What is Granuloma?

It is a collection of immune cells known as macrophages. Granulomas form when the immune system attempts to wall off substances that it perceives as foreign but is unable to eliminate.

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i m concerned for my brother. he has an intermittent low-grade fever, left lower quadrant pain, had a granuloma show up on on his lung xray, and also has elevated liver enzymes from recent bloodwork. our mother is convinced it is cancer. he is being treated for diverticulitis as a result of fever , constipation, pain. the enzymes and nodule showed up during his workup.

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Thank you for your query.

First of all, as he is being treated for diverticulitis, this must mean a diagnosis was made.

Let us talk about a granuloma. A granuloma is the body's response to a foreign substance which it could not eliminate, or throw out, thus a collection...

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I was told that I have a small posterior vocal process granuloma probably caused by reflux and constantly trying to clear my throat. What are the chances of this granuloma being a malignant lesion. Is clinical diagnoses pretty reliable.
I quit smoking 15 years ago.
I was told to return in a month following treatment for reflux.
Do you think I may need a biopsy. I think you answered my previous question on this,however I would like to know if this finding could lead to other issues with the larynx such as cancer.

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Thanks for the query

1. What are the chances of this granuloma being a malignant lesion?
A: With regards to the past history of smoking, your age and the acid reflux, the probability of granuloma turning malignant is approximately 25-30%.

2. Is clinical diagnoses pretty reliable?
A: Yes, if...

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Hi sir my name is hari krishna i want to know the reasons regarding ct scan to brain inference as mentioned below "healed granulomas in right temporo-perietal and occipital cortex and left frontal sub cortical region.otherwise no significant abnormailty detected." this is the inference that is found in my mothers ct scan report so plz give me some medical advice plz

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Thanks for writing in.

You might be having old infection by neurocysticercosis in the brain (above mentioned areas). When the worm is alive it multiples but when it dies it gets calcified and that is what is seen in your CT scan. If you have seizures, you must take anti epileptic medications...

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I have pain on the left side around and below my ribs. This has become more constant over the past few months and rarely goes away. I also have many granuloma in this area - a growing number - which seems to have also spread further into my chest and down into my abdomen. I have had x-rays and CT scans in the past (most recently around a year ago) that stated I have calcified granuloma. Blood tests are normal except for slightly elevated calcium level on a regular basis.

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Welcome to XXXXXXX forum.

Let me know your current blood sugar status both fasting and postprandial.
Do you have radiation of pain from back to front of chest?

With the available described symptoms, there appears to be high possibility of encroachment of calcified granulomas on nerve...

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hi sister got surgery n the germs reports are HISTOPATHOLOGY REPORT Specimen:inguinal lymph node Gross:gray brown piece of tissue measuring 2*1.5*1 cm microscopy: sections reveals a lymph node,containing multiple granulomas composed of epithelioid cells with multinucleated langhan's giant cells there is no evidence of malignancy diagnosis=chronic granulomatous lymphadenitis. consistent with tuberculosis. cud u plz tell me wts it mean?..:/

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Thanks for writing to HCM

Your sister report suggests tuberculosis lymphadenitis,it means lymph nodes are enlarged and infected due to tuberculous infection.
As diagnosis is confirmed,she need anti-tubercular drugs.
She will be alright after treatment.

Hope i have answered your query.

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I have had bronchial and now nasal congestion on and off since the end of December. I was put on antibiotics which didn t do much. I saw an allergist who performed the skin test and no allergies showed up. It is not asthma. I was put on Allegra and Nasonex , which didn t help much. I had a chest xray which only showed some granulomas but nothing significant. I was most recently put on prednisone and a stronger nasal spray to reduce inflammation and dry up the nasal passages. However, I am done with the prednisone and today I am still congested. My next step is to get a sinus cat scan. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS??? I often cannot fully speak because there is so much snot and phlegm in my nasal area. It s gross!!

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Granulomas in the upper airways (nose) or lower airways (lung) needs proper evaluation.
The differential diagnoses:
1. ANCA positive vasculitides - that require exclusion with ANCA, MPO PR3 blood tests, urea creatinine. If PR3 is positive, Wegener's granulomatosis is a distinct...

