What is Erythrocytosis?

Polycythemia (also known as polycythaemia or polyglobulia) is a disease state in which the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells increases. Blood volume proportions can be measured as hematocrit level. It can be due to an increase in the number of red blood cells ("absolute polycythemia") or to a decrease in the volume of plasma ("relative polycythemia"). Polycythemia is sometimes called erythrocytosis, but the terms are not synonymous because polycythemia refers to any increase in red blood cells, whereas erythrocytosis only refers to a documented increase of red cell mass.

The emergency treatment of polycythemia (e.g., in hyperviscosity or thrombosis) is by venesection, the removal of blood from the circulation. Depending on the underlying cause, venesection may also be used on a regular basis to reduce the red blood cell count. Cytostatics (busulfan, hydroxyurea) are sometimes used if venesection is ineffective or contraindicated.

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Please what does this blood test report mean?

Hgb 17.7g/dl
Pcv 45.10%
Mcv 74.4fl
Mch 29.1pg
Mchc 39.3g/dl
Lymphocyte 40.00%
Neutrophil 51.80%

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Brief Answer:
polycythemia, beta thalassemia trait, hypoxic erythrocytosis

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The hemoglobin...

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Seeking an explanation why exogenous testosterone causes HB to rise, sometimes excessively. Also, what are the risks of moderate elevation (17.5...

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testosterone stimulates erythropoeitin.Keep hemoglobin below 17.

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Hi Sir, My wife was suffering from mild fever and body pains from past one week and were adviced to take Complete Blood Picture...Can you please...

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No infection is detected by this report.The blood report seems to be normal except for the hemoglobin level which seems to be...

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