What is Microlith?

A microlith is a small stone tool usually made of flint or chert and typically a centimetre or so in length and half a centimetre wide. It is produced from either a small blade (microblade) or a larger blade-like piece of flint by abrupt or truncated retouching, which leaves a very typical piece of waste, called a microburin. The microliths themselves are sufficiently worked so as to be distinguishable from workshop waste or accidents.

Two families of microliths are usually defined: laminar and geometric. An assemblage of microliths can be used to date an archeological site. Laminar microliths are associated with the end of the Upper Paleolithic and the beginning of the Epipaleolithic era; geometric microliths are characteristic of the Mesolithic and the Neolithic. Geometric microliths may be triangular, trapezoid or lunate. Microlith production generally declined following the introduction of agriculture (8000 BCE) but continued later in cultures with a deeply rooted hunting tradition.

Regardless of type, microliths were used to form the points of hunting weapons, such as spears and (in later periods) arrows, and other artifacts and are found throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. They were utilised with wood, bone, resin and fiber to form a composite tool or weapon, and traces of wood to which microliths were attached have been found in Sweden, Denmark and England. An average of between six and eighteen microliths may often have been used in one spear or harpoon, but only one or two in an arrow.

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Hi my girlfriend is experiencing some abnormal symptoms, she is 24 years old. She always used to have her period for 5 to 6 days but for past two...

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overall looks normal...its stress she has to control

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Going by the...

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I had an Sonogram done of scrotal sac wherein Microliths have been detected specially in left testicle >Doctor advised for AFP & Beta HCG test...

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Microliths in the testis are commonly associated with testicular cancer. However, presence of microliths on the...

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Hi there - I am 28Y/M. I have recently gone through routine master health check up and noticed

1) Ultrasound - Right renal microliths less than 3mm...

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Every thing seems very much alright, just nothing to worry, in my opinion routine medical checkup has to be done after...

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