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Hello sir, my mother(age 50,weight 60) had been suffering pain in the left knee joint for the past 4 months..the doctor which she had consulted told her to have CT Scan of her brain..The scan report showed Calcified granuloma in right parafalcine region..sir i would like to know what is a calcified granuloma and is it the main cause of her knee pain..the doctor treating her had given medicines of Calcium reformation thinking that it might be a case of arthritis .she is also a diabetic for the past 12 years..plzz help me out sir..

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Since your Mum is in her 50s the Calcium-Vitamin D supplement given is to prevent Osteoporosis and to treat Vitamin D deficiency induced bone and joint pain. The granuloma can be due to many reasons commonly TB, Syphilis, Sarcoidosis. Since she has joint pain,...

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i am jeannette,i diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in my right lung(last lobe )6years ago.i was put on wafarin for 2yrs.7 months ago because of an accuit pain i was having in my chest, ,a CT scan was done and the result show a calcified granuloma.what can i do to disolve the granuloma?

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Generally calcified granuloma is an incidental finding and it doesn't require any treatment.
It shows healed stage of infection.It is not active at all.
Infection naturally heals by fibrosis and calcification.
Calcified granuloma is not related to your symptoms.Chest pain may be due to some...

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I had a chest xray done because i had texted positive fof t tb . The xray came back with me having calcified granuloma. I also have bacteria vagnosis . Can you give me some input. Am i going to die soon? Do i have cancer. I have been dealing with this bacteria vaginosis for a very long time also taking medine as we speak and it won't go away. Please in the name of Jesus help me.

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Brief Answer:
Do not worry, detailed answer below

Detailed Answer:
Hi J.ritch59,
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read your query and would like you to take things easy.

There are many tests for TB being done these days, having said that I would like to know which test you have tested positive...

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Dear Sir, My problem started with dry cough which stayed for 2 months and then with CT scan I was diagnosed with granulomas in my lung . I have been gone through endoscopy whose report says.. Multiple lymph nodes of varying size in Mediastinum . Pathological report from the samples taken from this lymph node says.. Necrotizing Granulomatous inflammation consistent with Koch s .few Langhann s cells were also seen but stain for AFB is negative....Based on this I am on 6 month of medication for Tuberculosis (PPD tests for tuberculosis was Negative even I have vaccinated for BCG) out of which I have just completed 1 month. Now I am having a lump on the base of neck and collar bone on right side....Figure from endoscopy does show enlarged lymp node on both side of the neck at somehow exact place but I am not very sure..Could you advise me something?????????????????

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Necrotizing granulomas and langhan`s giant cells are typical of tb infection and you have been already been diagnosed with tb infection. The lymph node at the base of your neck is also part of the same disease. You have already been started on treatment and you should continue it without any...

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Please let me know if Hyperthermia(whole body/local) treatment with combination of Radio & Chemotherapy [Thermo-Radio-Chemo combination ] is applicable & effective at nanavati center.

Dear Sir
Please let me know if I am eligible for Hyperthermia(whole body/local) treatment with combination of Radio & Chemotherapy [Thermo-Radio-Chemo combination to overcome the cancer resistance against chemo alone or radio alone ]
Current Complaints

Metastatic adenocarcinoma in lung. Adenocarcinoma spread in both lung.
History : treated for endometrum cancer at Kidwai Memorial Institute Of Oncology Bangalore in Dec 2010. Surgery followed by radiotherapy was done for endometrium. Hot spot in lung in Dec 2010 PET scan was considered as Granuloma due to no uptakes shown in PET scan. Now CT scan & biopsy (through EBUS) technique confirmed that it's adenocarcinoma type of tissues. Origin has been confirmed: It's endometrium (Uterus). We met pulmonologist Dr Ravindra M Mehta (Appolo, Bangalore) and he suggested Stenting to ease the breating as there is 90% blockage of right lung airways. Oncologist at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology , Bangalore have been suggested Chemeotherepy as next step. But before that they decided for stenting to cure 90% blockage (due to tumor) to improve the patient condition.
Stenting is done [Right Bronchus].

