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Hi my father had stomach cancer, it was not spread to any other organ but lymph nodes were affected, so they staged it as stage 4. There was surgery in XXXXXXX 12 and 6 sessions of chemo completed in july '12 and he was back to normal apetite and life within a span of 2 - 3 months. Again in Feb'2013 he had stomache ache, abdominal peritonitis, and pus formation in the stomach near the belly button, doctor said it is a recurrence of stomach cancer, but non of diagnosis confirmed it, there was evidence of cancer found in CT scan, ultrasound, FNSC , finally they found the fluid to be positive of tuberculosis. He had small surgery to drain out the pus, more than 1 kg of pus oozed out within a weeks period. Still he has the drain pipe and small amount of serum is coming out. He could not even drink a spoonfull of water, he had lot bile reflux when he was admitted. Now after the surgery he is able to eat in small quantities and has been put on tuberculosis medication. Doctors are still not sure of the diagnosis. They have asked to continue with TB medicine for 2 months an dthen again reconduct the tests. What is the outlook?

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Dear Ma'am,

Sorry to hear about your father's condition. In India, tuberculosis is very common and we have seen quite a few cases getting affected by abdominal tuberculosis after cancer (because cancer lowers the body's immunity to fight infections). As tests during the surgery have confirmed the...

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Hi, My daughter is 21 yrs old. She has been under a lot of stress. She has been having symptoms such as: fatigue, stomach pain, some bloody mucus stools, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite. She is adopted and the only health information we had on the birth mother's was that the birth mother's mother had stomach cancer. Could this possibly be my daughter's problem.

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Hi ! Did your daughter frequently have food from outside like fast and fried food ? This could have caused some stomach and intestinal infection resulting in the bloody mucus stools, nausea, and loss of appetite. The fast food from outside also may contain some ingredients in them to which she...

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Hi, Im 30 I have some sort o fat nodule in my arms and stomach, One in which is next to my belly button and hurts. My stomach seems to have pushed up a lot leaving my gut just flabby and nothing else, can even tuck my gut up into my stomach now. Been the doc he thinks I have trapped wind but doesnt seem right. Im rather worried and think it could be stomach cancer.

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Thanks for posting your query.

I think it would be a lipoma.

Lipoma is a fatty swelling.

It is called universal tumor.

It is called so, since it can occur in any part of the body.

It is usually benign and you can get it excised for cosmetic reasons.

If you are worried thinking it to be a...

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symptoms of stomach cancer in last stage and what will we do

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Thanks for posting your query on the forum. Last stage of stomach cancer means the cancer has spread to nearby tissues and to lymph nodes further away from the tumor, or it has spread to other parts of the body causing metastasis.

You have got done surgery treatment for the...

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Hi, my 62 year old brother was diagnosed with stage four gastric cancer in July. He was told he had approx 6 months to live. 2 wks ago he had a collapsed lung due to ascites, They took out 4 liters of fluid. A week after they took out 5 litres in the abdominal area. 2 days after he says that his abdominal area is again blotted. My question is ;How long do patients usually live when ascites sets in? Thanks

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Hello dear
Warm welcome to

I have evaluated your query for your brother .

* As per the narration , the mortality rate in advanced cancer is very high .
Survival rate is around less than 1 year in majority of the cases with this
severity .

Wish him good health till last ....

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I spit up very yellow phelms thoughout the day. I have nasal congestion plus pressure and headache. I also feel nauseous. My chest and stomach feels tight when I breath. I'm also sneezing alot. For 4 days now i experiencing these symtoms. Along with that I have a feeling that my stomach is full and bloated. When I breath my chest feels tight with no coughing. I'm 28 years old. My rare concern is two unrealated symptoms and i'm scare of stomach cancer because i know it might cause bloating and feeling full. I had endoscopy done about a year and a half ago and it was clean.

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Hello and thank you for submitting your question.

First of all I would like to reassure you that I am very very confident that you do not have stomach cancer. The symptoms would you have reported are not specific for any type of cancer.

The other symptoms what you have reported are more...

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I have had some discomfort with my stomach for a few months. went to doctor for general health exam. all bloodwork was good , no bleeding in stool or urine. not anemic , negative for h pylori symptons are like an ulcer. just wondered how long would it take to realize I had gastric cancer?

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thank you for trusting HCM

dear nothing to worry, stomach discomfort may be due to gastritis,or irritable bowel or celiac disease or malobsorption or dysentery etc. malignancy common in old age with smoking and alcohol history,also may present with weight loss with generalised weakness....

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Hi I have been lost 5lb in the past week in my weight. I have felt sick and nausea a few times and also have a blood taste in my mouth. I keep burping all the time, and really loose when go to toilet even though I suffer with diabetes.

