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What is HIV?

Abbreviation for human immunodeficiency virus .

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How hard is it to contract HIV?

I am a 26 y/o male. 69 inches and about 140 pounds. I have had unprotected sex with another male and my last HIV test was about a year ago with a negative result. I am concerned that even though the test was negative I may still be positive. I know that I am supposed to take a test six months after and then again six months later just to be sure. Could I be walking around with HIV and not know it?
I am afraid, the answer is yes. Unprotected Anal sex is a high risk activity and the receptive partner irs more at risk.One year old report has no validity if the person is consistently having exposures.I suggest you go the nearest Govt health facility (ICTC -Integated Counselling and Testing...
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I am man, I am having doubt of HIV+ due to yesterdays intercourse. I use condom during Climax intercourse. Before Climax intercourse i put my penis in vagina but condom get slipped at that time. I remove my penis at that time, are there chances of HIV +. I do not know whether my partner was HIV + or not.
Thanks for the consult,

Brief answer,
Moderate chance of hiv infection

1. As you mentioned already that the condom used only at the end of intercourse and then after some time the condom slips.
2. There is the possible chance of hiv infection because using the condom during...
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Is it possible that I'm HIV positive after test negative 11 months after exposure? I had unprotected vaginal and anal sex with a girl I found out was HIV positive. She had baby for me the baby is HIV negative. The HIV positive woman(shirnell bingham) her doctor told me that I had been exposed to HIV. I got tested 11 months after me and the girl did what we did. They took two tubes of blood I don't know what kind of test it was but the result were given over the phone in a hour, or two. Is it still possible that I'm HIV positive after testing negative 11 months after unprotected intercourse? I will get another test next year.
Welcome to HCM.

After a negative HIV test 11 months after the last high risk contact assures that you are HIV free and there is no possibility for you to become HIV positive without a fresh exposure (immaterial what was type of test). You are a sero-discordant individual. Nothing to worry.
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Hi, I got my HIV test done yesterday. I got physically involved with a girl 2 weeks back and here is what the report said:

HIV Combo(p24Ag,HIV1Ab,HIV2Ab),Serum by CMIA Negative (0.13) Negative:Less than or equal to 1.00 Index

Could you please explain this to me?
Hi, i understood your worries. It simply means you tested HIV negative but you would need to do another HIV test 3 months after because when you come into contact with the virus, the test dose no turn positive immediately.
I wish you good health
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I recieved an unprotected oral sex 38 days back. I was only the reciever and the incident happened for like 30 secs. I took a HIV PCR real time QUANTITATIVE TEST after 30 days and the result came as "less than detection limit". What does this mean? Can i take these results as confirmatory and move on in life. I am very confused. Pls advice. I dont have any hiv symptoms and also any cuts or sores in my penis.
Hello and welcome to XXXXXXX

Thank you for writing to us.

A HIV PCR test is considered quite specific and sensitive. It is usually used for early detection of HIV. The test can be conducted 2-3 weeks after contact with a HIV-infected person. So, a duration of 30 days is quite sufficient.

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Had possible exposure with girl(s) in July-Aug 2007 (unprotected oral sex receptive and vaginal sex w/ condom). Had 5 HIV ELISA test since then. Last two where in Oct 10 and Nov 10. Since that time, I have had swollen lymph nodes in groin area, and now swollen lymph nodes in my neck which started in Mar, 2010. They say swollen but my HIV ELISA test (Oct and Now, 2010) where negative. All three test before those two dates where also negative. Is there a possiblity of my HIV ELISA test being false negative? Can I say I don't have HIV?
Thank you for query.the dates are too old and you would have had the disease diagnosed by now.Once the tests ELISA are repeatedly negative at different time of testing there is no possibility of HIV.It may be due to other causes like infections in the area of lymph node drainage or lymphomas...
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This is related to HIV and its Transmission.
I had a handjob from an unknown person recently . Just the handjob nothing else.

I am little worried I did a mistake and may be I will caught with HIV .

Could you let me know what are all the chances that I can caught with HIV if I a massager done a Handjob for 3 mins and then I ejaculated.

What other chances of getting any STD's by Handjob.


Welcome to HCM,

If hand is healthy, chances of HIV transmission through handjob are negligible.

If he was not suffering with ulcers on his hand, chance of transmission of other STD is also negligible.

Thus if you have not allowed him oral sex, you should not worry.

To remove anxiety, you...
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Hai doctor I had protected sex after that after 17 days pcr rna test is been given it came not detected in 100 copies how reliable is that ,my fear is that some sites say that condoms will have holes which r not visible but HIV virus can pass.should I go for any other test for conformation which could be early which can clearly my anxiety plz help me
Welcome and thanks for posting your query to HCM.
RNA PCR is the latest and best test for detecting HIV virus at the most early stage. There is no other test which can detect the virus at the 2nd week of exposure or so earlier. In your case is negative so at the first and foremost kindly...
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Dear Doc, I would like to ask u, I am currently in CHINA, and due to the cold climate, I have cracked lips , recently I had kissed a girl whom Im seeing for a awhile and she too has cracked lips, but the problem is she did bite me hard on my lower lips until it swell , and in addition, I have weak gums (i.e. when I brush my teeth and gums I can taste or split out a little blood), am I at risk of HIV?
Welcome to HCM,
If a girl who kissed you is having HIV then you are high risk of having HIV, because,
1,you have got cracked lips,
2,you have bleeding gums,
3,she had cracked lips.
Through blood, wound, saliva HIV virus can enter in the body.
After 3 months go for HIV testing.
ok and...
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