What is Lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a common local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery.

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will lidocaine ointment - 5% - cause a false positive for cocaine
and'or will an 80% lidocaine product cause a false positive urine analysis for cocaine?

Thanks for writing to us.

No, Lidocaine ointment 5% will not cause a false positive for cocaine.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other concerns.

Take care
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At 10 am I was given Rocephin IM with Lidocaine 2 ml as a pain prevention for the shot. It was not on my electronic medical record that I am allergic to Lidocaine. Within 10 minutes I was given Benedryl IM plus a steroid IM. I have an epi-pen to use if needed. My doctor has also called me at home to make sure am ok. At 4:30 pm still some mild numbness on tongue, back of throat, lips. How long for that 2 ml to work it's way through my system?
Thanks, Christine
Hi, welcome to Health care magic forum.
You was given Rocephin and lidocaine I.M. so you had the numb ness of the tongue , lips, and throat is there.
The numbness is not the side effect of the lidocaine , it is the effect of the drug. As it is given I.M.the effect may last for longer time . how...
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Hello, I've been told that I am allergic to lidocaine. When I had a shot of lidocaine mixed with cortisone, my skin turned red and very warm. I'm going to have oral sugery in a few weeks and I told my doctor about my reaction; so he decided to give me a couple of lidocaine shots in my mouth to see if I had any kind of reaction. Well I didn't right then, but a few hours later, my mouth was throbbing and it felt as if all my teeth were going to fall off! Is this normal? Should I ask to be completely put under for oral sugery? As if now the plan is to use lidocaine shots and laughing gas....

Thanks for asking the query,

Take an antiallergic drug under the prescription of your Physician.
At home take lukewarm saline and antiseptic mouthwash rinses.
Also take a painkiller.

Take care!
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I am dentist, and I would like to inquire about the effect of lidocaine when a patient has liver disease. Lidocaine is metabolized by liver, and with liver dysfunction, half-life of Lidocaine will be prolonged. Will that lead to Lidocaine toxicity or other systemic condition?

Dr. AJ
Dear Dr AJ Hi
Thanks for your query
I appreciate your concern for the safety of Lidocaine in a patient with liver disease.
Lignocaine clearance is reduced in patients with liver disease and appears to be a sensitive index of liver dysfunction.

The average elimination half-life of Lidocaine may be...
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I take 300 mg of Lithium twice a day. I tried the 5g or mg of LIdocaine ointment for neuropahty and got dizziness upon lying down and turning my head. I have experienced a slightly shakyfeeling similar to tremors from Lithium also. But, I have not been sleeping well with back problems and nerve pain really wipes me out.
Do I just have Kaiser put it in my log not to give me this Lidocaine? The dentist says his anesthetics are not a problem as they are small and local and do not get into the bloodstream. Thanks. Judy
Hi Judy,

It is unlikely that lidocaine ointment is causing any such side effects, because on applying ointments, very little drug is absorbed into the bloodstream. Dizziness on lying down and turning your head is most likely due to cervical neuropathy or may be lithium related. Hope you are...
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my friend has CRPS and recently (last week) went through 3 day out patient lidocaine Ketamine infusion treatment- which by all accounts were successful as her pain level is down, however, she seem to have spiraled into an unexplained emotional roller coaster. She has become confrontational with her husband and very argumentative, this behavior is not her- I have seen her over the past couple of days and she's shared with me why she's upset with him, but to me, the reasons are trivial and I believe that she is unaware of reality.... she is now texting me saying she doesn't understand what is happening (their arguing).... my question is, would the lidocaine/ketamine infusion create this type of irrational behavior as a side effect?
Thank for asking to HCM
The short course of general anesthesia of course induces euphoria confessional state of mind, but that does not last long, it happen immediately as soon as patient comes out of the sedative effect, and vanishes within couple of hours, if this is not the case with her...
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my son had dental extraction yesterday, about 28 hours ago. he has been very sleepy since after the procedure to now. is this normal? he was injected lidocaine 1st shot, and during the procedure, because he could still feel the pain, was given another shot. He is 9 y/o. about 44kg. thanks!
With your query, it is not common to feel sleepy after extraction. I think your son might be tired thats it nothing to worry about it. wait and see if he still feels sleepy after 2 days then visit your doctor. for an 44kgs boy two shots of lidocaine would cause any harm unless he is allergic...
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do you recommend trigger point injections of lidocaine for muscular pain combined with physiotherapy for 16 year old daughter. she has done physio, acupuncture, and cupping and since last april when we were suddenly hit by a stolen vehicle by quite an impact from the rear. She has pain everyday. Takes maximum dose of vimovo each day.
i will not advise you for that,firstly its temporary i.e.max 30 minutes.she should have good vegeterian protien diet,plenty of fluids,fruits and far drugs she can L carnitine 500mg 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks.. take safe analgesic like paracetamol on s.o.s. basis.
wish you good...
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while injecting lidocaine with 27 gauge needle intradermally, as I pulled the needle out I kept injecting and some splashed back on my face and I feel into my right eye. Pt is hep c positive. No blood I could see, and no needle stick. Is there a known risk for this type of event for hep c conversion?
There is less chance of contacting hepatitis c But better to keep watch get blood tested after 6months repeat it after 6month.
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I have received prolotherapy, prp (which did temporary relieve all pain in my knee, but has since returned), and two stem cell procedures using adipose tissue and spaced a year apart. All this was following arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy and cocks' comb injections which provided no relief. The arthroscopic surgery made the knee even worse.
After the second stem cell procedure, the pain tripled in severity and the physician instructed me to take three Motrin three times daily. After no relief in pain, he told me to increase the dosage to six Motrin three times daily, but again no relief. During the adipose tissue harvesting, he had an observer present who later left with some of my stem cells, but without my then knowledge or permission. In addition, I see that lidocaine from Hospira that was used might be part of a lot that was infiltrated during manufacture with metallic particles that could lodge in injection sites or be carried to other sites and cause severe pain, stroke, or other adverse effects.
I have been complaining about increasing pain at all injection sites (knee, tibia, sole of foot), but have not had any success with resolving the issue. I did receive notice that Hospira manufactured the Lidocaine, there was no record of the lot number and that the facility did not receive a notice that they were part of a recall. I was a self pay patient and all is far worse following my August 2014 treatment than I was before treatment. The doctor said that he is sorry he couldn't help me and has me talking to a nurse who I have not heard from in two weeks. I recented made an appointment with an orthopedist at a nearby tertiary hospital who spent 8 minutes with me. He asked me to tell him what the problem was, never looked at my knee, took new xrays to the tune of $1100 and then stated that he would not operate on my knee. He told me that he was going to have me see another doctor who specialized in spinal surgery (I have a 22 degree curve that does not cause pain). The office staff was not alerted to this when I asked immediately after and told me that I would be called back. This was over two months ago and I am still waiting. I have a consultation with another doctor in June for evaluation for a TJR, but am now using a cane, walker and almost ready for a wheelchair. Before the last stem cell treatment and prp I still was walking without much pain so my hypothesis is that something in the lidocaine must have initiated the pain since every spot injected hurt and continued to and even resulted in a ruptured quadracepts tendon where injected when he tried to "even up" my posture. I will be calling Hospira to find out whether the bad lots of lidocaine were purchased by the facility that I had the procedure done at and take it from there. What is your perspective of my situation?
Hi It seems that you have been suffering badly from pain at multiple sites, which you have correlated to injection sites. One doctor you saw recently has a different opinion ,pointing towards spine pathology. You said that injections were given in the knee joint then why tibia or soles be...
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