Also known as : Diabetes mellitus

What is Diabetes?

It is a condition of hormonal imbalance. Insulin is not produced in adequate amounts by the pancreas, or , there is resistance to the action of insulin in the surrounding tissues. Insulin is responsible for digesting sugars, and hence, sugars accumulate in the blood and urine, leading to various complications in body systems.

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I'm a 58 year old woman and I seem to have all of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes except 1...major weight gain instead of weight loss! My Mother and her father had type 2 diabetes and my son and grandson have type 1. Is it possible to be gaining weight with type 2 diabetes?
Hi, welcome to our site. I am Dr Saumya Mittal.

Read your query. That is a very significant question and i appreciate your problem. I will try my best to answer your query

There are a couple of issues associated to this query. i will explain them one by one.

One of the most common cause of type 2...
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Hi, i was wondering if i have diabetes. I have been tired and sleeping alot. I also go to the bath alot durning the night. I have also lost weight and diabetes also running in family. i went to the docters and they said that i am fine. but I am still tired and losing weight. I also have blurry vision, so i went to get a eye exam and my eye prescription now is -1.50 when last year it was -0.50. i just what to know if it might be diabetes.
Hi Welcoe to HCM
I have gone thru your query Regarding your anxiety about diabetes . First thing -you did not metion your age ? it is important .
After your doctor advised you that you are fine . Did you got chek up for diabetes ? iT IS IMPORTANT to GO FOR CHECKUP ONLY THEN cause of your...
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I have detected a diabetes (hereditary) for last 5 yrs.
I was taking medicine for 2 yrs for diabetes as suggested by my doctor. My blood sugar is in good contorl (fasting as well as PP never crosses range of 120 -150).
As someone suggested that taking an apple a day (in the morning with empty stomach) and taking any B vitamin tab controlls diabetes (not cures) very well, I was taking 1 apple each morning and tab BEPLEX FORTE after lunch and dinner FOR last 5 months.
My age is 40 yrs
My actual weight was 64kg constant for many yrs (upto 2007-08)
But last yr it was 60kg.
I stopped taking diabetes medicine while taking apple and BEPLEX FORTE for last 5 months. Now I am experiencing some burden on me, nervousness, pessimistic thoughts and weight loss.
My weight is 56kg now.
but blood sugar fasting is always below 120 and PP below 150 though I have stopped taking diabetes medicine.
But what about my burdened mind and weight loss? Is it due to BEPLEX FORTE 2 tabs daily?
Hello welcome to HCM.
I have read your question and understand your concerns.
First of all, to detect diabetes FBS should be >126
PP2BS should be >200 and HBA1c should be) 6.5.
So,kindly correlate your reports especially HBA1c report which is confirmatory report of diabetes.

Secondly, you are...
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hi,i had lavh 3yrs ago still have both ovaries and fallopian tubes, i just turned 50 never had hot flashes or night sweats, but my weight is a big problem now along with arm pit body odor,not a problem with sweating under my arms but they smell,and i shower very well day switched up on deodorants,i dont eat fried foods,salt,no beef, or pork for 25 yrs, no cholesterol problems, bp, diabetes etc. just had lavh 3yrs ago
Hi, you had hysterectomy,still ovaries and falopian tubes are left intact.
But the important thing is you are a women of 50 years, and this is the time for dysfunction of the ovaries.
Or else you would have developed diabetes or hypertension , or some chronic infection like Urinary tract...
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hi good morning doc, i have PCOS and my doctor told me that i am diabetic which is genetic, this made me think if how i got diabetic since my parents don't have diabetes?. what are the causes of bilateral polycystic ovaries? is it curable?..and how does pcos related to diabetes? doc. i am not fat or obese, my weight is 46 and i am 21 yrs. old.. i am hoping for your response, thank you.
Hi and welcome to healthcare magic.

I completely understand your concern. You have a lot of queries and I will answer them one by one:

1. How is it that you have diabetes: The reason your doctor said that your sugar is more likely to be genetic is because you are having it at a younger age....
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doctor1 MD

Hello doctor! I am a male 55 yrs old and a diabetic patient using glycinorm M40 twice and Janumet 50/500 at night and Volibo 0.2 in the afternoon. Off late for the last 4 months i am suffering from erectile disfunction. please advise me the suitable medicine. my sugar level is fasting between 104 and 115 and PP is 225 and 250

doctor1 MD

What is the intial symptoms of prostate infection ?
What is the use Alfusin 10mg and Doxy-1 L-DR forte ? The Deanxit will hep for Prostate Functions ? And the Nervuper use for what ?
50 years old
Glucoma patient for the last 8 years (Xalatan and Alphagan-P)
Diabetic patient for the last 2 years (Galvus 50 x 2 daily) Not fully controled,
Cholistrol high (Rosuvas 10mg)
74 Kg weight

doctor1 MD

My wife aged 55 years is diognised with diabetic neuropathy very recently (one month approx). She is a diabetic patient for over a decade. Presently on insulin and tablets.
1. Is there a cure for this disease.
2. Request, please refer a Doctor where I can take her for further treatment.

doctor1 MD

Hi Doc

I am a male, 68yo, widower, Chinese (not from China). I lead an active sex life.....I have sex at least twice a week sometimes with different women (not prostitute). For the last 1 month, 5 out of 10 times that I have sex...I couldn't ejaculate although the sensation of ejaculation were there. I have Type 1 Diabetes..I inject 52mg of insulin everyday plus captoril and simvastatin. I also consume 80mg of Aspirin everyday for the last 20 years.

My question is.....Is there any kind of medication\drug that I can take so that I can ejaculate each time I have sex.

Thank you.

James Kee

doctor1 MD

Yes, really I would like to know why after I eat I feel drained, sometimes shaky and need to go to sleep

doctor1 MD

Hello. For the past few weeks I have been urinating a lot and my urine is very clear. Is this cause for concern?

doctor1 MD

We have consulted a doctor and she has prescribed Tab Duphaston (10 mg) twice daily. Could you advise us of its purpose and if it has any side effects in long-term. We would really appreciate your advice on this.

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