Diaphragmatic hernia

What is Diaphragmatic hernia?

A diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect in which there is an abnormal opening in the diaphragm, the muscle that helps you breathe. The opening allows part of the organs from the belly (stomach, spleen, liver, and intestines) to go up into the chest cavity near the lungs.

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I had a son with a diaphragmatic hernia that died 4 hours after delivery I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I don't wish to consider keeping the pregnancy because of this last issue is there a way to Dr can terminate my pregnancy to avoid going to the same thing again
If you do not want this pregnancy, you should have thought of it much earlier. At 23 weeks, neither the termination of preagnacy safe nor it is legal.
So please do not attempt termination of pregnancy at this stage lest you would land into medical and/or legal problems.
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My wife has a diaphragmatic hernia. What are the possible treatments? She has coughing fits (caused by stomach acid???) which cause her to swallow rapidly, preventing her breathing. This is very distressing for her (and me), as she is also an asthma patient.
Hello, XXXXXX,
The hernia that you mention occurs because of a defect in the
diaphragm, muscle separating the chest and abdomen.
The stomach is usually below and the esophagus is above the
level of the diaphragm. In this case the sphincter muscle
between the esophagus and the stomach is week and...
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Well, right now (at approx 4.30 am) been awakened by some kind of 'whooping cough', just as yesterday and the two days before that. It's very frightening experience, because of the almost endless stream of thick mucous shooting across my throat, threatening to cut off my breathing radically. Simultanuously spams like tiny electric currents are grating through my diaphragm. I have a 'diaphragmatic hernia', by the way. (I have been nursing a bout of flu, besides, for the past ten days). It might seem 'melodramatic', but yesterday and today I even contemplated suicide, on account of my impression of a gradual worsening of the situation (coughing combined with the spams.
O, I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, am a retired clinical psychologist (just turned 70 last August).
I went to see my family doctor yesterday and he prescribed: effervescent ACETYLCYSTEIN pills and an anti-biotic (AZITROMYCIN, 500mg). To no avail as yet. Finally, I also suffer from hypertension, reasonably in check now. That would not seem unusual at my age. All in all it's the coughing, mucous overload and the constant belly spams that are turning my life into some sort of hell now. I'd very much appreciate your advice, best regards,

Thanks for the query

According to the description, you seem to be suffering from acute sinusitis. Sinuses are the empty cavities in the skull to protect the brain. The acute infection and the inflammation of the sinuses are termed as acute sinusitis.

Following an attack of common cold or flu,...
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hello I know I have a hernia--have had a Barium X XXXXXXX and it showed up. however that happened in 1993 or thereabouts. Last Summer --i.e. one year ago, I began to have times when I couldn't sleep well without extra pillows and this has continued with the addition of a cough which is caused by the feeling of a blockage somewhere at the back of my throat. There seems to be some phlegm also . This cough was much worse earlier this year but seems now to be reducing. I have stopped eating late at night when I can and have lost weight though I was never very large in any case.
I also suffer from bad breath which really embarrasses me.
Is this all related to the diaphragmmatic hernia?.
Brief Answer:
Re-investigate Hernia, GERD, PND, bad breath cause

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for your query.

1. Since the diaphragmatic hernia has been detected very long ago, and since ou have managed so long without treatment, it must have been a sliding type of hiatus hernia.

2. You will...
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hi, I have pain (discomfort really), seemingly, in my diaphragm right below my ribcage. It's been on an off for 2 weeks and trying figure out if it could be strained adominal muscle or gas or both. I've been burping more than usual latetly. Thanks!
Hi and thanks for the query,

It might be important for you to get a proper clinical review. Did you have any notion of trauma? past history of gastritis or gastroesophagal reflux? Is it the first time you are experiencing this? Any hiccup associated?

A simple clinical review coupled with a simple...
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I become short of breath when lifting objects over 20 pounds. I also become very nauseated and dizzy. The symptoms are relieved after I rest for 10-15 minutes. My BP and HR remain normal (I checked both). No chest or cardiac pain, no numbing or tingling in arms, no radiation of pain. Just very short of breath, nausea and, dizzy relieved with rest.
One month ago had EKG which was normal. Had cardiac angiogram normal 2 month ago. Both were for anxiety and high blood pressure which is now controlled by metaprolol and xanax. Cardiologist said health is very good "lose some weight." I forgot to mention hernia as it did not become a problem until spring and I began lifting objects and digging with exertion.
Brief Answer:
Seems to because you are overweight.

Detailed Answer:
Dear Friend.
Hi , I am Dr Anshul Varshney , I have read your query in detail , I understand your concern.
Shortness of breath on exertion is seen in two conditions only:
1. Cardiac Disease
2. Respiratory disease.
You are already...
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hello doctor.. I have a hiatal hernia; sometimes I don't feel any symptoms and I feel good, and sometimes I really feel uncomfortable; ofcourse everytime I eat to much and feel angry or depressed. The question I have is, sometimes the hiatal hernia is bad for a week or so, and the hiatal hernia really put at pressure up to my chest and I feel heart pressure. Is hiatal hernia in anyway XXXXXXX for my heart; because hiatal hernia really confuse me; with heart problems sometimes; and my doctor told my I doesn't have any problems with my heart. when the hiatal hernia is bad, my heart beat is faster and sometimes I really think the heart is gonna explode and I really get afraid.

I do sport and I don't have any symptoms of any problems when my hernia isn't there.


Hiatal hernia can produce symptoms for a week or two and then subsides on its own. The heart burn that it causes is so severe to mimic a heart pain and the pain itself induces a lot of anxiety and worry. This anxiety can inturn increases heart rate adding to the problems.

As the severity of...
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I am 81 yrs. of age. Should I consider hiatal surgery?
Brief Answer:
Hiatal hernia does not need to be always repaired.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for the query.

Your age in present medicine is not a measure of surgery capability. General condition is. But not every hiatal hernia needs to be repaired. If you have symptoms all the time which...
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My six week old baby has a ventral hernia but also his stomach really bulges to one side. Is this normal for the baby's stomach to do that or has it got something to do with the hernia? Also should the hernia be fixed ASAP or will it heal itself without later complications?
Welcome to HealthcareMagic,
There is not normal any deformities of abdominal wall. In case of pediatric hernias ( especially at his/her age six weeks ) there is the risk of complications. If you will note respiratory disturbances, vomiting, change in skin colour and temperature, or you...
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I feel like I can hardly swallow and I feel like there is somethin grabbing my insides between my shoulder blades... like a heaviness inside. Could I have a strangulated hiatal hernia? I burp to relieve gas ALOT... Ive seen a gastroenerologist a year ago... he said I had a slight hiatal hernia... but this problem is getting worse.. I am wondering if I should go to ER. It is not heart problems. No pain... burping burping... and restricted swollowing.What test can be done to show if a hiatal hernia is being strangulated?


Thank you for consulting HealthcareMagic!

I am sorry for your problem. Hiatal hernia, when small is usually asymptomatic but a large hernia can cause symptoms like frequent heartburn, difficulty swallowing etc. Your symptoms seems to be due to mechanical obstruction at some level in upper...
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