Nerve damage

What is Nerve damage?

Nerve injury is injury to nervous tissue. There is no single classification system that can describe all the many variations of nerve injury. Most systems attempt to correlate the degree of injury with symptoms, pathology and prognosis. In 1941, Seddon introduced a classification of nerve injuries based on three main types of nerve fiber injury and whether there is continuity of the nerve.

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I am having prickling burning pain on the top and side of my left foot every 30 seconds. I went to the emergency room at the hospital today for a test for a blood clot, and the test showed no blood clot. The doctor there said he thought the pain might be due to insufficient venous circulation in the extremities (which I have had for about 8 years.) I am wondering if it might be due to nerve damage. If so, what would you suggest? XXXXXXX Whitmer

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
could be from either blood supply or nerves

Detailed Answer:
Prickling, burning pain is usually from irritation or damage to the nerves. This can come from either direct nerve damage or from the blood supply to the nerve. If you already know that you have venous insufficiency...

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I had and injury in my ankle that was a bad ankle sprain which had a protruding blue knot on it it finally went away over time I was sent to a specialist which was spouse to do an mri which never was done but has nerve damage in my foot which they found out from nuro study could they have found the clot erlier AND THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Very unlikely!

Detailed Answer:
Hi and thank you so much for this query.

I am so sorry to hear about this condition that you have reported. I have reviewed your information fully. Nerve damage is not caused by blood clot. Blood clot causes nerve damage in the brain and not the legs....

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I had left shoulder replacement surgery 09/19/2016 - now my hand - left side of hand, small finger and ring finger are numb, tingley and swollen - I think this is from nerve damage at the point of the block - what can I do ?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Steroids and methylcobalamin supplements can help.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for posting your query.
The numbness and tingling of the two fingers as you have mentioned is likely to be due to a nerve damage during the surgery.
To treat the nerve damage, oral and local steroids...

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My left buttock and upper thigh is numb and my fingers on both hands are tingling. What is wrong with me??

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Possible nerve damage

Detailed Answer:
Hello! Thank you for asking HealthCare Magic.
I have gone through your question and I understand your concern.

Numbness and tingling of the fingers and buttocks is a sign of nerve damage (Neuropathy ).
The treatment will be against the...

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What other than nerve damage might cause numbness and a tingling sensation in my rightrmhe arm.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
PTSD and Anxiety

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for question.
As I read your question and found other medical problems with you, PTSD and Anxiety themselves are common causes for tingling and numbness . Although nutritional deficiency form the first cause, nerve damage due to diabetes...

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Dr XXXXXXX Shehu attached is link with four case studies.

.1.Based on my symptoms do you believe I am similarly situated. In other words do you think I have neuropathy.

I see neurologist and will let you know his diagnosis and whether he will do EMG/NVC of arms and repeat on legs.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Following advice...

Detailed Answer:
Hi and thank you for contacting me again!
I read very carefully the material you have sent to me and I would like to say as follows:

- Your symptoms may be associated with neuropathy caused by concomitant use of Disulfiram (antabuse) and...

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Please deliver to Dr XXXXXXX Shehu

Dr Shehu
Every time I go to sleep, I wake up with tingling on a leg, foot,etc. This started with tingling in the arms, then weakness in arms. Now it's tingling in face, arms, legs, etc. Does this mean the body is healing. Or is it getting worse. I go to sleep but then awaken with tingling. It's like the sleep mode causes the tingling. Then when I awaken, the tingling stops.

Please do not give up on me at this time. You are the only Dr who has expressed concern and listened to me. Please assist me through the test today. Based on results I will accept your diagnosis and suggestions, including therapy

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Following advice

Detailed Answer:
Hi back,

The fact that your symptoms are related to sleep suggest that are related to stress and anxiety. However it's essential that the today test will be normal.

If this is your case all the efforts should be made to control anxiety and stress....

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History: pre-diabetic. Did not manage it well. Had a vasectomy and have allergies. In 2014 got serious started excercise lost 45 pounds. Now manage my presiabetes purely through diet and excercise.
2104 complained of erection difficulties getting/maintaining. Pcp said due to nerve damage of not taking care of self.

Summer of 15 toes and thumbs began feeling bruised/tender. Got progressively worse.
Went to routine visit. Discussed the bruising/tender and found my B12 and D were low. Was nerve damage. Would take long time to heal. (It's now January and still have it occasionally).
Brought up erection issue coupled with delayed urination problems and inability to start if I wait too long to go. Checked prostate which was fine said it's my aging.
Brought up had gotten two canker sores as well, said normal.
Went on a biz trip and went overboard masturbating with hotel lotion. Returned to find pain in tip of urethra and/or an itch. Ejactualtio. Stream is now more of a dribble. On occasion my bottom lip/gum gels like it's burning. Doc again says it's nerve damage/b12/D related. Nothing to worry about it will happen.

Now I e discovered in the past week. A random itching across my body. It's in one spot for a few seconds and then gone. Will turn up in another arrea and gone. My pubic hair is itching and I e got a red shiny dry spot on my shaft and feels tender. Finally, I. Ow have a sore throat on the just one side. So before I spend 100 on an office visit to be told this is all normal regarding nerve damage etc. is it? Or could I have picked up something from the hotel bed? Did I give myself an infection with the lotion? Should I go back to pcp with these new symptoms? Or M I just a hypochondriac and haven't given enough time for the meds to take effect and I'll experience these and possibly some new Symptoms as a result?

