What is Fever?

Fever, also known as pyrexia and febrile response, This results in greater heat production and efforts to conserve heat. When the set-point temperature returns to normal a person feels hot, becomes flushed, and may begin to sweat. --> This is more common in young children. Fevers do not typically go higher than 41 to 42C.

A fever can be caused by many medical conditions ranging from the not serious to potentially serious. This includes viral, bacterial and parasitic infections such as the common cold, urinary tract infections, meningitis, malaria and appendicitis among others. Non-infectious causes include vasculitis, deep vein thrombosis, side effects of medication, and cancer among others.

Treatment to reduce fever is not required. Treatment; however, may increase comfort and help a person rest. Measures such as putting a cool damp cloth on the forehead and having a slightly warm bath may help. Hyperthermia does require treatment.

Fever is one of the most common medical signs.

Questions and answers on "Fever"

I have a 8 months old son. He is suffering from fever since last two days. I have consulted with one doctor and suggest me to give the following 1) crocin suspension paracetamol . 2) Oflomac I have already given 5 dose of crocin and 4 dose of oflomac. But now he got relief from fever. My question is : Is it possible to give dose both of the above medicine? Kindly suggest!
Hi mh ! Late reply for your question but it's ok to give paracetamol and oflomac togather. As para for fever give him when you feel he has fever, oflomac is antibiotic give him for regular 3 days. Dose depend upon child's age and weight.
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10 months daughter and she got fever from the past 2 days i ve 10 months daughter and she got fever from the past 2 days and i put crocine of 1.5ml for 4 times still she is having fever so every 4hrs i m putting but why fever is not reducing?
thanks for choosing health care magic.the normal dose of crocin is 15mg/kg/dose and can be given upto every 6 hours.If there are other symptoms like minor cough cold it could be viral fever.Give her plenty of liquids and light diet.If she is eating well and passing urine well there is no need to...
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Hi , my son is 1.5 years old. he is having fever for last 7 days which varies from 103 F to 100 F. Doctor prescribed syp brufine and syp septan. Brufine effects him only for 3-4 hours then again he gets fever. There is no improvement after taking the prescribed medicine for 3 days. i am very upset due to his fever. Doctor said its a viral infection but how long wil it take to get rid of fever?
fever usually subsides after 3-4 days
if Brufen is not enough to keep the fever duown you can give acetaminophen in alternation with brufen every 4hours .. meaning a dose of brufen followed by a dose of acetaminophen after 4 hours followed by another dose of brufen after another 4 hours and so on...
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can we use cifran 500 is antibiotic for fever ?
Yes brijesh, if it is advised by your doctor you can take it.But without medical advise never take any antibiotic your self.Because if fever is due to bacterial infection then only antibiotic is case of viral or other fever it is not helpful and may cause problems.
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I ve never had a fever . Ever. When I was a baby my parents used to take me to the doctor when I got a little fussy because they had no solid way of telling when I was ill. Doctors don t believe me when I m sick. They treat me like I m there for attention because I don t have a fever, they tell me that if I ve never had a fever I ve never been sick, which is totally not true, like the time I was 13 and almost died from strep throat but couldn t get a diagnosis until I was inches from death all because I didn t have a fever. Anyway, I haven t been to a doctor for five years because I m so tired of being treated like I m nuts because I don t have a fever. Like right now, I ve had a cold that s been getting progressively worse for three weeks. I know that s not a cold, but I know nothing will be done for me because you guessed it. I don t have a fever. What the frick is wrong with me? How do I convince doctors that I m actually sick even though I don t have a fever?

Thanks for writing to health care magic. '

If you do not have a fever you do not have that. So do not worry about that and do not try to convince the doctor for what you do not obviously have. Try and tell him all the problems you have and get your self treated for that. If for example you have...
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My baby is 21/2 years old..she had cold and cough and suddenly suffering from fever on a continuous basis. when the fever medicine is given, the temperature drops and again its back to fever in 8-10 hours for the last 2 days. The doctor gives the medicine asd KEFLOR 125MG,ASTHAKIND ,DENIM(PARACETAMOL),AND AIROMOL PD now sometimes also fever comes. Can you please suggest if the given treatment is fine? I am not sure of giving so many dosage of medicines to the child.
Hi dear,
Treatment appears to be ok ok. but one should investigate if fever not subside in day or two.
Hope the question is answered.
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Son had a fever all day now temp is below normal My 11 year old son woke up with a fever and vomiting this morning. At 7:30 pm his fever was 102.3 Childrens Advil was given. At 1:30 am his temperature was 95.6 should I be concerned and take him to the hospital or wait till morning to see what his temp is ?
You should not panic on first day of fever if evreything else means his alertness,fluid intake and food intake is normal.give him plenty of liquids and light diet.He is 11 years of age if his weight is more then 35 kg children tablet may not be effective,you can give paracetamol tablet for fever...
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Should I worry if my child has sudden shaking and fever? Example, my 7 yr old was asleep woke up shaking and fever. He shook so bad he could hardly walk to the bathroom. Within a half hour his temp went from 101 to 103, I had given him motrin earlier in the eveing because he complained of a sore throat . Earlier there was no fever when I gave him the motrin at 6pm.
Welcome to Healthcare Magic Forum,
This fever might be due to infection in his throat. Fever will only subside if he starts taking a proper antibiotic. He needs to be examined by a doctor and decide on what antibiotic to be given so that his fever can be taken care of soon.
Hope your child...
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i am 53 year old female good health none smoker none drinker have been running low grade fever for two weeks now went to doc last last ran blood test iron was low everything else was fine had car scan of lungs everything is fine. why am i running this fever oh the doc did say i had a uti then gave me meds cipro made me feel like no entergy and worthless
hi there, do not have such a low opinion about yourself and get out of this depressive mood. As your doctor rightly said the fever could be caused by uti and continue the antibiotic for the prescribed number of days. You also may be anemic and so need to take iron supplements or food rich in...
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Hi, my 3 year old has these night fevers, during the day its fine but this is the 3 time it just happens randamly and when the fever is gone the palm of his hands stay warm. we took him to the dr, he did a urine test everything fine. the time before now we took him to 3 docter did blood tests and everything was fine. the one though it mite be viral infection. is it normal for the hands to stay warm after the fever and only at night have the fevers what can it be?
Hi I have gone through your complaints. If the extremities like hand and foot are warm you need to under go sickling test which is the condition to be ruled out. Other wise the extremities can be warm after the fever subsides. There is no need to worry about the night fever. Just treat your child...
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