What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is one type of sexually transmitted disease. It is the result of a bacterial infection of the genital tract by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It is passed from one person to another during direct sexual contact with this lesion that involves vaginal, oral, or anal sex. It can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy and result in stillbirth or serious birth defects.

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hello doctors, may i ask something. because it bothers me for 2 weeks now. there is a semen coming out in my penis, i consulted a doctor and he said maybe its a syphilis , i did a urinalysis and its normal. my doctor gave me ciprofloxacin 500mg once a day. he gave me 7 pcs but still no progress.. can you give me an advice or prescribe a better antibiotic? thank you doctor.. what should i do?
Thanks for your query,You are passing liquid from urethral opening which you suspect it to be semen.
This is not a semen but mucus secreted by mucus glands located in Bulbar Urethra.This is not abnormal and does happen in adolescence life of every individual.

It is not definitely due to...
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hi doc,,im just asking coz im positive for vdrl since im young then now when i got my medical result they said im positive for syphilis,,doc please tell me whats the reason for having syphilis??ist acute deseas?they said if i have syphilis it will be transfer to my sex partner??ist possible??
Thank you for query. Syphilis is caused by bacteria treponema,usually transmitted as can spread to partner .please use condoms to prevent transmission of STDs.if any of partners have multiple partners these spread. It can manifest as acute and can have other complications also.
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hi sir i am 28 years old i got a opportunity for abroad and i under went medical test and tpha is showing positive and vdrl is non reactuve and my immunoglobulins showing igg 16g per litre and igm is showing 0.95gper litre what does it mean please help me i have taken treatment also for this that is pencillin 24 lakhs im stat and erythromycin 2g stat per oral and doxycycline 2g oral pls reply me i dont have any symptoms pls reply me sir do i have syphilis
TPHA that is trepenoma pallidum hemagglutination assay is one of the confirmatory test for syphilis. You are showing this test Positive. So in inference you are positive for syphilis. you should complete the treatment first. once you completed the treatment your Ig M first goes down. sencondly Ig...
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hi, i just had my medical exam for my application abroad then the result is that im positive in TPHA or its that my TPHA is near to the boundary of its normal value the doctor in the clinic told me that and he advised me to drink lots of fluids esp. water and take another TPHA examination after a week? is his advised good? and i was wondering what makes this test positive aside from having syphilis because i dont remember having an intimate relationship. can some doctor help me about my queries?
Yes his advice is right. some times you may be borderline for the test result. but it doesnt mean you are positive. so take a test after a week. this test after week in most probably is going to be negative. there is no reason why this test is going to be positive in non syphilitic cases is not...
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Can prophlaxis iv antibiotics administered for flexor
tendon repair to hand mask a subsequent vdrl for syphilis and if so how long should one wait after such treatment before having blood drawn for the vdrl test?

Thanks for the query.

Yes, there are chances of prophylaxis antibiotics to mask the test results for syphillis and the VDRL may or may not be positive. It would be better to draw the blood for the test before starting on Antibiotics.

If you are looking for syphilis diagnosis, then TPHA(Treponema pallidum...
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I have always been concerned about STDs. Every once in a while my concern comes back even though I have been married and in a monogamous relationship for many years. I have a fear of syphillis. I have never had symptoms but I am worried about it from many years ago in high school, about 18 years now. I was tested with the RPR in my first pregnancy and that was 9 years ago and then 2 years ago with my second pregnancy and both were nonreactive. Could I still have this? I am obsessing that I will get nuerosyphillis. i am worried about accuracy or would that have been picked up in one of those tests? Do you know the accuracy percentages?
Thanks for your query.
Am glad you used the word obsessed because in the absence of any symptoms, and being in a monogamous relationship for years, you are definitely harbouring an unnatural fear of syphilis.
That said and done, maybe it's better for you to test and be done with it, to...
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I am having syphilis and already treated by a dermatologist 2 months ago and it is still positive I was given antibiotics Vibramycin and Pantozol 20 for 15 days and advised to retest but it was positive and then suggested by the same doctor to continue medicine for 15 days more and gone through an other test which was again positive yet doctor said no more medicine it should come down to negative over the time but how long she never explained
I personally visited several sites they discussed on syphilis and shows horrified results coz it is something always remain in the blood even after getting tested as negative so not syphilis but something else like other infection
I was told earlier that penciline injection is good but I live in Abu Dhabi and its not allowed very openly
at the same time its available but only on strong recommendation having told that it may have huge side effects such as causing death
yet I know its available but im hesitant weather I should go for that or not
going through 2 different doctor ( one is lady doctor being dermatologist one is a male doctor who is actually known for treating HIV and Syphilis patients) lady doctor says with injection it may come down little early but the other one said it doesn't effect much but having bad effects so im confused about what to do next
im already terminated from my job after going through the screening test it was not required for visa but for my company pre-employment criteria and was told something totally dangerous that syphilis might carry HIV virus which shows only after 5 to 6 months
when I was diagnosed syphilis 2.5 months ago I had gone through HIV test which was negative
please tell me after going through my history
im going to be 35 years old man in few months.
Hello dear patient. Welcome to HCM..

I am Dr Jigar ( Infectious Disease Specialist).

I have gone through your question and understand the problem you are facing.

Whenever you say test done for any disease, you must specify name and type of test because there are more than one diagnostic tests...
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I got a syphilis blood test for school matters about 2 weeks ago, I received my results today and they were quite alarming. I am 19 years old and have been sexually active with my husband for 9 months. He has had STD testing done for the military and he has come back clean, and he has only been sexually active with me. My results were partially reactive(it showed two parts on the written results: REACTIVE 1:2, and NON REACTIVE). The nurse said any viruses or vaccinations could affect the results (the only thing I had before getting the syphilis blood test was a TB test a couple of weeks before), and she will test me again in one month. I am scared. I dont have any syphilis symptoms and I have never had them, no chancres, rashes, etc, etc. What could the results mean? A false positive? please give me some insight on this issue. Thank you.
Hello. Thanks for writing to us at healthcaremagic

VDRL can be Biologic falsely positive (BFP), specially if it is in low titres such as in your case.
Moreover, it is not a confirmatory test for syphilis.
Many infectious diseases have been reported as causes of transient biologic false positive...
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hi I just had lab work done where i had high lipase 80 U/L an my hepatic function level ALT 41 U\L and AST 39 U/L and TSH 0.21 mIU/L and RPR titer 1:8 ... the first doctor send me to health department to get a syphilis shot but when I got there they said by these results where not enough to say I have syphilis that it looks like a false positive that my hepatic levels and alter the results if titer.. Can this be possible ??
Hello and welcome to Healthcare Magic. Thanks for your query.

RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) is a screening test for syphilis. However it is not a confirmatory test and there can be false positives. Some conditions which can give a false positive result are:

Lyme disease
Certain types of pneumonia...
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