Vestibular papillomatosis

What is Vestibular papillomatosis?

Vestibular papillomatosis (VP) is a cutaneous condition of the vulva, characterized by pink, asymptomatic, fine projections of the vestibular epithelium or labia minora. It is the female equivalent to hirsuties coronae glandis. It is often thought to be human papillomavirus (HPV), but several studies have disproved this; the condition is not viral, and is not sexually transmitted (not an STD).

DNA studies have shown that any relation to HPV is purely coincidental (as a high percentage of the sexually active population has or has had HPV). Vestibular papillomatosis is not transmittable or pathological. HPV will turn white upon a vinegar application test, and Vestibular pallimatosis will not. Additionally, HPV occurs in cauliflower-like clusters at the base whereas Vestibular papillomatosis does not. It cannot be sexually transmitted. Most women have no symptoms with the growth; however, some report itching, stinging, burning, and pain where the growths appear, and the symptoms are often misdiagnosed as a yeast infection. Unlike yeast infections, there is discharge associated with vestibular papillomatosis. The condition is sometimes referred to as squamous papillomatosis.

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How to cure vestibular papillomatosis which for I know was caused by bring prescribed n having testosterone pillet which I thought was too much for...

doctor1 MD

Thanks for writing to us.
This problem could be due to the testosterone that you are taking. Stopping the testosterone supplements will help...

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Dear Doctor, we are writing regarding a problem my wife (26Yrs) is having.
Its been one year since we married, often she is observing some kind of...

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Brief Answer:
Kindly provide a few more clearer images and details as below

Detailed Answer:
Hello. Thank you for writing to us

I am Dr. Kakkar. I...

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We were going to have sex and we found this weird bumps in the area.
STD test done all Negative including HPV,Herpes etc etc..Some Gynecologists...

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Brief Answer:
Benign vulvar vestibular papillomatosis

Detailed Answer:
hello. thank you for writing to us.

I am Dr. Kakkar(dermatologist). I have...

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