Pulmonary sarcoidosis

What is Pulmonary sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis, also called sarcoid, is a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) that can form as nodules in multiple organs. 1 alpha, 25(OH)2 Vitamin D3 is the main cause for high blood calcium in sarcoidosis and is overproduced by sarcoid granulomata. Gamma-interferon produced by activated lymphocytes and macrophages plays a major role in the synthesis of 1 alpha, 25(OH)2 Vitamin D3.

Treatment is usually designed to help relieve the symptoms and thus does not directly alter the course of the disease. This treatment usually consists of drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin. In cases where the condition develops to the point that it has a progressive and/or life-threatening course, the treatment is most often steroid treatment with prednisone or prednisolone. Alternatively, drugs that are most commonly used to treat cancer and suppress the immune system, such as methotrexate, azathioprine and leflunomide, may be used. The average mortality rate is less than 5% in untreated cases.

In the United States it most commonly affects people of Northern European (especially Scandinavian or Icelandic) or African/African American ancestry between the ages of 20 and 29, although any race or age group can be affected. Japan has a lower rate of sarcoidosis than the United States, although in these people the disease is usually more aggressive in its course with the heart often affected. Japanese individuals also have a different peak age for sarcoidosis, 25–40 years of age. In developing countries, it often goes misdiagnosed as tuberculosis (TB) as its symptoms often resemble those of TB.

Sarcoidosis was first described in 1877 by an English doctor named Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson as a skin disease causing red, raised lesions on the arms, face, and hands.

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I have pulmonary sarcoidosis stage 4 and severe HTAP 73 high ,stage 3 What is my hope of life .,at this moment I am 66,the hight is 150 ,the weight...

doctor1 MD

Hello, Sorry you are passing through a tough time. A diagnosis of stage 4 pulmonary with secondary pulmonary hypertension is not quite an easy...

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I have pulmonary sarcoidosis ( crhonic) upper right lobe removed 4 months ago with scarring in left lung , after surgery I have afib and put on...

doctor1 MD

Thanks for your question on Healthcare Magic.
I can understand your concern.
Yes, possibility of pulmonary hypertension is high.

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sir this is for my brother.he is 31 yrs.working in u.s.has an h/o congenital diaphragmatic hernia (left)operated 3 days after birth.0n 22nd april...

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1. Since the case is diagnosed [The lungs are affected in more than 90% of individuals with sarcoidosis] and since the pathology affects alveoli...

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