What is Spondyloarthropathy?

Thats a way of referring to any disease affecting the tiny joints between the bones that make up your spinal column. You have to make sure you don't mistake it for another disease called Spondylopathy. That's a disease of the vertebra itself (the vertebrae, plural, are the bones that are stacked on each other to make your spinal column). Spondyloarthropathy can refer to alot of different diseases.

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Dear Doctor , I m suffering from chronic synovial inflammation on my knees and related back pains for last 12 years which comes frequently and totally disappointed to lead the daily life. I consulted many doctors in allopathic and ayurvedic . now im 35 years old. in the exrays there is no problem for bones but doctors say depreciation for bone. in the blood tests RA factor not seen. no problem of uric acid too.So till the period actually I could not reach in a correct way of diagnosis. can you please help me regarding my matter and what may be the source of the reason. please advise me some simple exercises to reduce this status of inflammation and advices for complete cure of this disease which affects my job and life. Dear Doctor, Thank you for the guidline.My job nature is not a very stressed or heavy to cause inflammation,but I guess ac cool is affcting as im sitting long time at the coolest atmosphere in Gulf.after a long time relaxation(1.5 years),when I came in gulf again,it started the problem swelling.always disturb the matter that I cant stand or walk continuesly even 10 minutes.then feel to years back it has done the synovectomy and the fLuid test.there was nothing special but doctor informed me little matters of TB.after this there was no any seriuos problem for my leg.but five years later I came to gulf as first time.when it completed six months,it started inflammation on other knee as first time.Now im suffering both knees.for the last five years i using the knee cap.I used brufen also.Now the inflammation still there and not able to sleep wel at night cz of high strain on hips and back.Is it useful to do an MRI of hip or knees? or what will do to identify the exact reason and treatment. Regards kareem.
Dear Kareem please tell me the nature of your back pain.
Kindly ask yourself the following questions:
Is your back pain worse after prolonged sitting or rest?
Does some minimal activity relieve your back pain?
Is the back pain worse at night?
Do you feel stiffness in your back when you get up...
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Hi, I am 25 year old male and diagnosed with seronegative spondyloarthropathy. I feel severe pain in standing or walking for more than 20-25 minutes. Morning stiffness in back and neck is also a problem. Is this a curable disease? What can be the risks and hazards involved if not treated properly? What can be the complications and worst case scenario problems that I can face in future. Please help

Thanks for your query.

I shall begin my discussion with this statement. "Seronegative arthropathy is a chronic disease with no specific treatment to cure it. The available treatments are primarily used to reduce the some of the symptoms of pain and to reduce the further complications like...
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My daughter has been diagnosed of reactive arthritus after severe stomach infection .The doctor put her on Salazar on 28 XXXXXXX .There was no improvement , she has been put on Methotrixate 4weeks back, still there is no improvement. she has a swollen ankle , right foot toe ,hip joint, low back and shoulders pain , right hand knuckle and middle finger now it has moved on to left hand index finger . She is HLA B 27 positive . Five months of medicine has not shown improvement . My worry is has this been diagnosed correctly ? She has to take a lot of physical and mental stress due to her studies and practical work ( BDS) . How much time will it take to go into remission ? Can it change into any long term arthritus? Thanks Mrs XXXXXXX

Thanks for your question. My name is Dr Omer and I am here to help you today with your question. I will be happy to assist you with your follow up questions also. I am sorry to hear about your problem

As you have said that your daughter 20 years old , HLA B27 positive ,had multiple joints...
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can only upper back pain and chest stiffness and mild breathing difficulty be a sign of AS. no lower back pain . HLA B 27 positive. RA negative. uric acid normal. hb 13.1. age 37. male. pain for last 10 months. mri, x rays normal. esr , crp normal. weight 70.5 kg. height 5 8 . not taking any medicine despite nsaid and muscle relaxant prescriptions. stiffness between shoulder blades always there on getting up after lying down for 5 minutes or more. but no pain while i am lying down. feel it only after getting up and pulling shoulders back. sometimes feel feverish and kind of unwell. dizziness also and kind of weak feeling in right arm. strength and all is ok...but its a feeling of weakness. what could this be? i am tired of confusing diagnosis and this sick feeling.
Ankylosing Spondylitis commonly occurs in males between 20-40. Co-relation with HLA B27 is strong. I is an auto-immune disorder. For diagnosis CT Scan / MRI can be done for upper lumbar vertebrae. Also Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF α) and IL-1 are...
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I have been having severe pain for 3 months in my upper chest (between throat and breast), back, and hips. Sometimes the pain keeps me up at night. I've also had lack of appetite with the weight loss of more than ten pounds. I've been extremely dizzy and have problems with nausea and diarrhea. I've been told that it was musculoskeletal pain, but I never have gotten injured. I've heard it can be caused by natural wear and tear, but it doesn't seem to account for my nausea, lack of appetite, or weight loss. Is there another diagnosis that they are missing and/or should I ask for more tests? The pain and dizziness is interfering with my life to the point I've had to drop out of school. Can you help me?

