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Hi my partner has an infected cyst in his mouth on the lower jaw, we have been to his dentist and we were prescribed amoxillin and metrondazole to take at the same time as the infection is very bad and has caused alot of swelling to his face and neck. He has been taking amoxicillin for 3 days and started taking metrondazole yesterday, but as I said the swelling has not gone down and the infection area has gone rock hard? Is this normal? Please Help
Hello and thanks for the query
In my personal opinion your antibiotic is not effective on the bacteria that is causing infection. You may need to change the antibiotic to a effective antibiotic which is more effective and able to control the infection. If their is any discharge of pus or any kind...
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I have what looks like to be an infected cyst on my breast. I have had it drained once about two years ago; it was not a pleasant experience. The results came back non-cancerous. It is infected again and I know it must be drained but it was no a pleasant experience. The most pain I have ever experienced. Can I try to drain it by puncturing it like a pimple? Should I be concerned and see a doctor immediately to drain it?
Hi greetings from may be suffering from infected sebaceous cyst which has to be drained because it is very painful otherwise it will turn into an abscess.It is not malignant but reccurence is common so you should not try todrain it like a have to consult your surgeon and drain...
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ive had this bump on my lip for 3 days and it hurts when i touch it

It can be an infected cyst, you will require antibiotics. Better to consult an ENT specialist and follow the advice.

Dr. Naveen Kumar
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Hi I have a very hard, bony feeling lump on the ridge that separates the soft and hard pallete. It is painful off and on. I had similar symptoms about a year ago and went into a oral specialist, who stated that it was an infected cyst. He prescribed penicillin which immediately cleared it up. Do you think this might be the same thing? Or is it something much scarier? Can cysts become infected again and again?
hi , thnx for your query,swelling might be of salivary gland in origin. please do go to oral and maxillofacial surgeon for this. yes cysts have the chance of getting infected. you said that it is recurring, please get a BIOPSY for that swelling. later depending on the result treatment can be...
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Hi doctor i had an allergic reaction i donot know what was that it become a pimple like having white thick substance in that i picked that out but skin around it filled with some watery substance in damged skin has healed now but skin is black my colour is face n it look like dark spot a physician gave me betnovate n to treat that can i use this to imptove that black or u can say brown type of spot
Hello and welcome to HCM,

It seems like you had an infected cyst and now it has healed with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Consult your physician and try topical depigmenting agents like hydroquinone or kojic acid.

Hope it helped.
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I have this sort of boil/huge pimple that has not yet formed a white head or such on my inner thigh, I ve gotten a few of them lately, mostly on my inner thighs though it s been a bit since the last one and the amount is starting to lessen, it s big and they usually take some time before they go away either by themselves or through popping, what is it?
Thanks for the query.

You might have developed an infected cyst.


Along with this oral as well as topical antibiotics are must.

The choice of antibiotic can be best based on culture and sensitivity.

Please meet a dermatologist and discuss regarding this....
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I had a surgery last year on my lower back to remove an infected cyst and now ever since after the surgery i keep getting hard things that feels like the cyst in the same area and they will form a head and drain green/yellow pus with alot of blood then they will go away and come right back after a ouple of weeks or months. why does this keep happening when i had surgery to get it removed ? Also each time they come back the pain is more painful to the point where i cant walk :,(.
it seems to be an infection of the discharge is green it could be pseudomonas infection which you could have contacted during your hospital stay as it is a common hospital acquired infection, bring this to your treating doctor's attention as soon as possible.
take care.
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Hello, two days ago my doctor gave me a course of 500mg flucloxacillin for infected cyst on my arm. Now the dentist has just put me on 500mg amoxicillin for a bad and painful tooth infection. I was so terrified at the dentist I forgot to tell her about the flucloxacillin! My question is can I take both of these antibiotic courses at the same time or would it be dangerous? Thank you
Welcome to HCM,
You do not require both the medicine at a time.
You might have informed about the medicine you are taking, so he might not have prescribed Amoxicillin.
Flucloxacillin is good antibiotic and will work for dental infection as well.
So discontinue any one medicine after...
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Hi, I am currently taking antibiotics for an infected cyst under my arm pit. They are waiting for the infection to clear before they will remove the cyst. Last night it popped a little bit and puss and blood came out, but now it has left 3 little hole looking things. Do you know what this is? and will it heal with the anti biotics?

You might be suffering from infected sebaceous cyst for which you were prescribed antibiotics.

If it has drained itself, infection might clear with antibiotics. But still you will have to get the remaining wall of cyst removed otherwise this might recur.

Hope this helps

Dr. Rajat...
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