What is Flonase?

Flonase (fluticasone) is a steroid nasal spray. It prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Flonase nasal spray is used to treat nasal symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, and runny nose caused by seasonal or year-round allergies.

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Does daily use of Flonase impair ejaculation?

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Detailed Answer:
Hi and thanks so much for this query.

Daily Flonase intake has no impact on ejaculation. If you have witnessed any changes in your ejaculation pattern, i kindly suggest you report to me entirely for review, diagnosis and a personalized plan on how to get it...

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My husband is having severe nasal congestion and his ear has been stopped up for several weeks. Will flonase help this.

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Eustachian tube blockage with rhinitis

Detailed Answer:
Welcome to healthcare magic and thanks for putting up the query
your husband has developed eustachian tube blockage due to continuing nasal congestion
only flonase won't help
take an oral decongestant and nasal decongestant...

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I was using Flonase nasal spray for the first time. They say to pump into the air a few times. i extended my arm out and sprayed it 3 times into the air. Couldn't it get into your eyes and face because it is sprayed into the air in the room you are in? The medicine flows through the air and could fall on your body

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Brief Answer:
For priming / not harmful

Detailed Answer:
Really a good question.
Flonase or for that matter any spray or inhaler is pumped in the air till the air is pushed out and is ready or say is primed to be used.

Yes, it may get into eyes, face or onto the body, but will be of the...

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Having some issues with my sinuses; used Flonase and Afrin, as well as OTCS; like zytrec, advil (Cold and Sinus). Nothing will help it... my family doctor won't help me; saying to con't. using the flonase and afrin, but its not working. what can i do?

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I would like you to meet an ent doctor , who will examine you and ask you to do a Ct scan of your sinuses, to see the extent of the involvement. Once this is done , i will be in a better position to help you. Mean while i would like you to continue your spray and take steam inhalation 2-3...

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I had both bacterial and viral pink eye and was given double bacterial eye drops and then a steriod eye drop. Around the time I took the bacterial eye drops my nose started getting dry as will as my mouth and I started to have excessive white mucus going down my throat. My doctor said it was from allergies and wants me to take flonase. I have been drinking lots of water and using saline spray so far. I'm a little afraid of taking flonase from what I read. What do you think I have? Should I go ahead and try the flonase? I've had these symptons now for a month.

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hi dear.. first thing i want to tell you is please do not use steroid drops.. for symptoms of bacterial infection you can use ofloxacin or moxifloxacin eye drops initially hourly for a day or two later you can reduce to 6times a day.. excess use of drops can also cause nasal stuffiness.. if...

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Pulmonary Dr. put me on Flonase for a month now, really had no problem with stuffy nose, but guess she thought it was the drip behind my throat making me cough phlem..also have asthma...I now have developed no taste or smell..& my nose is really stuffed...could this be from Flonase?

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Welcome to HCM,
As you are taking flonase,which is a corticosteroid, it has its own side effects like headache, stuffy nose, difficulty speaking and sore throat .
Loss of taste sensation may be due to postnasal drip and loss of smell sensation may be due to nasal stuffiness.
But benefits...

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I am a 40 year old male who just had an annual physical on 9/6/13. My doctor's offce called and said my bloodwork was "normal" excpet for a Vitamin D deficiency. However, when I received my lab notes today, the paper work shows low lymphocytes. The numbers are as follows:
WBC - 9.40
RBC - 6.06
HGB - 16.3
HCT - 47.2
MCV - 93.3
SEGS - 71
MONOS - 12
EOS - 2
BASO - 0

From researching "low lymphocytes" I keep seeing hiv/483" >AIDS and HIV as the cause. I'm concerned that my PCP did not address this low result. Just 60 days prior, I had another CBC where my lymphocytes were 30%. The day of my last blood test (with the low results) I was fighting a sinus infection (sore throat, post-nasal drip) and using Flonase nasal spray for my allergies. I also had an abcessing tooth (for which I had a root canal today). Could either of those cause the drop in lymphocytes? Why no concern from my PCP?

