What is Nephritis?

It is the inflammation of kidney due to variety of reasons. It is of 2 types. 1. Glomerulonephritis-involving glomeruli 2. Interstitial nephritis-involving interstitial spaces. Treatment aims to resolve underlying cause and regain the kidney functions.

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Doctor, I had RBC in my urine(10-11) a year ago. I was under Homeopathy treatment and rbc was found occationally. Hdid not have any other health issues.But recently I found cloudy urine sometimes and have a acute mid back I suffering from Nephritis?

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Thanks for writing to us.
Nephritis is a kidney condition associated with high blood pressure, rbc in urine protein in urine, increase in serum creatinine and swelling in legs.

All the features may not be there at one time.

You can go for following tests to confirm,

•     Urine routine...

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My Family has a history of kidney problems, my mother had accute nephritis and her mother had chronit nephritis - I have been getting sicker for years and years now - it has gotten to the point where I cant hold a job and apparently I am now immune deficient PID and CVID my IgG levels are very low

I have ahad a host of problems, from joint pain - chest pain, constant Chest infection, fluid in the bottom of lungs, squamous metplasia in the bronchial tubes and mucus plugging leading to mutliple long term infections... they tell me that it all is from the CVID and they plan to give me anitbody transfusions, however I constantly get edema in my legs around the shins and it feels like fluid is backing up in my lungs all the time, They have found red blood cells in my urine - I need to know the following;

1/ Could nephritis or kidney problem damage the immune system and my IgG levels?

2/ They suspect Lupus - could Lupus damage the kidneys?

3/ They are doing a 24hr urine test, but I am not sure the nurses understood the doctors instruction, I am to pee in a container for 24 hours to make one large sample, what will this tell me - will it expose nephritis or not?

4/ Is there anything kidney related which could cause any of my symptoms

A/ Crackle in lungs after exhale

B/ Feeling of fluid in the bottom of lungs

C/ Low O2 saturation

D/ Reduced Immunoglobulans

E/ Joint Pains and chest Pains

F/ Tired chest

G/ Chronic chest infections

H/ Squamous metaplasia

I/ High Uric acid levels...very high even on allopurinol

J/ Raising cholesterol when off lipid lowering drugs and eating healthy diet

K/ Feeling better after running

L/ Inflamed stomach and gerd

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Brief Answer:
symptoms suggest nephritis

Detailed Answer:
Familial nephritis is well known

1/ Could nephritis or kidney problem damage the immune system and my IgG levels?

Ans. Actually it is other way. Patients with immune dysfunction are prone to get kidney problems or nephritis


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As a child, I was diagnosed with nephritis due to blood in my urine after soccer games. My doctor expected symptoms to disappear as I got older, and they did: I'm now 33 years old; I had a physical as recently as last fall, and all of my blood levels (including creatinine) were normal.
I regularly enjoy weightlifting, but I don't take creatine due to concerns about kidney damage. However, I'm interested in a supplement called kre-alkalyn, which claims to limit (or completely avoid) creatine's breakdown into creatinine. Is this a product I could try?

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Hello again.

Did you ever go to your doctor and ask him the questions I told you needed to be asked to even think about taking weight-loss products contraindicated in a history of kidney or liver disease? You need to know if there is any residual damage to your kidneys to cause you to avoid this...

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i may have nephritis(?)hello. i am 34 y.o. male with gerd, have been taking a ppi for 2 years. About 8 months ago i noticed darker yhan usual, foul smelling urine especially in the morning. recently my kidneys started hurting. no other symptoms. my doc did.a urine test chemical and biology both negative. i stopped taking the lanseprazol for a day and the pain receded but the acid increased which tells me that it may be from the ppi. if so, and i stop taking the ppi which may have caused kidney damage and/or nephritis, can my kidneys heal themselves or do i need treatment?

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Thank you for your query.

Nephritis is diagnosed when certain investigative parameters are met. As mentioned by you the urine is normal but you have not mentioned about the blood tests.

Urine may smell foul for a number of reasons and the morning urine may be concentrated and more smelly...

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I had Nephritis at the age of two. in hospital for a month. I am now 53 and am having a few complications. Can anything come back to haunt me. also, getting it at two, was my sympathetic nervous system fully developed?

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Brief Answer:
See detailed answer

Detailed Answer:
Hi there

Thank you for sending in your query.

If you had nephritis at the age of 2 years from which you recovered completely, it would be unusual for it to recur now.

However you can develop a completely new unrelated kidney problem. The best way...