Thank you for your query.

Chronic pain at the chest, back, hip joint & weight loss for three months. There is a possibility of seronegative spondyloarthropathy.It may involve the axial joint & peripheral large joint(hip,knee).
Costosternal joint involvement may cause chest pain. Bowel...
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My mom is 54 yr old. She has hypothyroidism and diabetes. She is taking medicine for these. She was diagnosed to have osteoarthritis on both the sacrosiliac joints (hip). She has left knee pain, frequently. She had ankle swelling and it persisted for nearly 10+ days, with severe pain around ankle. We had blood tests and the results are

Anti-Cyclic Citrulinated Peptide (CCP-Ab) : 8.2 U/ml (<10: NEGATIVE, >10: POSITIVE)
C Reactive Protein (CRP): 4.7 mg/L (Adults: <5)
Rheumatoid Factor : 8.8 IU/ml (<15)
ESR (1 hr) : 23 mm (Women: 05 - 15)

CRP was around 8.2, when we tested 45 days ago, RA factor was 3.5 at the same time. Thus, one has decreased while the other has increased. We were told CRP above 3 is XXXXXXX and similarly positive RA factor, with ESR. Is she having rheumatoid arthritis? She has ESR above normal in the last 3 tests. even CRP and RA factor has been fluctuating but at the upper limits.
Her uric acid level is 4.7 mg/dl (Women: 2.6 - 6.0)
Urea : 27.9 mg/dl (Women >50: 21 - 43)
Creatinine : 0.8 mg/dl (Women : 0.5 - 0.9)

I have gone through your problems and reports.
IT seems likely that your mother is suffering from osteoarthritis of the sacro iliac joints, hips and ankles.
however before we confirm that, it is essential to rule out a condition called spondyloarthropathy and for that she needs to undergo...
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I am 39 year old female who has had low back and pelvic pain for 9 months and thoracic left sided pain for 3 months. Which radiates around my lower ribs There has been no clear trigger and I have had a normal laparoscopy a month ago and my hip x rays show osteoarthritis. My bloods are ok apart from an ESR of 20. I had rheumatoid factor years ago I think which was negative. My BMI is 27 and I have had poor posture since I was a child. I also suffer from a lot of neck pain although this is ok at the moment. My pains in my upper back improve with rest ie lying down and are worse when sitting at work at the computer. When I am moving around it is easier but my hips hurt. my upper back feels tight and sore on the left most of the time. I am awaiting an MRI result of my spine. Should I pursue this any further in terms of other types of arthritis?

I am sorry to know about the pain and difficulty you are going through. The arthritis which fits with your symptoms is spondyloarthritis. It generally affects males. However, when it affects females, the symptoms may be a bit atypical.

I would definitely want to know what comes out in the MRI...
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My friends MRI report of lower back (spine) said "mild diffusion seen"? Is it serious? He has pain in lower back at times.

Thanks for writing to us,

I have read your query and I would advise the following:

Mild diffusion in MRI is not serious problem. It can be due to sudden stretch or microtrauma. There can be associated spasm of lumbar muscle giving pain in back region only.
He may need lumbar corset support...
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Im Since november 2012 im having a recurring pain in my feet near the top of the arch inner side as well as the outer side. Im a Male 34 years. The pain becomes excrutiating in between and am not able to take weight due to that. Recently there has been a swelling of the second toe of he right foot and the third on the left. All blood tests were done and no arhtritis factor was detected. the uric acid level was normal. also the tenderness and slight swelling was not constant in one place but alternating from one side of the foot to the other. but on the top of the foot. the pain started almost the same time after i had a H-pylori infection which was treated in mar 2012. there was a relapse in november which was again treated. the foot pain has not reduced except for a few days in between.
pressing the ball of the right toe upwards produces a pain on the top near the middle of the feet. the veins are also prominent. there also has been a pain in the tendon near the heel whioch goes off with some rest

Thanks for the query.

All symptoms that you have listed occur in a type of arthritis called spondyloarthropathy although that also has back pain. It may also be due to a condition called psoriatic arthritis.

Do you have another family member suffering from similar problems - back pain or...
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