Following are all my current medications:

Flonase/Allegra (allergies), Simvastatin (high cholesterol), Doryx (rosacea), and Lansoprazole (acid reflux).

Thank you.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
May be Steroid induced in your case.

Detailed Answer:
Hi, thanks for writing to XXXXXXX

There are numerous causes, conditions, diseases (both inherited & acquired) in which Lymphocytopenia (low lymphocyte count) is seen.

Lymphocytopenia can range from mild to severe. The condition...

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I recent went to the med center and received an inhaler, flonase, and cough syrup for at night,but it feels like I am being randomly stabbed in the ear on the right side. It started when I randomly blew my nose. The ear pain is extreme and only lasts a second or two but it drops me to the ground. What is going on?

doctor1 MD

Hi Dear ,

As per your query you have extreme specially when you blow your nose . Well there can be many reasons for symptoms you mention in query like ear infection . In your case it seems to me that the infection in your ear has spread from upper respiratory track infection through eustachian ,...

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I have had a sore throat and inflamed soft palette and uvula for 10 days now. I have been to a cvs minute clinic after 3 days(given flonase at the time) but didn't need it till last night), doctor after a week who said all should be fine, and urgent care yesterday morning. A rapid swab was done to rule out strep (negative). I was told its viral and to gargle with salt water and use a zinc lozenge ( I have been doing tat for a week already with slight improvement) . Added to that, last 2 nights, my nasal sinuses started majorly clogging up too. Claritin and Flonase are the 2 medications I started taking claritin day before yesterday and flonase yesterday. It seems like some sort of allergy is triggering the rhinitis.

I also did a sinus rinse with saline yesterday when the sinuses were not totally clogged. (felt better for a short while)

My questions are:

How long should this sore throat and inflammation last?

Is there anything I should or should not be eating/ drinking to help alleviate symptoms?

Is there anything that I should be taking other than what I have tried so far....explained below.

I have another appointment with a doctor who I hope will refer me to an allergist on Monday. In the meantime,

I took benadryl a couple of times in the night a few nights ago but I don't like how that makes me feel.

I took claritin yesterday at 9am and 9pm and a nasal shot of flonase at 11pm. It is now 8:20 am here can I do another dose? The claritin is 5mg and flonase 50mg. I do experience a little nausea from the claritin and a little thirst too.

Are these the right medications?

To boot, I also get anxious which I know doesn't help. I have not taken allopathic medication for years. I'm 44, male, and know that I am allergic to dust, mold, alcohol and caffeine, and possibly penicillin and aspirin. I am living in San XXXXXXX with my family and 2 small dogs (last 2 years) and this is the first reaction. Any ideas on what may have triggered it? Could my immune system be down due to the infection making my allergy acute?

What would you suggest?

It is night now and the nasal sinuses are still quite blocked. Took claritin 5mg 30 ,minutes ago and I took 1 spray of flonase in each nostril 20 minutes ago. How long should it take to give some relief?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Vitamin C, probiotic and warm liquids

Detailed Answer:
Hi Sir,

I have gone through your query and your image, it suggests that you are suffering from sinusitis with oropharyngitis.

I am briefly describing your specific query, If you have any doubt, I will be available for your...

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I m military and in basic and AIT (both located in GA) I developed a odd sounding chronic cough. I went through numerous tests to include XRAY, Methacholine challenge, GERD, Allergy and others I can t recall. I also have rhinitis which I m told by the allergist is not due to any allergy (I had a full skin test). It mostly subsided when I was stationed in Ft Lewis, WA while I was taking flonase and zyrtec. I ve since been stationed at Hunter AAF, GA and now the cough is back in full force and my rhinitis is no longer controlled by flonase. An allergist back at fort gordon told me it was cough variant asthma( after successfully reducing the symptoms with prednisone and then advair) but the pulmonologist at both fort gordon and fort lewis insist that I don t have asthma. While my symptoms are present I have a shortness of breath during running and similar exercises but to a lesser extent in washington. I had no issues during my deployment to Iraq (my 2 mile run times dropped four minutes with no changes in behavior) I was 18 when in Basic and AIT and now am 22 soon to be 23. Any ideas?

