What is Gallstone?

A gallstone, also called a cholelith (), is a calculus (stone) formed within the gallbladder as a concretion of bile components. Lithiasis (stone formation) in the gallbladder is called cholelithiasis (). Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder but may pass distally into other parts of the biliary tract such as the cystic duct, common bile duct, pancreatic duct or the ampulla of Vater. Rarely, in cases of severe inflammation, gallstones may erode through the gallbladder into adherent bowel potentially causing an obstruction termed gallstone ileus.

Presence of gallstones in the gallbladder may lead to acute cholecystitis, an inflammatory condition characterized by retention of bile in the gallbladder and often secondary infection by intestinal microorganisms, predominantly Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Bacteroides species. Presence of gallstones in other parts of the biliary tract can cause obstruction of the bile ducts, which can lead to serious conditions such as ascending cholangitis or pancreatitis. Either of these two conditions can be life-threatening and are therefore considered to be medical emergencies.

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Enter Your question here...can gallbladder sludge and gallstones cause ur body to retain toxins. Actually question is this before I was diagnosed...

doctor1 MD

Thanks for posting your query.
I am Dr.Ratnakar and I am pleased to assist you.
No, gallbladder sludge and gallstones do not cause the body to...

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hi ive been having terrible pain on my right side at the top of my tummy i had a scan yest as gp thought i might have gallstones but my scan said...

doctor1 MD

Hello friend,

Your condition may be due to pancreatitis. You may please undergo USG again to rule out that. Get all the blood tests for evaluating...

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Hello my name is Melisa I have gallstones and my gallbladder is full of them and I have been having gallbladder attacks alot latley and now I am...

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Hello Melisa

Gall stones and gall bladder problems don't cause heart fluttering.
That may be what's called a supraventricular tachyarrhythmia and...

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