What is Gemfibrozil?

Gemfibrozil is a fibrate medicine which is used to reduce high levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is an alternative to statins and can be used safely in most patients.

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I,m taking Gemfibrozil and have been for several months...My question is...can this medication cause bruising and is it a statin...

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Brief Answer:
Bruising-Gemfibrozil side effect...

Detailed Answer:

Gemfibrozil is not a statin drug. It belongs to "fibrate" group of...

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My husband has a partially blocked artery. His recent test shows that his triglyceride level is at 240, vldl is 48, hdl is 30, and hdl ratio is...

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Your husband has high triglyceride levels with clearly low HDL levels. A HDL ratio of 5.5 is associated with...

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I have high triglycerides. 499 last time I had a test. My doctor put me on gemfibrozil. How long does it take for the medication to have an affect...

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You have high Triglyceride level desirable level is less than 150 mg% we also check for cholesterol, HDL and...

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I am taking one tramadol 50 mg tablet at night for pain r/t a torn labrum in my hip. 6-8 hours after I take it the bottom drops out of my BP. My...

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is a side effect of gemfibozil a red sore tongue. With a sensation of peeling of gums and tongue? The dosage is 600mg twice a day.

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My daughter has severe plaque psoriasis . She is having a flare up and her body is covered with almost 70% of the sores. Her scalp is the worst....

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-my sist 104

diastolic 69

pulse 166. What should I do?

age 62

weight 142

meds: daily 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide

atenolol 25 mg

gemfibrozil 600 mg 1...

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Hi, I need help on lowering my triglyceride levels (currently 880). My doctor tried giving me fenofibrate but it did not work. I then started using...

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thanks. basic info: diabetic II , o2/11/11 last lab test: glucose 285, sodium 129 chloride 92, hemoglobin 18.3, creatinine 0.5, creatinine ratio...

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56 yo male 5'8" 235# one year ago diagnosed and treated for Mantle Cell lymphoma which is in remission. Diabetic, very high cholseterol, neuropathy...

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