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Avil (, also Romanized as Avīl) is a village in Zanus Rastaq Rural District, Kojur District, Nowshahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 92, in 29 families.

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Can i take together levocetirizine and avil
I have severe itching n rashes suddenly
Took avil got relief, then doctor said to take levocetirizine but no relief, can i take avil again now its 2 hours since i took levocetirizine

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Yes, you can take avil.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your question on Health Care Magic.
I can understand your concern.
Yes, you can take avil within 2 hours of levocetrizine uptake. No harm in it.
Actually avil is stronger antihistamine for allergies. So take avil. No harm in it....

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Which is better medicine for cold - Avil or Cetrazine ?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Avil if you need sleep also.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for asking HCM

I have gone through your query. You can take avil if you need sleep also along with relief from cold. But if you don't need sleep then you can take cetirizine. Both are good medicine for cold....

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Avil tablet overdosage .my friend took a strip of avil tablets 50 mg.. Nearly 8 tablets.. Does her life is in danger.. What will happen to her i am worried

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
She could sleep a lot. Otherwise no need to worry.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for asking on HealthcareMagic.

I have gone carefully through your query and understand your concerns. Taking Avil 8 tablets would not cause life risk but she might sleep for prolonged durations. There is...

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What will be the side effect of AVIL 50 if we will take 750 Mg at a time..

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
It will cause serious overdose.

Detailed Answer:
Welcome to HCM,
I appreciate your concerns sir.
Avil is chlorpheniramine malate,an antihistaminic.
Taking 750 mg at a time will cause serious overdose.
It will lead to-
Nausea and vomiting
Abdominal cramps

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Took avil 60 mg with limca. I think i was empty stomach. N then i slept. Can it cause any side effect?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Please have some healthy food now

Detailed Answer:
Hi Tanisha2507,
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in detail.
Please find my observations below.

1. Avil is recommended to be taken maximum 50 mg at a time with adequate amount of water and after food.

2. If...

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Hi I had skin irritation which lead to patch like rashes.. I took avil 25 and decdan. I hav a prty to atnd aftr 12 cn I drink and was it wise to tk avil and decdan

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
When you have the party ?

Detailed Answer:
Hello Mynamexyza

Thanks for asking your query to Healthcaremagic.

I understand your concern.

There was nothing wrong in taking avil 25mg with decadron(at normal adult dose).

Avil can cause sedation,drowsiness..Be careful if you plan to...

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I am experiencing problem of hives from last two months, I went through homeopathic medicine (Nux Vomina 200) for some time, when I took that medicine hives disappear but again after around 7-9 hours it return back, then I started taking Avil 25 tablets that help me to disappear the problem for long time, but problem is not going away. Can you please prescribe any medicine for me on the urgent basis?

doctor1 MD

hi i think u are suffering from acute urticaria.it is due to allergens like fopod,insect stings and bites.it can be treated with atarax 25 mg at night and elina in the morning and application of calamine lotion twice daily.use them for 156 days .if no response use short course of oral steriods...

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if i will take avil tablets how many hours i get sleep

doctor1 MD

Avil tablet is not to be used for inducing sleep.
It is medical quackery.

If you have sleep problems- you need to be evaluated and other drugs are given.

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iam 34 years old malei am taking avil 50 mg 10 tablets daily i am observing bad effects on my health i want to know detail causes of using this tablet

doctor1 MD

Avil is a sedating antihistamine. It can be given for allergic conditions including allergic rhinitis(running nose, sneezing,) , urticaria(rashes in the skin with itching), conjunctivitis and pruritis. However it can cause sedation, inability to concentrate, dryness of mouth ,etc. These days...

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Hi..I am allergic to almost everything around me and to get rid of the running nose and breathlessness have a habit of popping Avil 50 pills..upto 3 pills a day. I am allergic to fine dust, pollution,agarbatti smoke , cigarette smoke, many eatables, a lot of medicines as well..including Crocin , Saridon , Dolo etc and touch of wool, satin etc. I cannot withstand the AC ..But my job demands for me to work in an AC environment and also have to travel in pollution for 60 kms everyday. This has increased my allergy and in turn i end up taking Avil 50...although the tablet relieves the allergy (sometimes....sometimes the 2-3 tablets also dont help), I feel very heavy headed, dis-interested in what is going on around me and many a times feel like Im not even in that place. I dont follow what is happening around me and feel extremely weak after taking Avil. This feeling lasts for more than 6 hours. Ive tried switching to other tablets like Allegra ..but both Allegra 120 and 180 dont seem to have any affect on me...citrazine is also useless to me...Ive also tried a med called Branchozine but that also is of no use. I m not sure what to do in this situation. Would be really helpful if one of you could guide as to what I can do to cure the allergies..Thanks in advance for looking into it

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Recent questions on  Avil

doctor1 MD

i'm suffering from Esinophils from almost 3 years....it always attacks in winter.......my mother had Esinopheles long back...
i have been suffering from fever from 3 days with severe cough,chest pain while coughing...
yesterday i went to doctor then he has given Avil injection...
immediately after that my hands became stiff...he has then immediately given decadron injection...and it got cured...

doctor1 MD

Hello Doctor,
I'm 31 yrs old. I gave birth to a male baby 3 months back(C-Section). I'm breast feeding the baby. No other food is given to baby till now. Yesterday onwards I got severe cold, runny nose, sneezing. I want to immediately stop running nose & sneezing. I'm scared whether my baby will be affected. I've taken one Avil 25mg tablet in the morning. Till now no symptoms of relief. PLease suggest me a medicine for runny nose & cold while breastfeeding. Also suggest me some healthy diet to develop immunity.


doctor1 MD

Hi my cousin who is pregnant on her 1st trimester took one single avil tablet 25 mg without knowing for allergic rhinitis is that ok?now she stopped taking

doctor1 MD

Hi mam my cousin took avil tablet 25 mg 2 times one in her 6th week of pregnancy & another in 9th week of pregnancy for itching without consulting is there a problem now she is going for NT scan after 2 weeks She took liquid paraffin & magnesium...

doctor1 MD

Hello doctor, good day... . My dad was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and he underwent a surgery to get the left lobe of the liver too removed along with the bile ducts. He was recovering well post operatively but since some days started having...

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My mother, aged 62yrs, suffering from severe itch between thighs in d past 3-4 months. Consulted 4-5 doctors, including 2 dermatologists. Still suffering. So far medicines taken were


1] Sep 2010: O.QuadriDerm, O.Nizral + T.Flucanazole 150

2] Oct 2010: O.Lullifum, Flucos powder, T.Nizral

3] Lactacid lotion, O.Premarin, T.Allegra

4] T.Chlorohil? 0.25mg {for sleeping}, AVIL injection

5] Oct 2010: Cap.Clavam 625, T. Arc-AP, T.Rantac 150, T.Gocan 150 (Flucanazole), T.Zylera 5mg

O.Sebifin, O.FinTRIX {This time apart from itching betn thighs, also had Sore/blister on buttocks}


6] Nov 2010: O.Lobate GM, T.Xaria{Montek LC}

7] Dec 2010: O.CloteRite BN, T.Cetirizine{only @ night , 5mg}

Still v donno d name or remedy?

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