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Pre Diabetes along with B-12 deficiency, can lead to nerve damage

Detailed Answer:
Hi welcome to HCM,
Yes even Pre Diabetes if neglected along with B-12 deficiency, it can lead to nerve damage that can sometimes be intractable and difficult to treat.
The erection issue is the same...

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HISTORY REPORTED TO TECHNOLOGIST: low back pain with radiation to
legs, patient states she fell on May 21st of 2016, patient states sh

COMPARISON: MRI of the lumbar spine 7/7/2015 and plain radiographs of
the lumbar spine 11/20/2013 and CT scan of the lumbar spine 7/1/2014.

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar multisequence imaging of the lumbar spine was
performed without and with the use of 90.5 mL of intravenous
gadolinium contrast.

FINDINGS: The terminal portion of the thoracic cord and conus
medullaris appears normal. The conus terminates at the level of L2.

The signal intensity of the vertebral bodies and sacrum is normal. The
visualized aspects of the kidneys and abdominal aorta and psoas
muscles appear within normal limits. There are no obvious
retroperitoneal masses. The paraspinal musculature is normal. The
sacroiliac joints appear within normal limits.

There is again seen transpedicular posterior fusion of L4 and L5.

At L1-L2, the disc, foramina and facets are normal.

At L2 -L3 the disc, foramina and facets are normal.

At L3-L4 there is some desiccation of the disc and mild broad-based
bulge of the annulus. There is no herniation. Orthopedic hardware
appears well-positioned. There is a laminectomy defect seen posterior
to L4 and L5.

At L4-L5, the the disc is normal. Thecal sac appears normal. The
postcontrast images show slight posterior epidural scarring but no
obvious residual or recurrent disc herniation. There are is a
interbody cage screw is seen at L4-L5, well-positioned.

At L5-S1 the disc is without bulge and appears unremarkable.

There are no compression fractures in this patient with history of
recent fall.


1. No acute findings in the lumbar spine or sacrum in this patient
with history of recent fall.

2. Anatomical alignment to L4-L5 posterior transpedicular fusion. The
cage screw and transpedicular hardware appears well-positioned.

3. No obvious lumbar spinal stenosis or neural foraminal impingement.

Electronically signed by: XXXXXXX A XXXXXXX - 6/16/2016 9:12 AM
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Name: CARLBERG XXXXXXX K Pt. Number:0000

Component Results

There is no component information for this result.

General Information

06/16/2016 7:15 AM
06/16/2016 9:14 AM
Ordered By: XXXXXXX
Can you tell me what this means

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Your Previous Surgery was Success. The Implants are in Place

Detailed Answer:

Welcome to I am Dr.J XXXXXXX Anto Bruno Mascarenhas, and I am here to help you. I have read your question with care and understand that you want to know what the MRI and X Ray...

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I've had burning tingling feeling along my left arm for a couple weeks, when I move it or raise it or use it, I think now since I got a bougainvilla thorn prick in my left index finger, left side of nail, bit painful. when I removed thorn, I squeezed out pus. at first I thought it might be from overuse since I'm left handed and only thumb and first 2 fingers affected and have been doing a lot of pruning lately, squeezing cutter. aspirin helps more than ibuprofen, tried once or twice. concerned about possible nerve damage.

doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
possible nerve damage or underlying inflammation .

Detailed Answer:
Hello dear

Welcome to
I have evaluated your query thoroughly .

* There may be possible nerve damage or similar symptoms also possible from
underlying inflammatory reaction .

Kindly provide...

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Ism javing problems swallowing small to medium sized pills, and seem to have reflux when laying semi flat. Liquid sems to come back up into my esaphagus when I lay back to sleep and it causes me to cough and swallow it back. What can I do ????...

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Had a hemorroidectomy on Dec. 1. Per instructions I have been taking MiraLax once each day (except for one day). Began bowel movement on Dec. 4, but each time it is usually a small amount and I feel frequent pressure on the anus to go again. There...

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Hi Sir, I hope you remember me ! My father got pituatory macrodenema surgery 3 and half years back. Its because of prolactin production and the surgery went well. he lost vision in one eye before the surgery only due to pressure because of the...

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I had my 1st ankle surgery in 2009 in which the superfisicial peroneal nerve eas but & buried into my bne. The second surgery in 2010was a rght lateral ligament repair, right peroneal tendon tenolysis repair,brevis.The third was in June 2112 in which tenolysis of the pernolysis brevis with transfer of the peroneus brevis to the longus resulting peroneus brevis intact but very tendinotic , therefore completely cut out,and the tendon sheath repaired. The last surgery November 2112, I had to have the sural nerve and a branch of the superficial peroneal nerve cut & tucked into muscle. My surgeon(& I agree) tells me that s it, he cannot do any more. But the thing is, I am still having severe pain and swelling He did tell me that there would always be pain due to the lose of the tendon but I had expected better then where I am at. Granted, I am only in my second week of therapy but I am really worried about where I am goign to be in the long run. I like & trust my doctor very much but would like some input from another source. Thank you. Janet Treash

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