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i take diovan ,prograf,myfortic, calcitriol , synthroid . lasix ,..(status post transplant, lupus nephritis) and effexor which was just increased to 150 mg,,and ropinerole, .25mg x 2 at night..have been having headaches, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, some nights i am wide awake all night, some nights/days i am exhausted..i am looking for drug interactions mostly with the effexor since that was just increased but also effexor and ropinerole..

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Thank for asking to HCM
No this might nor be the drug interaction, may be due to anxiety and the depression the symptoms occurs, still you can gave word with your physician who proscribed these drugs who may change the drugs and the change could relieve your problems, have nice day.

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Hi, I had Nephritis when I was about 6 years old. I just had blood work done for a pre surgery exam. My blood work came back with these numbers that were marked as out of limits,
MCV 101 High
RDW 11.3 Low
Lymphocytes 17.8 Low
Creatinine 1.34 High
GFR 57 Low
Should I be concerned with any of these numbers??


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Thanks for he query.
The levels of MCV,RDW and LYMPHOCYTES are almost near normal levels and as such don't indicate any thing but your slightly high creatinine levels associated with low GFR and a history of nephritis in your childhood raises sufficient doubts and they must be...

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hi i have been experiencing lot of pain in my right abdominal,when this happen my left pain would also pain and cramps . i have been to dr he said it was nephritis , i was put on ciproflaxacin 500mg for two weeks but have gotten no relieve. also i was tested for lupus and he said it wasnt very serious but test results shows that i have inflammation in my body.

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i feel you should be investigated with an ultrasound and a urine examination.

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My albumin release is trace ,creatinine Normal .blood urea normal I am a nephritis patient .two times albumin level increased but and came im normal situation automatically But this time it takes too much ti Pls advice If possible give the name of the medicines

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Brief Answer:
nephritis is of many types and treatment

Detailed Answer:
Hi Jaymp.

If you have nephritis we should first know which type of nephritis it is. The following reports are important please inform. urine routine findings including rbcs and wbc in urine, urine protien estimation by...

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I am 47yrs old male, ht 170cm,wt=78kgs. diagnosed with, 'Tubulo nephritis probably secondary to glomerulonephritis' in biopsy report done in july2009. from then till now serum creatinine is in range of 3 to 3.5. No abnormalities seen except bone pain sometimes. Is there any danger with this type of disease?

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Brief Answer:
Tubulointerstitial nephritis.

Detailed Answer:


Thanks for your query.

Sorry for the delayed response.

You are suffering from chronic interstitial nephritis. This disease is slowly progressive and will not cause any immediate complications.

Your treatment looks OK.

But most...

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my friend sandeep aged 22, is suffering from non hodgkins lymphoma stage 3B, he had already spent an amount of 10,00,000 for the treatment, but now he is yet affected by renal failure due to interstitial nephritis during the course of treatment for cancer so can you please guide us for regaining our friend to normal health,(need help both financially and medically)...

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white spots on l.e i have lupus nephritis, ra, htn brca the spotsstarted prior to dx c lupus they are flat irregular shape amd quite noticeable as i am a woman of color they do not itch please help as there od more everyday i wiil have white legs by February. thank you rachel H. Florida

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Hello! I fear that I have an urinary tract infection. I have never had it before but about two weeks ago it started to burn while peeing. I was kind of hoping it to go away since on some days it has burned less and some days more. I also have a hard pressure down there and the need to pee constantly. Today the symptoms have been really bad. It has burned like hell and I have sharp pain just underneath my ribs, more on the right side. My middle back is also quite sore. I've been reading about UTI online and how it can lead to nephritis and I am scared to death at the moment. Am I going to be okay waiting until the morning (another 8 hours here in the UK) before I go to the doctor??? Thank you so much for your reply! -Johanna

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Hi. I have a very lengthy medical history (Behcet s, Lupus, nephritis, stroke, mono, Lyme disease, hypertension ,blood clotting factors) and just recently have started having a flu-like feeling, double ear infection, swollen throat, spleen and liver, and have had drenching sweating for no reason (mostly at night) and alternating low to normal temps(for me) followed by fever higher than 102. I can go from 97 to102 in a matter of mi nutes for no reason. Today, I was watching TV and within a short time I had a big bruise and lump on my hand. I get nodules on my legs occasionally from vasculitis and they look just like this. I had tiny petichae all over my Buddy a child weeks ago but my rheumatologist couldn t get me in until they were gone. Any thoughts?

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what is the best number for kidneys, mine is 6.1 is this bad and what can I do to make it better

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Can methamphetamine use lead to a diagnosis of lupus?

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I have swelling in my body severe headache sweating exhaustion blurred vision not sleeping moody and frequent and sometimes little urination

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