I have noticed a lump right underneath my breastbone, looks a white pale colour from the outside. My parents think its a bite, bit I think its stomach cancer or a tumour, please help I'm a big worrier and keep thinking i'm dying

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Thanks for the query,

From your question it is clear that you are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, epleptic fits. and you are taking medications for these conditions.

The chances are stomach cancer are almost NIL in your case, because the stomach cancer manifests in a different way,...

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I have been feeling bloated for a long time now and general loss of appetite. I seem to have some trouble voluntarily (swallowing motion, ie swallowing air) but have no trouble getting food down or loss of weight. My stomach always feel full. No pain in stomach and I had a fecial blood test months ago - and there was no blood. I do not generally see any blood in my stool but on the odd occation I think Ive very small amounts of blood on the toilet paper. also I do not feel nauseous ever. My mom has chrons disease.
I know these are symptoms of stomach cancer and Im really scared.

Tomorrow I am having a barium enema. My questions are as follows:

1. will the barium enema have any idea if I have stomach cancer? Can the doctor tell at all? I have to wait for another month before a barium meal xray
2. what other tests should I ask for? I am also scheduled to see an ear nose and throat specialist and also have a barium drink xrays - but both are not happenning for a few months and I am really scared and do not want to wait.
3. Do you think I have stomach or any other type or cancer

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Hi there.

Thanks for the query.

Do you have any soft swellings around your anus ?

Any pain while passing stool ?

Any upper abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn ?

From your clinical history, it appears you may be suffering from possible Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn's disease of...

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I've had two kidney stone surgeries and stent placements in the last two months. My last surgery was early January. I took toradol and hydrocodne for pain relief. The toradol was oral, iv and injection. I didn't take the toradol everyday and haven't taken it for about a month. I'm now have nausea, which is constant and gas, burping. No real stomach pain, but i do have food aversion and feel bloated. I was told the lining of my stomach is probably irritated and this may take weeks to heal. I've taken Nexium for 5 days. Two ct scans of my abdomen showed only the kidney stones. Everything else was normal. I'm a control freak and worry about stomach cancer. I haven't vomitted and there is no blood in my stool. What are your thoughts?

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Thank you for the query.

Your symptoms can be caused by peptic ulcer. As Toradol is and NSAID, like all other medicines from this group it gives peptic ulcers as a side effect. Some peptic ulcers dose not give any symptoms, some can give pain and some symptoms like yours. And there is...

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I recently had a colonoscopy and a endoscopy done, the colon is fine, but the dr found that in my biospy of my stomach red patches through out my stomach. He says that he hasnt seen this very often and doesnt know what it is or what its caused from. Now I have to go through small bowel capsule endoscopy to see if its threw out my small intestine . I have celiac sprue also for 8 years now and have lost alot of weight recently and also have diahreaa every day. I also have craping in pain in the middle of my belly along with bloating and nausea. Im worried that he does not know what this is, and have not been able to find anything on the internet about red patches. I seen the pictures and they are not ulcers, they are not bleeding the are really small and there is alot of them. any Idea of what this could be/

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I am a 29 year old male for last few years I have had 3 stomach bugs h pylori , blastocysts hominis, and just recently giardiasis I have been thru some major trauma as I m in and our region was hit by deadly quake and ongoing aftershocks since last 3years I have had excessive underarm sweating and left my job .my doctar has tried anxiety medication but sweating still remains what could this be I also have nausea and fatigue

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I woke up at about 1.30 in night due to uneasiness due to gastric problem but felt weakness in legs and hot flush. Went to doctor and ECg showed variation. Cornoary angio showed mild blockages not requiring anything other than medication. Next day ndoscopy showed ulcer in food pipe and stomach. I have been ecommended with Ranolaz OD and Cardivas 10 along with Tonact 40 and Clopilet A 75 for heart and Pentocid HP kit for ulcers for 40 days. My BP is 130/80. How long I have to be on medication for heart.

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I have been having problems with mucus in my stool , it s usually a yellow color and it either comes out in long strands or just lays in the water. My stool is not firm but either loose to not even together, instead it looks like dirt in water. When I am having this problem I have severe stomach cramps , and a lot of gas. Also I have several BMs in the range of a half hour, usually right after I eat or even drink sometimes. I have no known allergies to any foods. What do I do? This has been occurring for about 2 months.

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will laproscopy detect lymphnodes effected by adenocarcenomy tumor of the stomach prior to Gastrectmy

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For over nine months I have had excruciating pain in my upper left side. I have had a mri done. But nothing. It hurts more after I eat. I am on pain medicine and that is the only thing that seems to help besides taking anticaicids. The pain is...

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what does it mean if you have a thickning of the stomach wall

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