What is Glycosides?

In chemistry, a glycoside is a molecule in which a sugar is bound to another functional group via a glycosidic bond. Glycosides play numerous important roles in living organisms. Many plants store chemicals in the form of inactive glycosides. These can be activated by enzyme hydrolysis, which causes the sugar part to be broken off, making the chemical available for use. Many such plant glycosides are used as medications. In animals and humans, poisons are often bound to sugar molecules as part of their elimination from the body.

In formal terms, a glycoside is any molecule in which a sugar group is bonded through its anomeric carbon to another group via a glycosidic bond. Glycosides can be linked by an O- (an O-glycoside), N- (a glycosylamine), S-(a thioglycoside), or C- (a C-glycoside) glycosidic bond. According to the IUPAC, the name "C-glycoside" is a misnomer; the preferred term is "C-glycosyl compound". The given definition is the one used by IUPAC, which recommends the Haworth projection to correctly assign stereochemical configurations. Many authors require in addition that the sugar be bonded to a non-sugar for the molecule to qualify as a glycoside, thus excluding polysaccharides. The sugar group is then known as the glycone and the non-sugar group as the aglycone or genin part of the glycoside. The glycone can consist of a single sugar group (monosaccharide) or several sugar groups (oligosaccharide).

The first glycoside ever identified was amygdalin, by the French chemists Pierre Robiquet and Antoine Boutron-Charlard, in 1830.

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hi. I take green coffee supplement for blood sugar management and have also tried gymnemma, an ayurvedic herb used for with sugar cravings as well...

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You can only use them as supplements not for Rx.

Detailed Answer:
Dear friend... very good morning .. have read your quiery. Gymnema...

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Am XXXXXXX married for 2 yrs, am 5 weeks pregnant now, age 26.

Please provide solution for below,

-last 2 days am suffering from fever, i have...

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Thanks for the query.

1. Crocin is safe in pregnancy. You can continue taking crocin in times of fever..

2. Wound on lips due to fever is bit...

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I took 5 b17 500mg pills yesterday and I took 5 today. can this harm me? I just found out what they could do.

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Thanks for posting you query on HCM.

b17 (amygdalin) tablets are claimed to be made from raw Apricot Seed. These are mainly promoted for use in...

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