What is Hypothyroidism?

It is the reduced secretion of the normal thyroid hormones that is T3 and T4, leading to clinical manifestations of thyroid insufficiency, including low metabolic rate, tendency to gain weight, somnolence, and sometimes myxedema.

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I recently discovered Lemon Balm Extract and like using it. However, I have hypothyroidism and currently take Levothyroxin. Can Lemon Balm Extract safely be used in patients with hypothyroidism?
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No data

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There is no scientific evidence to support the use of the product you are referring to. The only medication recommended to treat hypothyroidism is levothyroxine which you are already taking. To the best of my knowledge there is no published literature that...
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Dear Doctor,

My female friend has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism type 2. To treat this, she has been advised by her doctor to take NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) together with adrenal gland tablets. She has there for been using Nature Throid for a while now and she has reached the dose where she is using 1,5 grain which equals 56mcg of T4 and 13,5mcg T4. The pills also contain 17mg of calcium per 1 grain. This dose is taken once a day in the morning.

The pills at this dose don't make any difference to her hypothyroidism symptoms. When she tries to raise the dose by 1/4 grain, she suffers from head ache. She has been on 1,5 grain for at least a year now.

Please give me your take on this. Does she need to raise the dose and in that case, how can this be done without sufferfing from head ache? Could the dose be "ok" but something else be interfering with the treatment?

Thanks for writing in. The most important thing in your friend's case is to determine if the TSH is in normal range. The goal of treatment of hypothyroidism is to keep thyroid hormone levels and TSH in normal range. Dose which maintains TSH in normal range has to be continued in long term. If...
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Hi doctor,I am 43 yrs old female.My Eyebrows are thinning and I have hypothyroidism too.Is it safe to use regaine 2% on my eyebrows?Will there be any shedding of hair and if I discontinue to use it will I loose more hair than already is the case? Pl advise.
Regaine contains minoxidil which is used for treatment of hair loss.

As you have told in the history that you are having eye brow thinning because of hypothyroidism. Regaine can be used to treat the condition. However you need to get treatment for underlying hypothyroidism to prevent...
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hello! this is sharmin. i've been suffering from severe hair loss since the last 2 years... and i am a patient of hypothyroidism. i am extremely tensed about my hair loss... its getting thinner day by day... what can i do to regrow hair? and to stop hair fall? and what vitamins do i need to take to regrow hair?
Hello and welcome to HCM,
You seem to be suffering from excessive hair fall commonly seen with hypothyroidism. Though your levels maybe normal , the overall hair growth and rate of growth may be affected more in your case,even on treatment.
I hope your thyroid levels are in check.

In your case,...
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my 17 year old daughter was diagnosed today with graves disease, the dr told us this would result in her thyroid being distroyed by anitodies and so he prescribed levothyroxine...her symptoms all fit graves, bulging eye, weight loss etc...but he says this graves will result in hypothyroidism....everything online says she must have hyperthrodism

Thank you for the query.

Graves' disease is diagnosed when hyperthyroidism is confirmed by thyroid hormonal result and positive anti TSH receptor antibodies.

There is a another rare condition called ''Taki-hashimoto'', where Hashimoto is represented as hyperthyroidism (due to rapid destruction...
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hello i am 21years old am i m a hypothyroidism patient since 10months i m using thyronorm 100mcg after 3months i got my values normal now i am worried with this tablet because i m feeling tired n my bones are getting weak is what i feel can i shift myself to 50mcg?
If you are feeling weak and tired you must check up une more time your thyroid function tests because this are signs of hypothyroidism and in this situation you must increase the dose of thyronorm and not decrease it.
Read Full Thread     Ask a Doctor Now » 27 years old..i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when i was 10 years old..i had eltroxin for almost 10years, then my doctor told me to discontinue taking this medicine since my tests were normal...but now i have suddenly gained weight after marriage..since the past 1year i must have gained atleast 10kgs..can this be because of hypothyroidism?
I read carefully your concern and understood your query.
If the thyroid hormonal level has resulted to be normal while you where under levothyroxine treatment, it means that you have been taking the wright dose.
If the doctor iintende to stop the treatment, at lleas he should recommend you...
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hi,sir im 26yrs old im suffering with hypothyroidism,my t3,t4,tsh values are 10ng/dl(normal range is 60-200),150.00 (NR 0.3-5.5).since 10 days im taking tablets like thyronorm dosage 75mg before breakfast,thyrowel after lunch.can i plan for pregnancy after 2months.
Better to plan for pregnancy after confirming thyroid normalcy as hypothyroidism can affect the pregnancy outcome.
So, please repeat the thyroid profile after two months then plan accordingly.
Take care.
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i'm suffering from hypothyroidism. I don't know what diet should i follow? Cause some said i should not eat cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, why? what is the reasoni wnt to know please help me. what diet should be followed for hypothyroidism and what not?
Hello and thank you for asking!
Hypothyroidism, also called underactive thyroid or low thyroid, is a common disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone.

Too little iodine in the diet is the most common cause of hypothyroidism, but in people...
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Hi,Am suffering from hypothyroidism which in turn caused huge hair loss & hair thinning,My Doc said Eldervit 12 inj taken once a week for 7 weeks will be helpful for hair loss.

Also thyronorm 100mcg has been given for hypothyroidism with a calcium tab

Is that okay to go-ahead with this one

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Hi doctor, I am paromita. I have hypothyroidism problem and taking eltroxin 100 mg. I am suffering hair falls problem from last two years. 8 months back I checked my iron, it was good but serrum ferritin level was 17 . so I was taking fefolz and after 4 month ferritin lebel increased to 36. Then I stopped my medicine and now again my serrum ferritin lebel is 23. my hair falls has increased. So what should I do now ? How long I should take iron tablet?

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Hi, I have had a fluttery feeling in my throat off and on for a couple of weeks and /or palpitations.Also a sensation that there is something in there or in my upper chest. Heart rate is regular, no other symptoms. I am hypothyroid for many years. It is not severe, just bothers me and I worry what it is.

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I am 23 years old. i have goitre. My TSH is elevated but Free T3 and T4 are normal.I even have irregular periods. That is I have menstrual interval of nearly 45 days.Recently I am experiencing tightening of throat as if someone is holding my neck tight. Doctors say I have no thyroid disorder and they didnt give me any medication. Pls help me

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doctor1 MD

what could cause chills all the time with no fever

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My Mother is 67 years old. For past few months, she has been suffering from black patches and itching in her lower right leg. She consulted an ayurvedic specialist and took up prescribed medicines. The diagnosis was impurities in blood and the...

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