What is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anemia.

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Hello, is there any precaution that someone with Thalassemia should be aware of when taking klonopin or zoloft?

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Brief Answer:
It is safe to take it!

Detailed Answer:
Hi and thank kyou so much for this query.

These medications re safe in persons with thalassemia. There is no need for any additional fear because of this disease condition.. Feel free and go on to take it.

I hope this helps. I wish you well....

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how can I tell from blood test if I have thalassemia?

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Brief Answer:
abnormal hemoglobin

Detailed Answer:

Blood test can tell that you are having thalassemia if your blood test shows anemia and abnormal hemoglobin. Abnormally shaped red blood cells seen under microscope are a sign of thalassemia.

Another test may be performed called hemoglobin electrophoresis...

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My Mother's Thalassemia problems
Hello Doctors,

I would like to check the abovementioned.

My family are asian, Singaporean. My Mother is aged 75, many years ago, she was diagnosed that she has thalassemia, then doctor asked her not to intake 'iron'.

My mother has Depression and Insomnia illness, and taking Valium 10mg, Lexotan 20mg on night.

Lately, she often feel cold even in tropical hot weather like in Singapore. Beside, she often feel bodyache, headache and giddy.

We brought her for detailed blood test check again, and the adnormal results are as followed:
1) Haemoglobin - 10.70 g/dL (Low),
2) Haematocrit - 34.30 % (Low),
3) MCV - 69.30 fl (Low),
4) MCH - 21.70 pg (Low),
5) MCHC - 31.30 g/dl (Low),
6) RDW - 15.40 % (High),

This time, doctor said her thalassemia is worse then last time. Doctor prescribed her the following vitamins and minerals tabs:
1) Folic Acid tab - 5mg, OD
2) Calcium Carbonate 450mg & Vit D 200iu tab, OD
3) Vit B1 - 100mg, B6 - 200mcg, B12 - 200mcg. OD

However, after taken for a week, she claimed that bodyache and headache getting worst, and not able to sleep at all, and also the same often feel cold. As the doctor said her thalassemia is getting worst, no matter how she must intake the vitamins and minerals tab, even if she has flu and fever.

I would like to check is it a must to take those vitamins and minerals tab if she feel heaty, having flu and fever?

What could be any others alternative issue?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you the soonest.

Best Regards,

doctor1 MD

Hi, dear
I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern.
Your mother may have thallsemia minor. Multivitamines like folik acid and B12 and minerals are useful in thallasemia patients. Her bodyache and headache has no relation with these tablets. She may have some infection or...

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Hi, I am Brajesh kumar, age-- 17 years , Gender -- Male , I am a patient of Bita -Thalassimia, I want to know about the medicine of my disease.

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Are you having any symptoms from the disease?
Thalassemias are inherited disorders caused by various gene mutations.Several clinical forms of β thalassemia are recognized; some of the more common forms are as follows:
Silent carrier β thalassemia: these patients have no symptoms, except for possible...

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Hi, I'm 25 years old this year.
I've been an active athlete since I was young and I play competitive soccer since 2006.
Recently, I was diagnosed with Thalassemia (Minor) by my family doctor.
In my blood test results, it shows that my MCV and MCH is below the average range.

I have irregular menstrual cycle and consistently having dizziness when I'm having my period.
Yesterday was my first day of my menses. And during a soccer match, I have feeling very dizzy that I had to stop playing.

Can Thalassemia affects sports performance especially when I am having my period?

doctor1 MD

Yes n since in thalessemic trait also there are manifestations of anemia and since you are describing that you are anemic i suggest that you consult a good medical specialist before you take part in any physical stressful activity .
I hope that you are are prescribed the required haematinics...

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My husband has had some small strokes over the last ten years. Just this past week, he had another one, and they have prescribed Plavix. The cardiologist says he has a hole in his heart, and he also has thalassemia. Couldn't Plavix cause severe bleeding in someone who has thalassemia?

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Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:
Low molecular weight heparin like plavix can be used with no risks of bleeding in patients with thalassemia.

It is used with caution in patients with bleeding tendancy such as vitamin K deficiency, thrombocytopenia and liver disease. It has NO interaction...

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Dear Sir, I m 32, male. Going to marry a lady of 28 yrs. We have undertaken HPLC test for thalassemia testing. I m carrying 0% Hb F & 3% Hb A2, while she is carrying 0% Hb F & 5.2% Hb A2. Is it medically OK for our happy married life? If any complications suspected, pls advise further Tests so that we can have specific information.

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Thanks for the query.

HBA2 is hemoglobin, alpha 2 gene. It provides instructions for making a protein called alpha-globin. They help in formation of hemoglobin.

Both the HBA2 values of you and your fiance are within normal limits. So as far as Thalassemia is considered there is no chance for...

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Name: Saarthak          Age: 03 Years 10 Months     Weight: 15KG(Male)
Medical history: Hypocalcaemia at the age 01 months, β thalassemias minor.
1.     On 3rd November 2013 high fever with shivering. ibuprofen & paracetamol suspension subsided the fever.
2.     Next day near about same time high fever with shivering restriked.
3.     Doctor suspected this with malaria & suggested the medicine--------
4.      After two days of medicine starting fever didn’t come again.
5.     Three consecutive days high fever in nights of nov month end.
6.     On December 22 high fever 101, subsided after giving crocine.
7.     20th Jan high fever &coughing
8.     3rd Feb. High fever & coughing
9.     On 12th & 18th Feb high fever with cough consulted with doctor. Doctor once again suspected about malaria and prescribed syrup combither dry 15ml
10.     Doctor 1 also prescribed for Widal test, urine culture & X-ray of chest. The WIDAL test was negative, however based on X ray report ( left hilum Prominent? Enlarged glands) Doctor suspected patient with Primary Complex of Tuberculosis & Suggested the medicine for T.B. MACOX ZH & start the medication after 10 to 15 days. He also suggested taking another opinion.

