What is Migraine?

A migraine is a severe, painful headache that is often accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days. serotonin agonists or aspirin should help with antiemetics.

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Hi! I have got migraine with aura....... I use Maxsalt for them..... i recently observed that when ever i have a vivid dream or a night mare , I wake up in the mrg with a head spliting migraine....... Is it normal for a person suffering with migraine or should I get an appointment with the doc as soon as I can?
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During migraine you must be knowing there is hypoxia to particular area of brain. When you suddenly wake up from deep sleep there is increased heart brake and blood pressure because of this you feel throbing migraine.

It is normal with migraine patients.

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please suggest best medicine for migraine without side effects

please tell me best medicine for migraine without side effects. Now I am taking vasogrine. In a week I am getting migraine 3 times. For the past 25 years I am suffering from migraine...Siva, Chennai

Hi Good afternoon

For acute control of headache you have to take pain killer, Tablet naprosyn is better choice

For prophylaxis you may take propranolol according to your blood pressure, or flunarizine or topiramate.

My opinion is you contact doctor near to you and after proper history taken by...
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I m having migraine since twenty years. I experience cloudy spots and after that flashes of light in zigzag shape at the corners of eyes it lasts for about 20 to 30 mints then it goes away and I feel throbbing pain at one side of my head . I take pons ton forte or Brufen 400 mg but it is not so effective. Please recommend some medication. I have migraine once or twice a month.
It seems from the history that you are having migraine. Cloudy spots, flashes of light are the common prodromal symptoms of the migraine.
The treatment of the migraine in acute phase is by use of analgesics and by use of ergot alkaloids.
Since you are having recurrent attacks of migraine...
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I am 43 and have suffered migraine with aura for several years. Iv recently read that low oestrogen can be a cause but can also be a risk of ovarian and breast cancer . Yet in another article migraine suffers are believed to be less at risk of breast cancer. Confused? I am!
Its still not established whether low estrogen really causes migraine. However you may stop worrying about the low estrogen because a history of migraine is a contraindication for the prescription of the same. You may continue with non hormone drugs for prophylaxis of migraine. hope that...
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i m migraine problem since 1 year.and i m taking vesograine medicine so pls guide me what are the side effects of this medicine.and let me know the others tablets names and i have illergy in sunlight but it increase in witer also .pls tell what is the precaution for winter.
If migraine attacks are less than 3/month just take pain killers like vasograin or migranil or naxdom or tab riza sos. It frequency and duration of attacks increase you will need prophylaxis like propanolol, sibelium, topiramate etc. Ergotamine is effective in some patients, but it has many side...
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my son suffers from major depression and has been suffering from migraines for a little over a year now. hes seen numerous doctor and they have not been able to get to find out what is causing them. now he has started suffering from severe nightmares almost nightly. any suggestions on what type of doctor to try to get him in with to address the nightmare issues because they are sevearly starting to interfer with his everyday life

The nightmares may be related to major depressive disorder and if so, treatment of depression can provide relief in nightmares as well. In my opinion, you should discuss the issue of nightmares with the psychiatrist who is treating your son and not think of involving a new specialist without...
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i lost the periphery vision in my right eye but when i ate it came back. my doctor has referred me to an opthamologist because he thinks i have migraine. my sugar levels keep dropping since my visit to the doctor. could that have something to do with the vision loss
do complete eye checkup. refraction, measurement of IOT. fundus examination. ocular muscle mov ment should be checked. are you diabetic? if so glycolated hemoglobin may be checked.
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hi doctors, as my 15 yrs daughter diagnose with migraine, as family doctor suggested vasograine tablet, n also to see migraine specialist.she consume daily one tablet,my worry is, any side effect of vasograine tablets n second things is parmanent curable or no?

Thank you for posting your query.

I have noted your daughter's diagnosis and treatment plans.

Vasograin is a medicine for relieving the headache, and it should not be used daily. At the most, only four tablets of vasograin can be taken per week.

Since she has frequent headaches, she should be...
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hello i am 44 years old female suffering from migraine pain i take rizaro with naxdom 250 it used to get relief within 2 hours but now its only little less but still pain right side whole morning to night?? what to eat during that time and how to cure..??? please HELP
You can go for migon tab 250 mg and a paracetamol for pain for one week and migon for 2 weeks.
-Dr Gunjan
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