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i have been having a recurrent thrush for a year now,. i would like to know what else i can do as i have tried all the hygiene steps suggested by my Doctor but it keeps coming back anytime before my period

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There are several causes of recurrent thrush.

Are you on any medication?
If you are on treatment with antibiotics for longer duration the normal bacteria which protect you from the fungus will die. So this problem appears.

Is your blood sugar level in normal...
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hi doc,
I am 24 weeks pregnant and suffer from recurrent thrush which I have kind of learnt to live with. Today, while washing my private parts, something chunky and jelly like came out of me along with the thrush discharge. I am really scared. what could that be?

Hello dear,I understand your concern.In my opinion the candidial infection or thrush is the most common infection in pregnancy.Candid V6 vaginal tablets can be taken and they are effective.Candid dusting powder is also effective for itching over the vulva.But in a few woman the recurrence of...
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Hi, I am 28 years old female, have been taking cilest oral contraceptive for the last 4 or 5 years, in the last 12 months I am getting recurrant bouts of thrush (goes away with diflucan), have had STI tests and same sexual partner, would cerazette be a better choice in contraception as I understand recurrant thrush can be caused by hormonal changes?
Hi, recuring thrush could be due to transfer of infection from the partner to partner . as the infection is sensitive to diflucan if both the partners use it at the same time.
He may not have any symptoms but he can be a carreer of the infection and causing you reinfection. Thank you....
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I have extreme itching on and around my clitoris and the surrounding area. I have type 1 diabetes and suffer from recurrent thrush, but i have suffered from this fairly constantly for maybe 10 years. I often have a lack of natural lubrication and pain during sex. i now have a tear on my clitoral hood, a small part of the nerve? is protruding from where the glans and the hood meet. its is not particularly painful but is very sensetive. Im not sure when exactly this happened, at least several weeks ago, and has gotten slightly worse (ie the nerve? is protruding a little more than bofore) - i had hoped that it would heal up on its own. I am concerned now that surgery will be needed to fix the problem - i need advice what to do about the tear and also the itching. thanks
Hi there.

The itching happens when you get fungal infection due to high sugars, even when your sugars are high for a short period. This is controlled by keeping your sugars under control and using anti-fungal treatment. Now the sensitivity is all due to constant irritation of the clitoris. Please...
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I have been having symptoms of diarrhoea (daily), head fog, tirdness, and recurrent thrush since April. I started seeing a Health Kinesologyist to see if it could help with the symptoms. She said I have candida overgrowth & I have elimated yeast from my diet and symptoms have improved. Should I go to the GP and possibly go on a course of anti-fun gals? Thank you
Hi and thanks for your question,
diarrhoea, tiredness and thrush especially require a careful consideration. There are conditions that must be excluded. These include chronic diseases and immunosuppressive diseases. The commonest of these diseases are Diabetes, Cancers and HIV AIDS. It shall be...
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About 2 and a half years ago I started to have headaches and overwhelming tiredness.
I was sent for an MRI and everything appeared normal.

A couple of months later I started to suffer from recurrent infections and illnesses.

In the last 2 years I have had many infections including:
Recurrent UTI's, kidney infection, recurrent uvulitis, ear infections, recurrent thrush, lymphadenitis and cellulitis (the last 2 requiring hospitalisation).

I have also had lots of viruses, colds and flu symptoms. I also suffer from a lot of sores, on my mouth and in my nose, and get lots of mouth ulcers.

On a regular basis I suffer from migraines/headaches, aching limbs, neck, shoulders and backache, numbness in arms and hands, with loss of dexterity in the fingers, fatigue, skipped heart-beats and chest pain, 'brain fog' (confusion and memory problems, sometimes slurred speech) and occasional blurred vision, occasional low grade fever, and more recently muscle twitching, spasms and cramps.

I eat a healthy diet although I am unable to exercise due to chronic pain. I have put on 2 stone in 2 years but this may be due to lack of exercise and my age - 40 years. ( I am now about a stone overweight) I have also had bouts of depression, usually as a result of being so fed up of it all.

I was referred to an Infectious Diseases Specialist about 18 months ago, and initially it was suggested possible CFS. She has run many blood tests to rule out things like thyroid, diabetes and HIV, and I have also had an ECG and cardiac scan.

Although my blood tests are usually relatively normal (apart from when I am really ill), the one thing that does crop up almost every time is a low white blood cell count. Neutropenia and leukopenia have been noted on several occasions.
I recently had another test and all was normal apart from a low absolute leukocyte count (normal range 1.5 - 4.......mine was 1.1).

As yet I still don't have a diagnosis.
Am I right in assuming that the reason I am always getting ill is because of the leukopenia? Or is the leukopenia a result of always being ill?

Do you have any ideas of what could be the cause?
Or any suggestions of a diagnosis?
Or can you suggest or recommend any more tests?

I would be very grateful for any assistance, thanks.
Hi! you are absolutely correct!

You often get infections and you say, 'On a regular basis I suffer from migraines/headaches, aching limbs, neck, shoulders and backache, numbness in arms and hands, with loss of dexterity in the fingers, fatigue, skipped heart-beats and chest pain, 'brain fog...
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i have just had my second depo injection after being off it for 5 years. Now i seem to be suffering from recurring thrush. I have increased my water intake, stopped using soaps and also had a script from my gp, for the tablet to help clear up my thrush. Which has only served to clear it up for about a week. It is very strong smelling down there and i m beginning to get worried even though my doc said there is nothing to worry about. Can you help with any other ideas ?
There can be various reasons for recurrent thrush in you.
1...The symptoms may not be due to thrush,as generally thrush infection is not smelly.There are other causes of a vaginal discharge like a bacterial vaginosis or a mixed infection.You may need tests such as vaginal swabs to clarify...
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I have had bad vaginal discharge for around 4 years. I have had four STI checks at the hospital and only once it has came back as thrush.

The discharge smells very bad and I have to wear a sanity towel daily as it comes out regularly.

The discharge is really bad when I am on my period. The smell is unbearable.

If this isn't an STI what can it be?

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It can be persistent or recurrent thrush which could be due to inadequate treatment or re-infection from your partner. Get yourself and your partner tested, and complete treatment of you and your partner if any is required. Also get your sugar level tested(...
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Hello, I have a 6 week old baby who has thrush. This is my fourth child and never before have I seen thrush like this. This is her 3rd time having it. The first time I treated it as I did all my others when they had thrush. I washed everything and gave her medicine. It cleared up and came back. The second time I treated it, boiled all her nipples, pacifiers and clipped her nails & covered her hands for 3 days. I gave sterilized nipples for every feeding and re sterilized everything daily for 4 days to allow the medicine to take effect. Well after 2 weeks of it being cleared up she is now has a mouth full again. I even treated my nipples and refrained from breastfeeding during her time on the medicine. Could there be an underlining condition?

thanks for writing to healthcaremagic

your nipples could be source of this thrush

if there is recurrent thrush one should think of immunodeficiency and rule out various conditions causing immunodeficiency.

hope this helps

take care
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