Urinary tract infection

Also known as : UTI

What is Urinary tract infection?

It is an infection of any part of urinary system ie kidney, ureter, bladder. Symptoms are pain abdomen, burning sensation while passing urine or at the end of urination. It is treated with culture based antibiotics.

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I think I have a urinary tract infection as I have had pain in my urethra and frequent painful urination for several days. I have noticed some small traces of blood in my urine and I have cramps, bloating, nausea, and constipation. I am trying to see a doctor, but I my registration at my local doctor's is still being processed so I can't get an appointment at the moment, but I can't take this pain any longer!!! :( Any advice?
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if you have severe pain then you can take some antispasmodics like meftal spas. along with some antiemetics
in addition some antibiotics needed like ciprofloxacin
so best to go for usg abdomen and plain x ray
then your doctor will give you proper...
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hello i am 30 years old lady,i have no child till date actually i have not planned,i am so week,my blood pressure is 90/55 mm,i am suffering from UTI infection last 8 months,i just want to know in future when i have conceive can i face some problems during my pregnency?
Hello, yes mam with the passage of age fertility potential decreased and repeated urine infection can also cause pelvic infection too.
In case you have any questions in future you can contact me directly on
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i dont no whot is going on iv got sever pains in my left kidney ad about 500 uti infections over 18 months now put on folic acid tablets my blood is all over the place im also taking statins for colestrial but im so confussed do i have a kidney pronlem as nobody is telling me anything thanks
Hi, dear
I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. You may have some infection in kidney or urinary tract. You should go for urine routine and microscopic examination as well as culture and sensitivity test. Ultrasound abdomen is also required. You should also test for...
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i went doctors for a urine infection and they tested they said a bit of blood was there which te eye cudnt see, i was due on my period the 19th of this month and the past 2 days i have bled extremely lighly as it just looked like a dark bit on the tissue . i showred today didnt see no blood and checked when i went toilet no blood today what does that mean am i okay?
You have not mentioned your age. I assume that you are of young age. In young sexually active females urinary infection is common which is the most common cause of blood in urine. If urine is also showing pus cells it needs to be cultured and should be treated by appropriate antibiotics. Also...
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Hi, I have been experiencing an urge to urinate often and a mild tingling feeling before and when I do urinate, I am passing a normal amount of urine, this has been occurring for the past two days but, over the past few weeks my urine has had a strong odour, could this be a urinary tract infection?
Hi. yes, this certainly can be due to urine infection. You should get urine routine ex. and if required urine culture also. take plenty of fluids .For cotrol of this urge sensation take tablet tolterodine 2 mg at night along with treatment of UTI, after consulting your dr. thanks.
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i have been suffering from urinary tract infection from the past two doc had prescribed some cream based tubes for application but they did not help.i have an increased need to urinate and also have a strange burning sensation all the time,could you advice some antibiotic tablet for easy cure,im in a lot of distress.
Dr. Hanif warmly welcomes you!

Thanks for consulting at my virtual clinic. I have carefully worked through your case, and can well realize your health worries. Being your physician, I want to assure, I will take care all of your medical concerns.

Stop using creams. Its not needed at all.

If I was...
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my mom is 70 years old & for 2 days she facing problem of loose motions , & she is diabetic, has been admitted to hospital for 8 days before this problem for urinary infection ( this was due to high diabetis), & main thing is that is facing this stumak problem for at least twenty years , what diet should we give her, what will be reason for the same.
Well come to HCM
Thank for asking
your query being appreciated, diabetic with digestive disorders (You have not mentioned what problem of stomach she has ) the best diet is zero calorie, vegetable diet is the bets choice, it has to be balance diet with low calorie or zero calorie depend upon...
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my semen comes out sometimes with little lumps, is more watery than usual, and less than it used to be. i recently had some anti bacterials for urinary tract infection that my doctor prescribed. there was pain which stopped after the madicine, but the semen is still watery and low.
Consistency and volume of seven depends upon number of factors like
How frequently you ejaculate?
Nutritional status
secretions of prostate and seminal vesicles
If you can provide me more information about you, I will be able to help you better like
Your age and medical history
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doctor1 MD

My father had prostate and it is diagnosed that it is cancers and was operated 10 years ago the doctor told that he has removed the cancer but could not operate the prostate because of come complication .After the operation the doctor under gone Cystoscopy test every year for 5 years after the operation and found no sign of cancer reformation after 10 year he has urinary infection with temperature he took antibiotics and also ultrasound was conducted and found that a little enlargement in prostate is there doctor advised to take medicine as there is not significant enlargement of prostate .After taking medicine he was cured and urine test it is found the inflection is gone and now after 20 day he has again have urinary infection can u please give me the reason ?

doctor1 MD

i have had 8 urine infection in the past 10months been for a kidney scan which shows a lump on my right kidney im on trimethoprim 200mg one a night but lately i have been having very sore heads till the point were i cant lift my head of the pillow as very tired bloated and a coating on tongue

doctor1 MD

My daughter is a crohn's sufferer, diagnosed 12 months ago. She is on immunosuppressants and suffers repeat bladder infections. The crohn's itself is under control (we think) but today she is in pain again with an urgent need to pass water and there has been blood in her urine which has been absent with previous infections. She has mentioned her illness to doctors when getting treatment for "water infections" and they have been fairly dismissive of a link to crohns. The problem is we do not know what to expect if a flare-up occurs. Could this latest symptom (blood in her urine) be a symptom of flare-up or should we stop being concerned and assume it is another water/bladder infection? I would like her to go to A&E and get it checked but don't want to touble doctors unnecessarily.

doctor1 MD

Hi!. I'm having some difficulties in the procedure called Irrigating cystoclysis...I found the answers but I can't reason out why..

-to restore or maintain the patency of the bladder
•     to prevent formation of calcific deposits in and around the indwelling catheter
•     to relieve bladder spasm
•     to drain the bladder when acute urinary retention is present
•     to irrigate bladder with a medication to treat an infection or local bladder irritation

why is it cystoclysis is indicated for post genito-urinary surgery, urinary tract infection and also in prostatic hematuria?..

doctor1 MD

I'm having slight bleeding when I urinate and also light vaginal bleeding . I am also having slight abdominal pain . I had cervical cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy 36 years ago in which they removed my uterus, 1 ovary and cervix. ....

doctor1 MD

I had sex last night. Can feel a urinary tract infection coming on. I have alprim antibiotics , if I take them today will This affect my pill

doctor1 MD

I’m a male 76 years of age and have had some pain in the pubic area when I urinate - I have had to yhrinate very frequently as well for the past three days -this morning I urinated blood (first time ever) - since my first episode of urinating...

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