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I am writing about my 14 year old son, who has been ill repeatedly 4 times for the past 7 weeks. He s been on antibiotics all 4 times, struggles to recover until his antibiotics are nearly gone, finally feels better for a few days and then gets it again. We are wondering if it is valley fever. Can that come with congestion/sinus symptoms? He s been diagnosed with sinus infections each time, but develops not only significant congestion/sinus symtpoms, but also chest pain, horrible coughing, fatigue, sore throat, and is miserable. He has faithfully taken not only strong antibiotics, but prescription strength cough syrup/decongestant, Flonase nasal spray, Zyrtec once a day, and breathing treatments up to 4 times a day, along with vitamin C and lots of fluids. He is otherwise very healthy, but his doctor is concerned that perhaps it is not really sinus infections he has had. I cannot find on the internet where there is a connection between congestion/sinus symptoms and Valley Fever - curious about that as others have asked if he has been tested for it. We live in Phoenix. As a young child he had repeated ear infections, but 4 years ago at age 10 he had his tonsils and adenoids removed, tubes in his ears, and a major sinus surgery. He has been very healthy ever since until now. Any ideas? Thank you verey much!

doctor1 MD

Yes, as of May 2012 I started a series of Synthroid @ 50mcg, then upped to 75 mcg then back down to 50 mcg with unchanged symptoms of fatigue, chills, weight gain, and an unbalanced TSH, T3 or T4 levels. Recently, by the way I m am 61 years old and taking Pantonase and generic Flonaise for sinues, I began to get dry mouth with metal or acid taste only during sleep. My tongue sticks to my palatte. If I tilt my head, my salivary glands are activated. Since I have a spinal condition, I sleep with a wedged pillow under my knees and with this taste , started using a wedged pillow for my upper back to keep possible stomach acids from entering my throat. Still am fatigued, more so, chills, dry mouth with metalic, etc. Keep in mind that I took Synthroid at the ages of 5-7, 2years after my daughter was born, I was 30, and recently after turn 61. I m always on a low caloric diet. The sinus issues started.when I was 21 and subsequent treatments since, so no changes except the combination of Flonase and Patonase and Synthroid. Could the dry mouth be the combination of medications or a more serious illness? I m not a heart patient, although my mother had issues, I m at 29% body fat, and have spurts of energy. My job is very stressful on the phones 8 to 12 hours/ day with electric utility customers.

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I've been told I have a sinus infection I'm having high acid in my stomach which causes me to be nauseated and I go mumb in my calves and have weakness in my arms also .I recently took the generic to ceftin and had a reaction causing me to go to the hosp,and get two shots,the whole ordeal made me have anxiety about meds so I've been roughing out the drawing in my head and headaches ,went back to doc after four days ,he said allegraD ,flonase(generic brand) and when I took Allegra felt jumpy, stopped it generic flonase,made me feel weak like this and strong head aches,Someone suggested blood wrk, did that all came bk ok ,waiting on thyroid, and b12 tests now,My job has Ben affected and my everyday routine because I'm spaced out .Im begging,please help me.

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HI, I've recently started taking Xarelto, along w/ Toprol XL and Flacainide acetate, and would like to know if any of the following interfere with Xarelto or any of the other meds. listed here? - Black elderberry (Sambucus syrup) - ColdEze ( Zinc...

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Hi Dr. XXXXXXX xxxxxxx had advised me to try an allergy medicine with Decongestant because have been itchy throat for about 2 months now. I do have an appointment with allergist on the 30th. Anyway my symptons seemed a little better wasnt itchy at...

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