What is Nausea?

Feeling of vomitting sensation.It can be due to gastritis, gastroenteritis, fever, travel sickness. antiemetics are useful depending on the condition.

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For over a week I have felt nausea and as if something is stuck in my chest. I have had this feeling before several yrs ago but have no diagnosis for it. I have not had a normal appetite in almost two weeks. For the most part I have eaten soups and toasted bread items all of which may amount to one and a half meals per day.
It appears that nausea has been affecting your diet. You should get investigated so that any cause for your nausea can be found out. Some imaging tests will be able to detect if you have any problem in your chest. It will also help if youtake any medication for nausea before meals. This will help...
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Hi I'm a 45 year old woman who has had one baby and one early miscarriage that I know of. I am feeling pregnant with a hightened sense of smell, nausea, and tender breasts however I have done a test after 3 weeks after the conception date and it was negative. Could I be pregnant still? What else might it be??
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Hello, I would be happy to help!

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If the last time that you had unprotected intercourse was 3 weeks ago, and the pregnancy test is negative, then I do not think that you are pregnant. On the other hand, if you are wrong about exactly when you ovulated, then it is...
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my daughter aged 19 was suffering from typhoid for almost a fortnight. she was put on hifen400 plus,then she was given a course of ursocol150,sucrafil gel and opox200 of 5 days.she is better symptoms of fever nausea stomachpain. she is very weak now. please suggest a healthy diet for her. her haemoglobin level is 11.1.
Well come to HCM
Any light diet can be given but the best is leafy vegetable and fresh fruit juice is most preferable hot milk would be best, encourage for drinking lot of water, hope this information helps.
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Hi, Sometimes I puke after smoking marijuana.will the nausea go away if I take a Domperidone before smoking?Are there any adverse reactions of THC and Domperidone together in the system? Thank you.
domperidone may avoid nausea.. but marijuana will definately grab ur lungs.. quit and stay healthy thats a doctors advice.. rest is your life and u have better ideas what to do with it.
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Sir I m 29 years old about 6 months ago I had typhoid and I was treated with ceftiaxone 2 gm injection 6 injections after that I feel pressur in right ribs some rme pain lab test found that my alt ast are high I took several treatments like milk thistle but prob is yet to solve Pls help me I feel vomit and nausea feel very tired I also want to share that I have been taking prednislone for 1 year pls help
Repeat you widal titres and do a chest Xray .If the titres are increasing then before then you would have to take medicines for typhoid.
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Have nausea, sinus problems, tingling or tickling in abdomen on right side. Have had abdominal ultrasound and all is fine. Have small hernia and did have endoscopy. Take pantoprozole for last 6 months but still have all above symptoms. Have been diagnosed with IBS for last 13 years and had many other tests. All came out normal. Nausea is usually worse in evening even before dinner in last 6 months. I also take 2 homeopathic meds. Coloycynthis and D-Hist for alllergies
Thank you,
Thanks for choosing health care magic for posting your query.
From your description I understand that you have IBS and allergy issues and have been taking pantoprazole and homeopathic medications like Coloycynthis and D-Hist.
A complain of nausea and vomiting for this long with an normal...
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hello Dr. I am Raman currently living in India,I am 8 weeks pregnant, 24 years old. first pregnancy, a Dr. here prescribed me ONDEDOM-4 tablet for vomiting and nausea .. it contains Ondansetron Hydrochloride .. before this nothing worked for me, so far.. i have been sick and vomiting every single thing out since i was 5 weeks pregnant. apart from that i feel strong smells out of every thing and unable to eat my food. just wondering how safe this tablet is for my baby? need assurance.. thanks..
Hello there..

The condition you have suggests that you are having hyperemesis gravidorum where in there is more than normal physiological vomitting associated with pregnancy.

Odansetron is 5HT receptor antagonist and is powerful antiemtic used in hyperemesis and other severe vomitting cases. It...
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Bipolar, On (per day) Topiramate: 200 Cymbalta : 120 Abilify: 10 Ativan: 2 Thorazine (varies): 100-200.

ALso on pain meds for lymphangiesctasia, an intestinal defect: Fentanyl patch 75mcg q 3 days,
Norco 10/325 qid prn, hyscyamine er 0.325 q12h cramping phenergan 25mg q4prn nausea

Synthroid 0.2mg asa 325 one qd

Can I take valerian to sleep, or is there something better (not benadryl--makes me sick!)
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Prokinetic agent increase motility of stomach

Detailed Answer:
Hello! I hope you are feeling better.

Proton pump inhibitor and prokinetic agent both will help in nausea or vomiting. Also proton pump inhibitor will help in decreasing gastrointestinal secretions which will prevent...
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I have been diagnosed with gallstones last Thursday. It is saturated with stones. An ultrasound confirmed this. My pain has always has been on my left side under the rib cage. Not sure when I will have it out, but probably soon. Today I have a low grade fever, nausea,and my body shakes or trembles(that has been going on for a few days). Is this normal symptoms of gallstones? Or is this a concerned issue? Thanks for your help.

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I have a 10 year old son that is very athletic, but is having terrible problems with constipation. After a rigorous ordeal with regards to his constipation, he lost 4-5 lbs of stool. Our pediatrician recommended Miralax BID, which causes him to have small stools, but he feels his stomach is fat or bloated and he just doesn t feel good. No nausea or vomiting. We have a friend that deals in homeopathic, kinesiology medicine and he thinks he has an overgrowth of yeast. He has a crack in his lower lip that has been very difficult to heal. We are getting very frustrated.

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I have had nausea for a week now. Feels like stomach nausea. Can feel my stomach turning even without food. Only minor diarrhea. Have been tired and a few muscle aches. Have not vomited once. I have no problem eating food. Could this be a stomach flu or something else going on?

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Hey, i'm 15, female. I'm having problems with all almost all my systems.

Reproductive system: My period stopped 6 months ago.

Digestive: I'm constantly getting constipated. I'm getting nausea and cramps and i feel like I'm gonna vomit, i can't stand it

Nervous: I'm dizzy and my head hurts.

Excretory: When i'm contipated, my urine turns almost green.

I'm also experiencing hair loss., and am getting thinner.

I usually drink lots of water. I eat normally but lots of chocolate. Last month i had a spasm in my colon but i delt with it. Help?

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pristiq desvenlafaxine 100 mg and sandomigran 500 mcg what side effects can there be

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I have diverticulitis attack at the moment. I have pain and nausea . What can I eat or drink?

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I am taking 4mg of naltrexone at night . It has started to strenghthen me. I have the coxsackie virus. I have taken LDN for two months. I am concerned about side effects in the future. I have had the virus for 18 years and each time it erupts it...

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