11.     With no history of TB in our family & also suggested by a relative doctor we have gone for Blood test to negate the typhoid & TB. The Typhi dot serum result shows negative. And the AFB culture Mycobactrium , rapid ( MGIT method) interim result states” No acid fast bacilii grown after two week incubation”. However β thalassemias minor detected.

12.     For second opinion we consulted other doctor on 3rd march 2014. He physically examined chest, back & stomach by stethoscope for enlarged organs & negated the previous doctor suggestion of Primary Complex of Tuberculosis stating that hilum may be prominent due to cough & sore throat. And started the treatment for typhoid by medicine amoxicillin. He also suggested to go for vaccine of typhoid after two three weeks.

13.     On 14th march 2014 with cough & fever complain visited to doctor. He suspected it as viral fever and warned that fever may go high.

14.     On 16th march 2014 night high fever & cough, started feeling uncomfortable and about 10 PM was attacked with convulsion. We rushed to a nearby child care hospital. Doctor there examined him and said that the convulsion was because of high fever also stated that fever is due to throat infection. He then prescribed one anti convulsion……….medicine, one syrup for cough and ibuprofen & paracetamol suspension as anti fever.

doctor1 MD

Hi read ur question
Ur baby had febrile convulsion or may be hypocalcemic convulsion as febrile convulsion may present with hypocalcemic convulsion

. for hypocalcemia u hav to start syrup calcimax-p 5 ml two times a day and
Also start ultra D3 drops 1 ml. O ce a day
Both drug given for atleast 6...

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On a recent blood smear I noticed something new. Rouleaux. What is that? I have beta
thalassemia trait, could this be related or should I ask for further testing?

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Brief Answer:
All findings are related to B thalassemia trait.

Detailed Answer:
Hi, dear
I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern.
You have B thalassemia trait. Your all findings are very common in that.
Roueleux formation meand your rbcs are stick together in stack of...

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Please share your opinion on the attached thalassemia profile test.Will it cause any problems to get married and have kids later.
In my partners profile , is there anything that should be avoided.

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Brief Answer:
can get married

Detailed Answer:

Since you are having High hemoglobin E+A2 and low haemoglobin A you need to avoid any partner having Beta thalassemia profile.

Your hamoglobin level is normal.

It should not cause any problem to get married and have kids later.



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Recent questions on  Thalassemia

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Hello, I am 25 years old and have recently discovered that I have Beta Thalassemia Minor. For the past year I find that I cannot sustain my erection during the length of the intercourse. I never seemed to have any problems before this. A recent test of Free and Total testosterone showed that I was borderline. Is there anything I could do to improve my situation?

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Alpha Thalassemia should not cause symptoms. However, over the years I have had many of the symptoms from birth and during my adult life. Added to those complications sickle cell anemia trait also exits. I can go for a good for a couple of hours and crash for days. These conditions have taken a toll leaving me amongst other things extremely fatigue. No matter how I try to keep up my health with supplements and other building blocks, I seem to lose the battle to severe tiredness. Thalassemia of any variant should not be under sold when not in full major. Each patient should be evaluated accordingly on their health merits and not directly what others think should not occur based on the mildness. Do you have any suggestions for me in overcoming the exhaustive crashes ? The other symptoms like shortness of breath etc., I am still in the learning process of how to control them. Oh by the way your response would be I have a Heart To Pass On God s Greatness because of the inability to work. One day I look forward to paving and paying forward I have a Heart To Pass On God s Greatness . Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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Hi, Ny daughter Paige is now 4, and has had a massive splenomegaly since birth that doctors, paediatricins cannot find a cause for. She had a chronic cough for 3 years, and mucous poos which a natural therapist has succesfullt treated as leaky bowel . She has recently had chronic bleeding nose and her cuts and sores are healing slowly and looking inflamed. her spleen is 21cm and she has occasional hepatomegaly. She has been tested for everything including parasitic involvement. All her siblings are healthy. serology shows that she has had both CMV and Epstein-barr, but the haemotologist says that it is definately not the cause of the biggest spleen he has seen . Ultrasounds show an engorged spleen with no fibroid tissue and no portal flow froblems. She has always had pancytopenia, but lately her white cells have been much lower than usual. She has no autoimmune disorders, thalassemia, TB, Kala azar, or any of the thousand things tested for. She needs help. Thankyou for your time

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Hello Doc, Request your advice here please Medical history 1. Bronchitis asthma 2. Thalassemia Minor 3. Severe Iron deficiency anemia 4. Shoulder pain , muscle pain in shoulder has supraspinatus tear Recently diagnosed Blood pressure and has been...

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I have thallasemia trait (i think this is what its called) and since i have been measuring ferritin it has been between 350-480, until yesterday when it was 630. My iron levels have also been fluctuating from 63-130. Yesterday was 160. Is the...

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Hello My wife is in 32nd week of pregnancy approaching 33rd week. Growth of baby is going fine. She is Beta Thallesaemia Minor carrier trait. Her Haemoglobin is 10.7, Iron is high at 209. Rest everything is normal. She is on 30mgx twice a day, 60...

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