency bulked up so I can have a real BM again. (cleared out) What do you suggest for a quick bulking so I can go easily and quickly?

doctor1 MD

my 3 yr old has not pooped in 5 days. when she does go she tries to hold it in. its always just a very small hard ball. i put her on miralax 3 wks ago it worked. she started getting constipated again but this time was worse cause she wont go at all. i ended up taking her to the ER and they said she has a ball of stool the size of a baseball in her belly which caused her to have urinary retention. she had a catheter done and had over 500cc s of pee come out. she has been on miralax now for 4 days and has had 3 enemas and still hasnt had a bowel movement. what should i do? she just cries when she has to go but cant cause its still to big and hard!!! please help!

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I have used lacalose and sorbitol and amitza and dosate and my stools are not coming out much.i have had very stools in the last few days.my stools are always stuck high in my colon where a enem wont reach.will a soap suds enema be more effective...

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Hello there. My daughter is 3 years 8 months old. She doesn't pass the motion regularly. Mostly in 3-4 days or sometimes even more. Doctor has given her Lexopeg FC 5 bottles in 8 months. Kindly suggest if the prescription enclosed will be helpful...

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Hello Doctor, My son is 2.5 years old and is suffering from acute constipation since last 1.5 years. Our pediatrician recommended EVAQ syrup (5 ml) twice a day and Falaxee syrup (5 ml) once a day. This was a year and a half back. Initially these...

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