brief clinical history- history of endometrial adenocarcinoma.
specimen-EBUS- Transbronchial needle aspiration of mediastinal lymphnode

Gross Examjnation- received 10 H and E stained slides.
2 slides- Station 4R, 2 slides- Station 11L, 2 slides- Station 4L, 4 slides- Station 7

cytological features are suggestive of metastatic adenocarcinoma- Station 4R, 11L, 4L AND 7

Treatment for recurrent cancer (no reoccurrence at surgical site but spread in bilateral lung):

Has gone through 10 cycles of chemo (weekly) with below regimen (at Mzumder shaw cancer center under supervision of Dr Vineeta Binoy & Dr Bharat):

Carbo platin (kemocarb) : 130 mg
Abraxane (nano particle drug delivery for paclitexal): 200mg
Neopojen (Growth colony factor- GSF-300 mcg for two continuous day after every round of chemo)

Before the above regimen, she had gone through one round of below chemo:


As she could not tolerate the very first regimen (Cis platin based), she was put on 9 cycles of second regimen (as described above).


Plural effusion gone
Good response as tumor shrank (largest lession before chemo was 3.2 cm, now after chemo it's reduced to 1.5 cm).
Medistinal lymphnodes also reduced in size.

Please refer the latest PET scan report

Please let me know if I am eligible for Hyperthermia(whole body/local) treatment with combination of Radio & Chemotherapy [Thermo-Radio-Chemo combination to overcome the cancer resistance against chemo alone or radio alone ]
Premavati Shukla
52 Y (Female)

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I have granuloma annulare. It started on the backs of both hands 5 years ago and has spread to both upper arms, behind both knees, andnow spots on thighs and upper back. I saw 2 derma and both said nothing can be done. I do not have diabetes or thyroid issues.

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I was diagnosed with extrapulmonary TB in September 2010 while previously treated for sarcoidosis. I do have granulomas. After 5weeks on Rifafour e-275, I actually feel even just as bad, but for the shivers. I suffer cracking headaches in the morning and back acke. My left backside (i think it is the spleen) aches constantly and is tender and painful when sitting against a chair. Couldmy spleen be infected an d what else. Im female 54yrs of age. Very depressed feelings bug me constantly- as if I dont care at all.

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hello i had a canaloplasty, mastoiductomy and tympanoplasty last week. however, it was revealed during the surgery that granuloma tissues that were spotted in the mastoid proccess were extending to the inner ear as well, and those were not removed due to fear of more complications of the inner ear mechanism. is it safe to keep the granulomas attached to the inner ear ? are inner ear surgeries to remove granuloma considered safe? what are the potential complications and risks if left like this? To give u a history, i had ear infections right from childhood and due to itching very often, i had the habit of using ear buds atleast once a day for sure. the itching is always to a point only, which created a retraction pocket in the ear drum. as discharges got frequent that did not subside even after repeated antibiotics usage, i met a surgeon who took a ct to confirm that the honeycomb cells in the middle ear are fully covered with pus/infection/tissue and that a surgery was required to be carried out to remove the granuloma tissues of the middle ear. however, the ct did not reveal that the granuloma was going into the inner ear also, which was visible only through the microscope and during the surgery. i get buzzing sound of the ear even after the surgery (today is the 8th day of the surgery).

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I was diagnosed with intermittent testicular torsion 3 years ago and had orchiopexy performed with non absorbable sutures. Before the surgery my testicle would be backwards (180 degrees) 90% of the time or more and I had pain every day from it....

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Hi I had a CT scan in February 2017 that revealed 2 lung nodules. In august another scan revealed 2 more. Another scan is scheduled in February 2018. Should I get a second opinion? Should I be concerned?

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Hi. so I have had annular granulomas on my shin that keep speading for 5 years and will not go away with steroids or methotrexate . I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid and RA in the meantime. I was only seen at a rheumatologist because my...

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